Way of Transmigration Chapter 64

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six four – Requesting for the truth ah

“Xiao Yeye, I just got myself a little brother!”

Raising his head, Shui Ruoshan flaunted off while lazing in Yin Suye’s arms. They have already left the inn, and currently wandering along the streets. Of course, he is still being carried by Yin Suye. After all, there is a free ‘No.111 bus’ to use, it doesn’t make sense for him to use his own stubby legs instead.

If one can be lazy, one will be lazy!

But towards the matter of him so easily obtaining one little brother, Shui Ruoshan still felt a bit proud of himself. It was a rare chance that he get to enjoy the protagonist’s treatment. He just released a bit of his domineering power, and this little brother immediately bowed down at his ‘suit pants’2. Although Bai Yu didn’t looked much reliable, at the very least he is a young man with positive 3 views3; good points more than bad points.

From what one could see, he(SRS) could be considered very attractive! At the very least, he is more attractive/affinitive than the facial paralysis villain, Yin Suye!

This is a very worthwhile thing to be proud of!
He should throw confetti and celebrate it!
Life is still very promising!
He smiled proudly, smiled proudly!
Smiled until he looked at worldly affairs and not get old!
Hey, Ba Zha Hei!

[Banana : It doesn’t really makes sense so Banana suspected SRS is talking about the lyric from a song – 得意的笑 . And the last sentence, I have no idea at all, lol. Google gave me THIS]


“En, Xiao Ruo is very amazing!”

Although Yin Suye was really dissatisfied by the fact that the little guy kept talking about Bai Yu, he still cooperatively nodded to express his approval. He remembered what other people said, that children need to be coaxed and also need to be praised a lot. So he said what he need to say, certainly he could make the little guy happy with his praises.

“But then, why didn’t you let Bai Yu to follow us ah?”

Shui Ruoshan felt very depressed now. It seems like no matter what he did, he will always be a child seeking for praises in Yin Suye’s eyes. When did he tried to seek praises just now? He obviously just wanted to get a sense of superiority from Yin Suye! This feeling of always being coaxed like a child, nothing else can be more heart-wrenching! And so, the Shui Ruoshan who felt like he has been looked down, immediately started picking on Yin Suye’s wrongs.

“Bai Yu need to handle the follow-up of the mess in the inn.” Yin Suye didn’t even stop his footsteps; calmly stated the reason.

“That’s true.” Shui Ruoshan nodded in understanding.

Let’s not talk about how Yin Suye ‘tortured’ the inn, it indeed needs someone to go out there and clean up the mess, plus someone to discuss the compensation whatsoever. Furthermore, Bai Yu volunteered himself to stay behind, said something about having the courage to take responsibility and trying his best to deal with the problem. He(SRS) naturally has no reason to object.

“But why didn’t we stay back to take care of the mess together?”

Shui Ruoshan still doesn’t understand why Yin Suye didn’t choose to stay, and decided to take him(SRS) away from the inn instead. One need to know, them staying back and Bai Yu cleaning up the mess is two completely different matter ah! He actually is very curious regarding how Bai Yu will deal with the inn’s mess. Will he compensate with money? Or apologize? Or something else? However, he is even more curious whether Bai Yu will look for Huo Ruyan to settle their business. This point is very worth looking forward alright?!

Unfortunately, Yin Suye doesn’t has any interest towards this kind of commotion watching; not even the slightest interest. He just carried him(SRS) away after naturally throwing a sentence “You handle this” to Bai Yu. So cool with a flick of his sleeves, like leaving on a piece of cloud!

However, Yin Suye didn’t ask the opinion of this party ah!

Is there any human rights in this world?!

“You are hungry.” Yin Suye stated his reason without blinking.

“…” Yin Suye, that’s enough!

Always use his(SRS) excuses as his(YSY) reason, Yin Suye don’t you think you have used it too often? He(SRS) already listened until his tears are dry and he don’t like it – he is tired of it! And there are food in the inn, is it necessary to go far? This kind of bad reason cannot even fool a 3-years old kid. How could it be used to fool a great young man like him, a slave of education, who is fully developed in terms of morality, intelligence, physical fitness and aesthetic sense?

It seems that this Ruo Xiaoshan has completely forgotten that he was the one who actually proposed to change to another place to continue eating…

However, he was not someone who gives up so easily. In order to get the truth out of Yin Suye’s mouth, he doesn’t mind continuing his questions, until he could know the truth!

“Then why didn’t you let Bai Yu to come together with us after he finished handling the matter in the inn?” Shui Ruoshan pressured on with his questions.

Yin Suye’s way of handling matters this time has too many flaws in it, causing people to doubt his real purpose in doing so! Because Yin Suye has no motive to do it ah! The more Shui Ruoshan think of it, the more he felt wrong!

One need to know, whether the current timeline or from the draft’s timeline, no matter which one you look at, Bai Yu and Yin Suye don’t have any connections between them nor will they cross path in the future. Both of them getting to meet right now was entirely from the fact that he changed the story’s plot. Both Bai Yu and Yin Suye clearly doesn’t have any clash in interest, but he could feel that Yin Suye seems to dislike Bai Yu very much; even hated the thought of Bai Yu following them.

Sure enough, one simply couldn’t guess the reaction of the big BOSS! You can try but you won’t get it!

“Not convenient.”

Yin Suye’s thin lips slightly opened and icily threw out these 2 simple words. He lowered his eyes, quickly concealed the unpleasant look from his eyes. Bai Yu is the heir of the Bai Family, and since he(BY) is here outside from his home, it means he should be undergoing his family’s trial. Then, he would be qualified to inherit the Bai Family. And it’s completely out of the way from the direction they are heading to, the Capital. Naturally, it’s impossible for Bai Yu to follow Shui Ruoshan to be his subordinate. The Yin Suye who thought his reasoning is good enough, totally didn’t think that this matter actually shouldn’t be taken into consideration by an onlooker like him. It should be the person concerned, Bai Yu the one to explain about this (about why he shouldn’t follow SRS).


Shui Ruoshan who originally wanted to say something, suddenly looked at Yin Suye in surprise. He(SRS) seemed to hear some kind of resentment from that super short 2 words?! This must be a mistake with his senses, that’s why he has such strange feeling?

This must be it!

But in order to prove that it was just a misconception of his, Shui Ruoshan felt that he need to take a look at Yin Suye’s ‘forever waveless ancient well’ deadpanned face.

En, let’s do this!

It’s a pity that the moment he raised his head, Yin Suye pressed him back with his hand. He was unable to see Yin Suye’s expression at the moment. Instantly, he has the illusion that Yin Suye is covering the truth right now. The more he think about it, the more he felt his intuition is correct, what to do? Could it be Yin Suye is feeling embarrassed now, that’s why he(YSY) is not letting him to see him(YSY)? Are his(YSY) ears turning red now, but trying his best to display a tough expression so that other people won’t discover it? Is he(YSY) afraid to let him(SRS) know that he(YSY) is feeling shy? That’s why he deliberately turned away his head, to avoid being noticed him? The more he think of it, the more Shui Ruoshan’s heart felt itchy! Really wanted to see ah! Seeking the truth ah!


Shui Ruoshan felt that he should say something at a moment like this to distract his own attention, so that he could stop guessing about Yin Suye’s expression at the moment. But all he could think of in his mind was Yin Suye’s awkward expression, he couldn’t think of anything else ah! The hole in his head was too great, he couldn’t stop it at all4!

“No buts.”

Yin Suye looked at the restless little guy who keep moving around in his arms, there is a strong possessiveness in his eyes that even he himself didn’t notice. After experiencing hell-like life in his past life, he could no longer trust anyone anymore. Even for this little guy, he tested him over and over again. Only then he decided to trust again, so he will not allow anyone to distract the attention of the little guy (away from him)! This little guy is his, naturally he(SRS) could only pay attention to him(YSY) alone!


Shui Ruoshan had a feeling that no matter how he asked about this matter, he probably won’t get any answers from Yin Suye. Yin Suye has too many excuses to use, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know how to refute. To prevent his weak heart from being agitated, Shui Ruoshan felt that he should change the subject.

“Xiao Yeye, say, we left just like that, will Huo Ruyan go directly to the Fog Forest?”

Shui Ruoshan only thought to comfort Yin Suye earlier, that’s why he suggested to leave the inn. After he calmed down, he found out that his way of doing things was too ill-considered. Actually, he should first settle this important female supporting character Huo Ruyan; making sure that she won’t enter the Fog Forest before leaving! If Huo Ruyan really entered the Fog Forest, won’t all his efforts done before this go up in smoke? And he got themselves a strong enemy as well!

Plus he just accepted a little brother Bai Yu, who might get finished off by Huo Ruyan and the protagonist later on.

His little brother ah!
His ‘fresh from oven’ little brother #1 ah!
If his little brother becomes cannon fodder and get finished so quickly… then it’s too unworthy!
He still haven’t finished playing (the role of being a big brother)!

If he returns to the inn now, is it still possible to make up for the mistake?

“How about we go back to the inn now?”

Although Huo Ruyan is very annoying, but for the sake of their future safety, Shui Ruoshan could reluctantly bring her back to the Capital with them.

“No need to worry.”

Yin Suye reached out and rubbed Shui Ruoshan’s head, lightly comforted. He understood what the little guy is worrying about, but he(SRS) really don’t need to worry because he won’t give Huo Ruyan any chance to betray him! A bloody red light flashed through his pair of heterochromatic eyes, covered by his long lashes…

Cold and decisive, dangerous and ruthless, madness covered in bloodthirstiness…

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