Way of Transmigration Chapter 62

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six two – Final trump card

“You don’t be too much!”

Facing the Shui Ruoshan who keep pushing her limits, Huo Ruyan finally couldn’t keep it in anymore. In the Capital, no one ever dares to offend her because anyone who offended her did not end well. But she never expect that she would encounter such an embarrassing thing in this time’s trip. She never think that her tolerance would let the other party to ‘give an inch and take a mile’ with her. Even that damned pet dared to despise her!

What even more unexpected was that the Yin Suye who used to treat her with care in the past, now not only he ignored her, he began to meticulously care for a child whose origin is unknown. She has no way to teach this stupid child who provoked her in every way a lesson, nor does she dared to teach him, because she is not an opponent for Yin Suye.

Right now Yin Suye could immobilise her with just his pressure, this proved that the strength difference between them is at least a whole stage. She remembered that when Yin Suye left the Capital, their strength was the same; 1st level of the Profound stage. That also means Yin Suye’s strength right now is at least 1st level of Imperial stage, or even higher.

[Banana : Refer chapter 23 for more. In short, the cultivation are – 天(Sky) 地(Earth) 玄(Profound Mystery) 黄(Imperial)]

One need to know, the higher the level of cultivation, the harder is it for one to breakthrough and the time needed to do so is longer. Following the speed of a normal cultivation, for an average person to breakthrough from Profound stage’s level 1 to level 2 within the short period of a few months is already considered very fast.

And for Yin Suye to be able to improve so much of his strength in such a short time, he must have come across some fruitful encounters. As long as she could get any information regarding his fruitful encounter or even resources from that encounter, she might be able to improve greatly in a short period of time as well. This is also one of the reason why she is willing to lower herself to please Yin Suye. For the sake of her self-interest, Huo Ruyan suppressed her anger in order to worm her way to become closer to Yin Suye.

“Suye gege, could it be you really has forgotten of our feelings in the past?”

Huo Ruyan felt that the person snuggled inside Yin Suye’s protecting arms was extremely prickling to her eyes. The person being cared and pampered as such by Yin Suye should be her! But not only this damned unknown child has replaced her position, he also provoked the relationship between her and Yin Suye.

This is extremely wicked!

She definitely could reclaim Yin Suye back! Although she doesn’t know why Yin Suye’s attitude towards her would change so much this time, but she knew the way to make him treat her better back. Utilizing every method possible, as long as her purpose can be achieved, she would do anything. This is her personal experience from living in the Capital for so many years. So, she decides to make use of her past memories with Yin Suye as innocent playmates; this is the best ‘ice-breaker’.

How to say this, she did gave a great favor to Yin Suye when she was a child after all.
She was the one who has given care to Yin Suye when he was in dire straits.
She was the one who secretly gave Yin Suye food and toys when he had nothing at all.
She was the one who stood up for him, protected him and given medical treatments to him when he was bullied.

Huo Ruyan believed as long as Yin Suye remembers her good points, she will be able to quickly pull back her disadvantages. As long as she regains the favor from Yin Suye, she will have ways to let this nasty child completely disappear from her sight.

“I have already paid back your sentiment!”

Originally, Yin Suye has prepared to completely ignore Huo Ruyan. But he didn’t think that Huo Ruyan would be so shameless, to even take out their feelings in the past as a bargaining chip. Furthermore, her words only mentioned the favor he owed her but didn’t mention any of his help/assistance to her. Not counting his previous life, in just this lifetime he has helped this woman so many times, blocked so many disaster/trouble for her. And yet, she remembers nothing of those. For one moment, Yin Suye felt unworthy for the things he has done (for her).

This is the woman he has devoted himself to in his past life ah!

How hypocritical,
How funny,
How ridiculous…

“Suye gege, you really want to be so heartless to me?”

Huo Ruyan didn’t expect that she still couldn’t move Yin Suye even after she has taken out her final trump card. Something unknown to her must has happened between the two of them.

“Heartless? Hmph!”

Yin Suye slightly squinted his eyes, blocking the soon-to-be-unstoppable enormous killing intent. The black history between him and her was a nightmare he could not forget.

“Wei wei1 woman, have you not mistaken something? In my opinion, the heartless one is you, alright? To actually reverse it and say my family’s Xiao Yeye is the heartless one, are your face not red (blushing) ah?”

Shui Ruoshan afraid the Yin Suye ‘who doesn’t know how to explain himself’ will suffer losses, immediately continued the topic. This woman’s ability in reversing black and white is too amazing! Other people don’t know but he as the author is very clear about all the ins and outs.

Huo Ruyan has learned to be smart this time, knowing who is the most important person (to focus on); directly ignored Shui Ruoshan’s provocation and turned towards to look at Yin Suye.
As she turned around, her line of sight came in contact with Yin Suye’s eyes at that moment. What she saw was that alluring face ‘that is enough to make many people go crazy with obsession’ deadpanned, without any trace of expression. That pair of heterochromatic eyes coldly stared at her, causing her to feel a creepy sense of danger. At this moment, her throat was as if being choked by someone; couldn’t say anything at all. Her intuition told her that if she continues to entangle herself with him, Yin Suye might end her life straight away?!

Subconsciously wanted to run away, but people are prone to mistakes when in panic. Huo Ruyan took a step backwards and bumped into some ornaments behind, then she fell on the ground with a sorry appearance…

Shui Ruoshan was slightly stunned. Isn’t Yin Suye a bit too powerful? To actually make people lose their minds with just a look?!

Isn’t that too cool and awesome?!

Strong people are indeed freaking awesome, they don’t need any reasons(to do anything) at all! But Shui Ruoshan felt a bit guilty when he sensed that Yin Suye’s current mood is not very good at the moment. If not for him wanted a moment of gloating and insisted in looking for trouble with Huo Ruyan, Yin Suye won’t have to be in such an unpleasant situation with her now.

“Yin Suye, we didn’t get to eat much just now! Right now, I’m hungry and also thirsty, how about we change to another place to eat?”

At a moment like this, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to call out ‘Xiao Yeye’ that nightmarish prank-nickname. Reaching out his hand, he lightly tugged at the corner of Yin Suye’s sleeves to express his intent to leave the place. He believed as long as Yin Suye is separated away from Huo Ruyan, and he ‘consoled’ him(YSY) a bit afterwards, he definitely could make Yin Suye’s mood become better again.

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know that his current action has inadvertently saved Huo Ruyan’s life. All he wanted was just to comfort Yin Suye properly.


Yin Suye lowered down his head to look at the little guy in his arms who is trying to comfort him, and slowly restrained all his negative emotions. He don’t have to immediately finish off Huo Ruyan right now, but the little guy’s stomach must be properly taken care of.


Only when Yin Suye carried him away that Shui Ruoshan realized one thing, Yin Suye wouldn’t really planned to take him to another place to eat, right? He has just finished eating ah! And he ate until he was very full! What he said about being hungry and thirsty was just an excuse alright?! What is excuse? Excuse means you cannot really take it for real ah! Understand?!

Sure enough, he is really incompetent to carry out such a high-level skill like comforting the villain ah! But in order to appease Yin Suye’s mood, Shui Ruoshan decided to sacrifice his own image and become a glutton. It should be alright to eat a bit more!


Seeing that Yin Suye is leaving, Huo Ruyan subconsciously opened her mouth wanting to stop him from leaving.

“Woman, you are very annoying ah!”

Not waiting for Huo Ruyan to finish her words, Shui Ruoshan went to cut her short. Yin Suye’s mood has already been agitated by Huo Ruyan. If he let her continue hanging around, he(SRS) don’t think he has the ability to stop the enraged Yin Suye.


Huo Ruyan bit tightly onto her lower lip. Even when she has bitten her lips until it bled, she still didn’t feel it. Right now she is feeling resentful to death; towards the Yin Suye who ignored her, towards the Shui Ruoshan who attacked her with ridicule, towards that young man in white who went against her, and also towards the people around who was watching the scene…

But she doesn’t dare to do anything right now. Just now Yin Suye has turned around to look at her. That icy gaze contained endless killing intent, causing her to feel cold from inside out. That also let her know clearly that if she dares to even make one move, Yin Suye definitely will not be polite with her.
Seeing the slender figure passing beside her, Huo Ruyan finally pressed down all the hatred at the bottom of her heart. This hatred today, she will not forget! She will repay back a thousand times in the future!

Yin Suye naturally can sense the emotional change from Huo Ruyan, and also understand her hatred towards Shui Ruoshan. He didn’t miss her vicious deep killing intent towards them either. At first, he didn’t plan to finish Huo Ruyan that early, but Huo Ruyan is seeking death by herself now, so she can’t blame other people!

The people in the inn watched as Yin Suye carried Shui Ruoshan down the stairs step by step, automatically opened a path for him. They only ask that this killing God Yin Suye could leave this place as soon as possible. They don’t want to continue enduring that terrifying pressure that almost caused their death anymore. Just that though they doesn’t dare to stop Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan from leaving, it doesn’t mean that everyone is willing to let this culprit who caused a large number of casualties to leave so easily.

“Please wait!”

Raw Word Count : 2882


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