Way of Transmigration Chapter 60

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero six zero – Too noisy

“Suye gege, I’m Huo Ruyan ah!”

Seeing that Yin Suye stood motionless there and didn’t respond to her words, Huo Ruyan continued on. Although she was a bit disappointed that Yin Suye couldn’t recognise her at first glance, she still could understand the reason. She thinks herself as a very understanding woman. So, Huo Ruyan took big steps towards Yin Suye; didn’t beat about the bush and immediately revealed her own identity.


When he heard what Huo Ruyan called Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan could feel his goosebumps rising up. That delicate tone is too corny ah! What even more unbearable was Huo Ruyan actually looked at Yin Suye like a little girl full of admiration towards the person(YSY). Other people doesn’t know, but as the author he is very clear of the characters’ nature in the novel. Huo Ruyan has never place Yin Suye anywhere in her eyes, but now she is making a face like Yin Suye has the most important place in her heart. This show is too fake ah!

In Shui Ruoshan’s mind, if not for him worrying about his own aloof cold image in front of outsiders, he really wanted to step forward and ruthlessly shake Huo Ruyan to wake up. Then he will loudly remind her this – She is already not the innocent little girl in the past, the current her who has been washed black by reality could no longer make that kind of pure and naive expression. So, don’t defile the good memories of her and Yin Suye’s childhood, alright? Begging (HRY) for mercy, please let go of that pure feeling of the past, that is a little innocent child!

“Suye gege, you don’t recognise me anymore?”

Seeing that Yin Suye still has no reaction, the smile on Huo Ruyan’s face nearly fell off. Just that at the next second, she put on a grievous look like she wanted to cry; that pitiful look really makes people want to care/pamper her.

“Yin Suye, do you know her?”

It was painful to see Huo Ruyan doing a one-man show over there, so Shui Ruoshan decided to give her a hand. He immediately followed after Huo Ruyan’s words and questioned Yin Suye. Shui Ruoshan felt that although he couldn’t fully understand Yin Suye’s person, but he could still more or less grasp a few points about him.

He looked at Yin Suye who was standing beside him, acting like a wooden figure; unmoving. That solemn expression with a fixed gaze completely ignored Huo Ruyan who was standing right in front of him. At that moment, Shui Ruoshan understood that Yin Suye’s intention to ignore Huo Ruyan.


Yin Suye felt a bit helpless towards this little guy who likes to play pranks on other people. But then he didn’t say anything regarding the little guy’s action in creating chaos.

“Is it because you don’t know this woman, so you don’t know how to answer her?”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t seem to expect any answers from Yin Suye, hence he continued with the answer he already thought of. It was obviously a question, but became an affirmative sentence by Shui Ruoshan.

“Where did this wild child came from? So uneducated!”

Huo Ruyan’s temper was not good to start with, her bad mood from ‘hitting walls’ with Yin Suye became even worse after Shui Ruoshan’s interruption. But considering that there are other people around1, Huo Ruyan didn’t say even more ugly words to this little rascal. She still need to take care of her own image!

From what she can see, Yin Suye right now is definitely trying to recall the things between the two of them, that’s why he didn’t answer her questions right away. And this wild child popping out from nowhere dared to misinterpret her meaning, creating trouble between her and Yin Suye, really unforgivable. It must be this child doing something at the back, causing Yin Suye to ignore her.

“Suye gege, you must not be deceived by the harmless appearance of some people!”

Huo Ruyan even glanced meaningfully at Shui Ruoshan after that. This is no longer an indirect accusation, but directly pointing at Shui Ruoshan. If not for her doesn’t want to destroy her beautiful image in Yin Suye’s heart, she won’t have to use such a troublesome method like using words to provoke the other person. She could have pick the most convenient method, taking action with her hands, and this child would be crippled in minutes.

“You should know, there are a lot of swindlers in this world. And the younger they are, the skillful they are in swindling other people. I got cheated by these little children many times now, so Suye gege must be vigilant ah!”

Seemed to think that she didn’t state it obvious enough, Huo Ruyan added one more sentence after some thoughts, “Being cheated will only show you are too stupid, cannot blame anyone!”

Shui Ruoshan squinted his eyes, it was clear that he looked very unhappy.

Huo Ruyan actually dared to say he is a wild child?!

He hated it the most when people treated him like a child!

She even used the word ‘wild’, that is completely stepping on his landmine ah!

Lastly, she dared to say that he as a swindler, accusing him in cheating Yin Suye?!

Is this saying his IQ is low? Or saying Yin Suye’s IQ is low?

This is really unbearable ah!

Even if uncle can endure, aunt can’t.

[Banana : Meaning if you can endure this, there’s nothing else you can’t endure. Long story short, it’s unbearable…. :v Cheesus Christ, dem Chinese authors.]

This is the first time Shui Ruoshan really realized that the words in the novel and reality are two completely different worlds. During his time after transmigration, Shui Ruoshan gradually come to understand that even though the characters were created by him, what he could write was just a part of it. When it comes to real contact (with the characters), he found out that every characters has something he doesn’t know, or another side of them that was not written down. Perhaps human nature is naturally complex, there’s no way to express clearly… with just a few words, a few paragraphs, a few stories.

Previously when he wrote [The Strongest King in History], he quite liked Huo Ruyan with her straightforward character who doesn’t fear of anything. That’s why she was written as the female supporting character only one position lower than the female lead.

At first, he still feel a bit guilty for destroying her fate with the protagonist when he decided to stop her from entering the Fog Forest. But now, after meeting the real person, he doesn’t feel any psychological burden anymore.

Because Huo Ruyan is too hateful!

Perhaps this Huo Ruyan in front of him is the real person, while the Huo Ruyan in his novel is just a shadow of his beautification only. After all, she grew up in the Capital where darkness and light are mixed together. She definitely has witnessed all kind of chaos and darkness between the nobles. How could she not has any self-protection means?

Shui Ruoshan was not sure if his senses were different because he is seeing this from another point of perspective. But he believed in the truth he saw. At the very least, he knew that Yin Suye is not the cruel bloodthirsty villain in his novel, but someone wooden with face paralysis who cannot express goodwill properly. This is the reason why he is willing to keep helping Yin Suye, because he(YSY) worth it.

Like right now, he has no reason to hate Huo Ruyan, he couldn’t help but wanted to cause trouble for her.

“What is the younger they are, the skillful they are in swindling other people ah? The original saying clearly says the more beautiful a woman is, the skillful she is in swindling other people! Just like you, spouting lies with a pretty face is the most skillful deception! Humph!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that it is definitely not his style if he doesn’t counterattack when being defamed. Should he sigh with a sense of schadenfreude now, that not having civilization is scary? Then pity Huo Ruyan a bit, because this woman doesn’t even know such a simple trick like telling lies with eyes wide opened! She is so outdated that it makes him want to ruthlessly strike a few more attack at her, to boost his own superiority, what to do?

One has to say, Shui Ruoshan in a certain aspect possessed an evil trait in his character.


Huo Ruyan was angered to speechless by Shui Ruoshan’s illogical argument. But because she was aware of other people around them, it’s not convenient for her to argue back; how upsetting is that.

“I know that you are very self-aware about how you deceive other people, no need to explain!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he normally does not talk with poisonous tongue, but when he does, he is not human at all! Because compared to unprofessional people like Huo Ruyan, he is absolutely a godlike existence!

“So, the next time you start a rumor, please be a bit more professional and don’t include yourself in it as well!”

Raising his eyes, Shui Ruoshan scornfully spat out this sentence to end the conversation.

“You are twisting the logic!”

Huo Ruyan tried her best to stabilize her emotions, telling herself that she need to be calm, and that she couldn’t lose her grace because of a child.

“So what?”

Very obvious, Shui Ruoshan also knew about the fact that his godlike logic which seemed to make sense at first, will expose loopholes if one think carefully. But he didn’t think to use this to thwart Huo Ruyan, he just wanted to anger her.

“So, you also admit that you are a scheming little liar?”

Huo Ruyan immediately grasped the loophole in Shui Ruoshan’s words, proudly retorted back.
Just reversing black and white, she also know how.

“Woman, you are too noisy!”

Seeing Huo Ruyan looking very happy like victory is already in her hand, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know what to say. Is this person’s self-perception too good? He already played that trick to the point he doesn’t want to play anymore, and Huo Ruyan just learned how to use it; is this really alright?

However, he only sneered in his heart, his appearance is still very decent. His eyes slightly deepened; his aloof coldness that distanced himself from people thousand miles away was boundless. Shui Ruoshan is very clear himself that his current appearance couldn’t add to his temperament, but it should more or less add a bit to display his big and tall aura.

His theory has always been ‘when faced with someone more eye-opening than you, you gotta be more eye-opening than that person!’.

Shui Ruoshan thinks that there’s no meaning in continuing the argument with Huo Ruyan, because he is definitely the winning side! Maybe he should change his direction and let Huo Ruyan understand even more clearly that the distance between the two of them is not some distance but a gap between Heaven and earth. In his mind, he already thought of a even better way to retaliate!

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