Way of Transmigration Chapter 65

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six five – Don’t worry

“Why are we getting a single room for the two of us?”

Shui Ruoshan jumped down from Yin Suye’s arms the moment they entered the room and stated his dissatisfaction.

Just now they went to stroll around the street, then after they finished eating and playing, they came to the biggest inn in the town and requested for a room. Although the condition of the rooms in this inn is very good in this town, it couldn’t change the fact that there is only one bed in the room! As a ‘manly’ man, he doesn’t mind sleeping together (in one bed) with other people.

However, the moment he think that Yin Suye would be sharing the bed with him, his entire body felt uncomfortable. Previously in the Fog Forest, he has no choice, that’s why he stayed together (in the same bed) with Yin Suye. But they clearly have better conditions now, so why should the both of them still stuck with each other? Whenever he thought of the fact that the people lying beside him is not any harmless passerby but the big BOSS villain, he felt a lot of pressure!

“Safety.” [Banana : Translation – For safety purpose :v]

Yin Suye lightly frowned, there were some confusion in his eyes. At the same time, he felt a bit unhappy because the little guy actually has such a big reaction towards sleeping together with him. The little guy was obviously very dependent on him back at the Fog Forest. Could it be because of the changing of environment, he(SRS) is not used to it? A child’s mind is not easy to guess indeed!


Safety, your sister ah! He(SRS) is not a dangerous figure with a crapload of arch enemies, who need to worry about others seeking revenge 24/7! He is just a newly transmigrated ‘illegal immigrant’ who didn’t even has any identity, a’ight! Such an insignificant person (like him), is it really necessary to consider the issue of security? Or rather, should he be relieved that Yin Suye didn’t spout out unreliable reasons like ‘to save money’? Else he don’t know how he should react.

Wait a minute!

His way of thinking seems a bit wrong. Need to redo!

He is currently staying in a world which is full of dangers, and not in the peaceful Earth. He shouldn’t use his own thoughts to measure the level of danger here. Even in the inn itself, things like murder, robbery, robbers robbing other robbers, and raping could also happen! And right now he is following this big villain, Yin Suye. Some time ago, he has just offended Huo Ruyan. Thinking about it this way, Shui Ruoshan felt that his personal safety needs to be be taken attention to.

Then, did he just ranted about the wrong thing? Blamed the wrong person?

“Since we are staying together (in the same room), how about we talk about Huo Ruyan?”

Shui Ruoshan felt fortunate that he didn’t say anything to protest earlier, otherwise he will lose his face! So in order to restore his image, he must change the topic to something he could talk a lot about. Although Yin Suye gave his words that there won’t be anymore incidents from Huo Ruyan, Shui Ruoshan still felt a bit unassured. The most important thing is he need to talk to Yin Suye about what Huo Ruyan might do in the future so that he(YSY) could be vigilant.

“No need.”

Yin Suye can somehow guess what Shui Ruoshan want to say, but he felt that they absolutely have no need to discuss this matter. After all, he has already experienced those things in his past life, no need to hear Shui Ruoshan talk about it again to destroy his mood.

“It’s not good to treat everything so lightly!”

Shui Ruoshan expressed a strong dissatisfaction towards Yin Suye’s perfunctory attitude. If he has a beard now, he will definitely blow up his long beard to show the expression ‘huffing beard in anger‘.

When can this arrogance of Yin Suye be cured? It’s all because of Yin Suye’s ‘doesn’t care, don’t pay attention’ attitude that he got betrayed in the end. And with just Huo Ruyan alone, it’s enough to almost cause fatal damage to Yin Suye. So this woman Huo Ruyan must be paid attention to!

“I have my plan.”

Actually, there are a lot of things that have changed radically from the moment he was reborn. He understood the little guy’s worry but he will never make the same the mistakes from his past life again! So there’s nothing to worry at all!

“You need to rest now.”

To prevent the little guy from continuing the topic, Yin Suye grabbed the little guy onto the bed to express that he can sleep now.

“We can totally chat while sleeping, it doesn’t affect anything at all ah.”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t oppose Yin Suye’s action and obediently laid on the bed. This body is very spoilt/pampered and cannot endure sufferings. Right now he is indeed a bit tired, need to rest. Towards this matter, Shui Ruoshan won’t deny and he can’t deny it either. Because countless fact told him that forcing something will make a fool out of himself.

“You won’t grow tall if you don’t rest well.”

Yin Suye heard someone said it before that a good rest will help children grow taller1. Right now, it’s just the right thing he could use to convince Shui Ruoshan.

“You are the one not growing taller, your whole family not growing taller!”

The moment Shui Ruoshan heard about ‘not growing taller’, his hackles were raised. This height whatever is an incurable wound in his heart. Before he transmigrated, he as a stay home nerd is around 178cm tall. Although he can’t be considered tall, he was not short either; absolutely can be categorized at the upper-tier in the middle class. But after he transmigrated, he instantly get despaired by his height!

As a little Zhengtai(shota) that has yet to start developing, he can’t make any progress in terms of height at all in a short period of time. Height is definitely his shortcoming right now, no need for discussion at all!

“I don’t need to grow taller anymore.”

Yin Suye blinked his eyes in confusion. This time, he really don’t understand why the little guy is angry.


Don’t agitate people like this!

If not that he couldn’t win over Yin Suye, the thing Shui Ruoshan really wanted to do at the moment was to give Yin Suye a beating of his life to relieve his anger! Yes, he know. Comparing to Yin Suye, his height is trash! But, your sister Yin Suye, why did you have to say it out ah?!

To Hell with honesty, that is actually a taunting skill is it?!

Surely he(SRS) must be very concerned about this in the past, that’s why he set Yin Suye’s height too high! He actually set his(YSY) height as 196cm, this is really a sad story alright?! His face is covered all over in blood alright?!

“Sleep ba.”

He doesn’t have much time to humor the little guy now. Wait until tomorrow, then no matter what the little guy has to say to him, he will listen patiently. But now he has more important things to do, so let the little guy sleep first.

“I still haven’t talk serious matters with you.”

Shui Ruoshan realized that after Yin Suye cut short his(SRS) words just now, the direction of the conversation shifted to the middle of nowhere.

“Be obedient.” Yin Suye rubbed Shui Ruoshan’s head.


All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s voice became fuzzy and light. In the middle of the fuzziness, he seemed to see a faint red light and a strange black aura flashed through Yin Suye’s eyes… not enough time to think much, he quietly closed his eyes.

Upon confirming that Shui Ruoshan has completely asleep, Yin Suye stood up.

It’s time to collect the debt from Huo Ruyan!

Since Huo Ruyan has formed resentments towards him and the little guy, he cannot leave her alone. He doesn’t has the habit to ‘release the tiger back to the mountain’. Knowing that Huo Ruyan posed a kind of danger to him, he has no reason to let this danger continue existing. Nipping the trouble in the bud is the best action. Thinking of this, Yin Suye’s gaze sharpened; full of murderous intent. Against the backdrop of the faint light in the room, he looked extremely dark but carried a deadly seductive aura with him!


Seemed to sense the changing of aura from Yin Suye’s body, Ruixue which has been staying quietly beside Shui Ruoshan instinctively flee from Yin Suye’s side. It quickly hid in the corner, curling itself up. This bad person is getting more and more scary! Now his whole body is even blanketed by a layer of black smoke. Ruixue felt that if its body gets contaminated by it even a bit, its cat life will be gone! Really scaring this cat to death!

“Take good care of your master!”

Yin Suye glanced at the funny Ruixue before coldly ordering it. Although he has already placed a strong barrier around the little guy to protect him, there’s nothing wrong with having one more layer of protection. Though Ruixue is not a combat type spiritual beast, it still possesses more or less some combat skills.


Seeing that Yin Suye is not going to ‘use a knife on the cat’ and even ordered it to do things, Ruixue immediately nodded. When it saw Yin Suye didn’t object, it carefully catwalk-ed back to Shui Ruoshan’s side. Then, it laid down at the corner of the bed. This way, it absolutely would be able to complete its task.

Upon confirming that there will not be any problems at Shui Ruoshan’s side, Yin Suye left the room in a flash, and headed towards the direction of Huo Ruyan’s location. He has no time to waste, he must complete his matter with Huo Ruyan before the little guy wakes up.

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