Way of Transmigration Chapter 59

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five nine – It’s good that you are fine

Standing on the upper floor, Yin Suye condescendingly looked down at Huo Ruyan’s sorry figure; the corner of his mouth slightly curved up to a mocking smile. Even when Huo Ruyan recognized him, there were no changes on his expression; cold and stern. Just that when he saw the changes in Huo Ruyan’s eyes, Yin Suye’s expression suddenly turned colder.

Huo Ruyan, how dare she looked at him with such disgusting gaze?!

Instantly, a pressure twice the force than the previous pressure is hurled towards Huo Ruyan.

Suddenly being attacked, Huo Ruyan who already couldn’t withstand any longer immediately fell and knelt onto the ground, a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. Huo Ruyan never expect that Yin Suye would suddenly attack her. With just a hit, she already suffered some serious internal injuries.

“Yin…” Suye, quickly stop it! I’m Huo Ruyan ah!

Under the strong pressure from Yin Suye’s aura, Huo Ruyan couldn’t finish saying her words at all. The next second, she found out that even her voice was suppressed. Her delicate body started to tremble under that stormy and turbulent pressure. All of a sudden, Huo Ruyan became nervous. The anxiety and tension in her heart keep stimulating her nerves. In her heart, a feeling suddenly appeared; the current Yin Suye may not be the Yin Suye she knew who used to treat her with much care! But very quickly, Huo Ruyan kicked this inexplicable thought out from her mind.

It must be because Yin Suye has not seen her for too long, plus her changes in past few years were a bit big. Furthermore whenever she left the house, she will deliberately disguise herself. That’s why he(YSY) couldn’t recognize her in first and accidentally injured her. Although she doesn’t know who exactly targeted by Yin Suye’s large scale pressure, Huo Ruyan was sure that she must be the innocent one who was accidentally dragged into this. As long as she could go and meet up with Yin Suye, Yin Suye definitely will stand at her side after she explained it clearly. Then she could ask Yin Suye to avenge her on her behalf, and settle this young man in white who dared to offend her. Her past experience let Huo Ruyan believe strongly in her own judgement.

Yin Suye saw all the changes in Huo Ruyan’s eyes, a bloodthirsty madness slowly brewing at the bottom of his heart. In his mind he thought, his endurance level might not be as good as he expected. Otherwise, why would he has the urge to directly settle this woman who has no self-awareness, when he saw the calculating gaze in her eyes?

In his past life, he was too stupid and naive; letting himself being thoroughly used by this woman. But in this life, how could the reborn him let this woman do whatever she wished this time? Without this woman Huo Ruyan, to block in front of his path, Yin Suye believed that his future path would only go smoother. Not to mention that right now, he has this little guy beside him who is more compatible with himself.

Thinking of Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye doesn’t has the mood to spare any look for Huo Ruyan anymore; turning directly towards Shui Ruoshan. It seems that because he stood right in front of this little guy, he blocked his(SRS) sight from seeing the situation downstairs well. This little guy probably was embarrassed to push him away, or one could say he(SRS) couldn’t push him away at all, so he(SRS) could only stepped a bit to a side or shuffle a bit to the other side. He keep turning his little head here and there to peek at the situation downstairs.

His little guy is really cutely lively ah!

And Ruixue this Persian cat, closely followed the little guy’s movement as well. So whatever the little guy did, it followed suit. One human and one cat’s tacit cooperation let people to feel particularly entertained.

Yin Suye : “Are you alright?”

Although Shui Ruoshan looked fine to him(YSY), Yin Suye still felt unassured and immediately asked about his(SRS) physical condition. He did controlled the scope of his pressure and prevented it from causing any impact for Shui Ruoshan, but the whole inn was pressed down by his pressure. Even when he already separated him(SRS) from the attack, the suffocating environment might put some pressure on Shui Ruoshan1.

“What possibly could happen to me ah?” The happening ones are obviously the other people in the inn alright?!

Shui Ruoshan felt that other than Yin Suye, he(SRS) is the most unharmed person(in the inn). Especially when compared to those who are currently trembling under Yin Suye’s pressure, Shui Ruoshan felt like he couldn’t be better. Just that when he recalled back that Yin Suye has only took a small step forward, and that alone caused everyone to cease making sound, immediately bowed down under the strong pressure. Shui Ruoshan felt that he should sigh (in admiration) towards Yin Suye’s arrogant and cool behaviour. At the same time, he should sigh – Villain, you are so damn strong, is this created by your author?

Then he made an exaggerated boastful stance, pridefully stated that this author actually knew nothing at all. Because there are no such scene written in the draft alright?! Shui Ruoshan suddenly wanted to kneel to his brain hole’s silly antics! How bored could he be to made fun of himself ah?

Since he already disrupted the plot, then naturally he would be mentally prepared for the consequences and will also take responsible for his actions. And so, towards the scene just now, he only think about it for a bit; he didn’t get unnerved or anything!

Just now the person with his hackles raised in this brain hole scene is definitely not him! He is a magnanimous person, he won’t have such a naive side!

“It’s good that you are fine.”

After carefully checking Shui Ruoshan and confirmed that he(SRS) is really fine, Yin Suye finally stopped fretting. Just that he couldn’t cover up the pondering at the bottom of his eyes. He could almost be certain now, that his pressure is not effective against Shui Ruoshan. Because Ruixue who was beside Shui Ruoshan was a bit stiffer than usual, under the influence of his(YSY) pressure; its body even trembled from time to time.

Yin Suye instantly remembered the time when he first met Shui Ruoshan. That time, he thought that his soul has yet to fully integrate in his body because he was just reborn, his sensitivity towards his surroundings were not strong enough and didn’t manage to find out about the Shui Ruoshan who was hidden behind him.

Now, it seemed that the truth is not like that. If not for Shui Ruoshan making a slight noise that time, he may not even find out about his(SRS) existence at all. In other words, Shui Ruoshan is probably immune to his(YSY) pressure and mental search 2.

Looking at this, Shui Ruoshan’s identity is really not simple ah! But no matter what identity this little guy has, he(SRS) can only be his(YSY)!

“Yin Suye, quickly put away your pressure!”

Although Shui Ruoshan couldn’t feel Yin Suye’s pressure, he could see that the current situation is not quite right. Looking up, he found out that this originally creaky inn has started to make ‘creak creak’ sound under Yin Suye’s pressure and started to sway a bit. Instantly, Shui Ruoshan’s heart tightened. If he continue letting Yin Suye do whatever he want, the inn might collapse soon?!

He doesn’t want to be buried under the ruins caused by the pressure, it would be absolutely embarrassing; very shameful ah!

When he looked downstairs, Shui Ruoshan found out that other than Huo Ruyan and the young man in white who were still struggling to resist, the rest of the people in the inn were foaming in the mouth?! If this continues, someone would get killed and it would be a lot of people! He only wanted Yin Suye to teach these people a lesson, not to take their life!
Therefore, for the sake of his own image, for the sake of everyone’s life, for the sake of world peace, he must stop Yin Suye from continuing.


Although Yin Suye doesn’t understand why this little guy wanted to let these people go, he still cooperated and put away his pressure. When facing Shui Ruoshan, the aloof god-like Yin Suye instantly recalled back all his sharp aura and walked down from the altar3. He seemed to be able to fit only one person in his world!

It’s a pity that no one at the scene were paying attention to the interaction between the two upstairs; they don’t even have the courage to look up. They only knew that the powerful pressure that almost killed has disappeared, they finally gotten back their life. If not for them fretting that any excessive movements might anger the Killing God, they would immediately leave this scary place even if it means crawling away!

Compared to the crowd’s extreme fear towards Yin Suye’s pressure, Huo Ruyan on the other hand wore a sweet smile on her face the moment the pressure was lifted. After she tidied up her appearance a bit, she flew up towards Yin Suye in impatience. Her person has yet to arrive, but her voice has reached the destination; her address for Yin Suye has changed as well.

“Suye gege!”

[Banana : Gege means older brother, not necessarily has the same blood, in case anyone forgotten :v ]


Huo Ruyan remembered that this is how she called Yin Suye when they were young. And Yin Suye particularly like the way she called him. Although due to various reasons, she have long stopped calling Yin Suye like that after they have grown up, this doesn’t prevent her from using such intimate address now to pull her relationship closer to Yin Suye.

Because this powerful and perfect Yin Suye in front of her eyes has the qualification for her to call him like that!

Raw Word Count : 2725


Banana: At first I thought I’m saved with this copyable text from sxx.xx , then I found typos and mistakes when I started translating it. Doom.jpg
This novel has 169 chapters. More Doom.jpg
Ah, man. This is going to be tough, and I AM a Banana ah, I can’t read dem chinese characters very well ah _(;3/

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