Way of Transmigration Chapter 61

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six one – Address issue

Shui Ruoshan is definitely the type to ‘do first, think later’. This is especially apparent when he is preparing to mess with other people. The Shui Ruoshan who already has a plan in his heart, turned around and revealed a sweet smile at Yin Suye. That innocent and cheerful look almost blinded everyone’s eyes.

“Yin……” Suye.

Just as he wanted to say it, Shui Ruoshan immediately stopped himself. Sometimes being too used to something is not a good thing1. Since he had decided to use Yin Suye as the point to attack Huo Ruyan, then it’s necessary to make it clear to Huo Ruyan that the Yin Suye who used to ‘cross mountains, endure sea of fire’ for her is gone. The current Yin Suye now completely belonged to him.

What is better to stimulate the enemy than snatching away something that originally should belong them? Thus, calling Yin Suye with his full name is not suitable, he need to change the way he addresses Yin Suye. After moment of thought, Shui Ruoshan decided to call Yin Suye the same way as Huo Ruyan. This way he could anger the other party even more, isn’t it so?!

“Suye gege!”

The Shui Ruoshan who has made up his mind, imitated Huo Ruyan’s tone and way of talking, called out using that address that even he himself felt corny. Originally, he already made mental preparation towards this wicked address but when the words were out, even Shui Ruoshan was stunned by his own voice. He did not expect that by softening his voice a bit, lengthening the tone, and throwing in some spoilt(pampered) sound, his voice would actually be so nice to hear!

It was so unexpectedly nice to hear ah!


He knew from the start that the little guy’s voice is nice to hear, but he never thought it would be that nice to hear. Being called Suye gege by the little guy using his soft voice, Yin Suye felt like a feather is lightly brushing his heart; a bit itchy, a bit numb, a bit soft…
It caused him to lose his control for a moment. He had the urge to present the best thing in the world to the owner of this voice, just to keep the voice and the person (beside him) for a long time.

“I’m tired, can’t stand up anymore!”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan reached out for Yin Suye. His wish to be carried was very obvious. When it’s necessary, he could do any ‘pretending to be obedient and selling meng’.
He is the cute~meng~meng~ little Zhengtai(shota) after all!

On the other hand, thinking of this gave him a face of tears2! He somehow felt something at this moment has shattered into a total mess. That definitely is his integrity ah!


A hint of smile flashed through Yin Suye’s eyes. The little guy took the initiative to be closer for the first time; Yin Suye directly bent down and hugged/carried the person up. Even though he already knew the little guy is acting, but to be depended as such by him, Yin Suye still felt good.

“Suye gege really treats me well!”

Seeing Yin Suye being so cooperative, Shui Ruoshan revealed a bright smile and took the initiative to loop both his hands around Yin Suye’s neck. Then he turned his head around, and displayed a look full of provocation at Huo Ruyan; it was filled with evil intent inside! At the same time, he hmph-ed twice proudly in his heart. This woman Huo Ruyan dared to offend him, and also targeted Yin Suye as well. How can he not return the favor back to her?!


Yin Suye adjusted slightly the position of his lower arm to let the little guy stay more comfortably in his arms.

“But this nasty woman in front of me also called you as Suye gege. This makes me feel like I’m not the most important existence in Suye gege’s heart. I feel very upset!”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan pouted his mouth in anger.

“What do you want to do?”

Yin Suye slightly curved the corner of his lips, he think he know what this little guy is trying to play.

“I want a name, an unique name that only I can call you, no one else can!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that taking this opportunity to win some benefits for himself is not a bad idea. He actually doesn’t mind calling Yin Suye by his name but it would be great if he(SRS) could get the chance to address him(YSY) with a better name3. That way, he didn’t sacrifice his image for nothing!

“How do you want to call (me)?”

Towards these little things, Yin Suye never cared much about it. Otherwise, he won’t let Shui Ruoshan keep calling him by his full name without any propriety.

“You will agree to anything that I can think of, no matter what?”

In order to achieve his goal, Shui Ruoshan has completely abandoned his image. Knowing that Yin Suye particularly leaned towards soft approach, Shui Ruoshan stared at him(YSY) with a pair of big and watery eyes; unblinkingly and full of expectation. The intention was so obvious that he(SRS) only lacked these 3 words ‘Quickly promise me’ written in his eyes.


Although he knew that the little guy is up to something bad, Yin Suye still pampered him and nodded; gave his promise to him.

Advertisement“Since you agreed, you cannot go back on your words!”

The moment he saw Yin Suye agreed, Shui Ruoshan stopped acting soft and immediately curved his small eyebrows; showing an evil smile.


“Then I’ll call you Xiao Yeye from now on!”

Shui Ruoshan specially drawled on the 3 words (Xiao-Ye-Ye), pronouncing each word with much cadence.


Who let Yin Suye keep treating him as a child this whole time, this time he finally found the opportunity to let Yin Suye experience how it felt to be treated as a child by other people! This ‘Xiao Yeye’ couldn’t be any more awesome! When he thought of how Yin Suye must accept this address with a black face due to his earlier promise, Shui Ruoshan felt great each time (he thinks about it) ah! Especially when he calls Yin Suye like this in the middle of a crowd, this will absolutely drop the jaw of many people. Thinking of that possible funny scene, Shui Ruoshan felt a bit excited! What’s about ‘meng’, this is better ah!4 Can’t wait to see that scene, what to do?


Looking at the little guy in his arms who is exuding a delightful aura, Yin Suye doubted for the first time if he was too indulgent to the little guy’s nonsense. But seeing how the little guy smiled until his eyes were curving as well, he is a bit reluctant to destroy such an atmosphere.

“You did promised, you are not allowed to renege oh!”

Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t speak after a long while, Shui Ruoshan spoke out to firmly emphasize his stand. He finally came up with this wonderful name, definitely cannot let it be vetoed out before he even has the chance to call it. Plus he is really looking forward to the bright days where he could call him Xiao Yeye in the public!

“Not reneging.”

Looking at the little guy’s nervous expression, Yin Suye gave a light sigh. What the little guy wants, just let it be ba! It’s just an address, he really don’t care. Back in those days, he was called with… names that were even more difficult to hear, more nasty, and worst; he didn’t care a bit. What more with just Shui Ruoshan’s little mischievous and intimate call? If not for the overly pleased expression on the little guy’s face, he would have silently accepted it like nothing. But now, he thinks maybe it’s better to get the little guy to pay the same price.

Yin Suye : “I’m just thinking, what kind of nickname should I call you?”

Yin Suye just realized that he hasn’t been calling Shui Ruoshan much by his name all this while. It’s better to take this opportunity and set a name that only he could call him(SRS); a unique one!


In an instant, Shui Ruoshan had a bad feeling.

“Xiao Shuishui? Xiao Ruoruo? Xiao Shanshan?”

Yin Suye tilted his head, his handsome cold face revealed a thoughtful look. That solemn and focused look was as if he is currently thinking about some major life issues.


Xiao Shuishui? Xiao Ruoruo? Xiao Shanshan? Your sister ah! Are names supposed to be split like that? Can you pay more attention to the technique, alright? Moreover, Yin Suye had such a serious expression on his face. The result from that was these goddamned names? What is he trying to do?!

“Shui-er? Ruo-er? Shan-er?”

Sure enough, it is very interesting to watch the little guy’s face.


He still can be called ‘-er’? How about ‘Long-er’5?!

*falls down*

Is he(YSY) thinking that we are acting in ‘The Romance of the Condor Heroes’? What ‘lifting rock to smash one own feet’, at this moment Shui Ruoshan could really understand the real meaning of it. Right now, should he sigh that Yin Suye is really the biggest villain in his novel; not even willing to eat such a small loss ah! He has just won a small round, and Yin Suye countered back right away! This is too black-bellied, alright?

“Why don’t you just call me Ruo Xiao Shan then?!”

The moment he gets angry, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t stop his own mouth (from giving bad suggestions). He would get uncomfortable if he doesn’t fire back a few sentences!

“Good idea!”

Seeing that the little guy has started to speak incoherently, the laughter in Yin Suye’s eyes started to deepen.


Yin Suye, Xiao Yeye, please pay more attention, alright? Can’t you hear that those were just words spoken out of anger? Angry words can’t be taken seriously alright!

“Xiao Ruo.”

Looking at the little guy’s cute angry face, that ‘I don’t care anymore’ face, Yin Suye knew that he can’t continue teasing him anymore. Otherwise, if he(SRS) really gets angry, he(YSY) still need to console him back.


Suddenly heard of such a normal name, Shui Ruoshan don’t know how to respond right away.

“I will call you Xiao Ruo from now on.”

Yin Suye told Shui Ruoshan the name that he has decided earlier on.


Shui Ruoshan reluctantly accepted this normal name. Although the name has the word ‘Xiao'(little) that he doesn’t like, but compared to the ones suggested previously, this is the most normal one. Then he slowly realized something. Yin Suye actually was playing with him just now? Or he was playing with him just now? He is definitely playing with him?!

“But this name Ruo Xiaoshan can be kept (at a side).”

Yin Suye felt that he quite liked this Ruo Xiaoshan intimate-sounding name. He could consider switching between these two names to use in the future.


He(SRS) really shouldn’t talk back just now. Xiao Yeye, don’t be so naughty oh! Unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to say that sentence out loud in front of so many people. He could only say it in his heart to satisfy his own vanity.

Although he couldn’t win against Yin Suye, that doesn’t mean it would be the same against other people. Wasn’t there a ready-made candidate standing in front of him that could let him abuse? So, he want to release all the grievance caused by Yin Suye on Huo Ruyan!

En, that was a pleasant decision.

And so, the Shui Ruoshan who has decided to continue making trouble for Huo Ruyan, immediately shifted the spearhead towards her, the supporting female character that has been forgotten by him.

“Woman, do you understand who Xiao Yeye belongs to right now?”

This is definitely a blatant showing off from Shui Ruoshan to Huo Ruyan! What ‘Suye gege? It’s already outdated. Only such high-end name like Xiao Yeye could keep up with the pace of time ah!6

Haha! Please allow him to proudly laugh three times first!


Ruixue which was forgotten and neglected at a side as well, has finally found the opportunity to express its stand/support. Seeing that its owner is dealing with the nasty woman, it immediately called out cooperatively to express its unconditional support for its owner. Then, it arrogantly raised its head, turned around and used its butt to face that bad woman who made its owner angry. Finally, it opened its eyes widely, swayed its tail, and looked at Shui Ruoshan with a face seeking for praises which seems to say ‘Owner, quickly come and praise me ba!’.

Shui Ruoshan gave Ruixue a thumb-up in front of Huo Ruyan, to express that it is doing a good job and deserved to be praised. Then he turned around and looked at Huo Ruyan with provocation…

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