Way of Transmigration Chapter 6

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero six – Incantation master

Shui Ruoshan was caught off guard by this master-servant contract.
Or he should say that he didn’t expect Yin Suye would want to form a master-servant contract with him at all. Shui Ruoshan thought Yin Suye would ask him to form a mutual harmless contract; a friendly contract with equal rights.

While there are many types of contracts available in this world, one thing for sure was the content of the contract is strictly un-amendable. And the most popular contract was the contract with equal rights.

Taken that knowledge for granted, it put Shui Ruoshan in a situation where he have no room to advance or to retreat. His blood has begun to integrate into the scroll, even if he wanted to take back his spiritual power, he could no longer change the direction of the blood. But on the other hand, to just stare by a side while he soon would become someone’s servant, this was absolutely not acceptable for Shui Ruoshan.

In this world that he created, there were no unsolvable problem. As long as one could find the right solution, there won’t be any situation that couldn’t be resolved. This was a setting he specially made for the protagonist in order to enable him(protag) to overturn a situation when in trouble, like a Jedi with a super counterattack in an exciting climax.

Therefore, as long as he finds the right way, the master-servant contract can be broken.

Got it!

Incantation (咒符), the only most effective, most convenient and the quickest method right now.
He could even use spiritual power, so there is no reason why Incantation won’t work. Or one could say, as long as one is a transmigrator, one could get a high leveled and awesome hidden occupation – Incantation Master.

EzoicThe most important requirement to become a Incantation Master was to be able understand Chinese characters, accurately read the pronunciation of words and also could use spiritual power.

Incantation Master, they could use their spiritual power to write the Chinese character which carries various usage in the air, then let the meaning of the word takes effect. In layman’s terms, Incantation Master writing out character is just the same as wizard chanting spells. Just that one used writing while the other used chanting to achieve result.

[Banana : For those read the dark manga called Aphorism, it is somehow similar in terms of using Chinese wording and the meaning.]


The reason why he created this hidden occupation which obviously have nothing to do with swords or magic, was because this author wanted to provide another ‘gold finger’ (cheat) for the protagonist…

Shui Ruoshan remembered last time (when he introduced this plot), the readers left comments under the chapter. This parallel world used mandarin as the common language and the words used were also similar to Chinese characters, so why can’t other people become Incatation Master too?

As for why such wonderful thing would happen, Shui Ruoshan could only explain that all of it was just to make the protagonist unique.

However, in order to make up for his mistakes in previous plot, Shui Ruoshan added a special condition in his later chapters. If one wanted to become this special occupation that is different from swords and magic, then one must possess characteristics which is different from this world’s power.

Due to the protagonist transmigrated into the parallel world, his soul doesn’t belong to that world so naturally, he is special. Thus unsurprisingly became the only person in the world who could use Incantation.

In this regard, Shui Ruoshan really felt that he was very lucky. Because of his bias towards the protagonist, he(SRS) became one of the only two person who could use Incantation. Now, he could use this golden finger ‘Incantation’ to deal with his current predicament.

‘Let’s do it then’, Shui Ruoshan concentrated all of his spiritual powers and raised his right hand.
Mobilizing his spiritual powers, he started to write in the air…

His finger as the pen, the air as the paper; a pale golden pattern appeared where the ‘pen’ passed by.


Although Shui Ruoshan has full points in terms of theoretical knowledge, he doesn’t dare to guarantee his level of practical knowledge. So he didn’t choose any complicated Chinese characters with more strokes but chosen a simple one with the least amount of strokes and could achieve almost similar effect at the same time.

The more strokes the character has, the more spiritual power is needed to execute it.

If the Incantation Master doesn’t have enough spiritual power to finish writing the character, not only will he/she wasted their effort, they will also suffer the backlash.

Shui Ruoshan had just transmigrated over so he was not very clear how much spiritual power that he actually has. He doesn’t dare to take the risk and could only choose the most secure and safe way.


As Shui Ruoshan completed the last stroke, the originally pale golden word shoned with an intense light. Like it was alive, the scattered strokes instantly became a complete character and floated quietly in the air.

Without even stopping to think, Shui Ruoshan directly threw this word 反 towards the contract scroll…

Raw Word Count : 1468


Banana : For those who wanna understand more about the chinese character SRS used – LINK – And oh, this is a bonus chapter for ryiryi for being the first to support me when I am not even sure where to post the translation _(;3/

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