Way of Transmigration Chapter 58

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five eight – Terrifying pressure

No matter how it is, Huo Ruyan is still a member from an influential family. Even when she was suffocated by Yin Suye’s overwhelming pressure to the point that it’s hard to breathe, she still persevered and tightly clenched her teeth. She even started to muster all her strength to mobilize her power in her body, wanted to use it to resist this terrifying pressure. Just that when she exhausted all her efforts and tried her best, all Huo Ruyan could do was a simple movement such as slightly raising her head.

But at this point, it was already enough for her. Because she only wanted to see who is targeting her, then she’ll pay back this debt in the future.

“Yin Suye?!”

Huo Ruyan stared in disbelief at the aloof man upstairs, her eyes were filled with pleasant surprise. She never thought she would bump into Yin Suye here?! Before this, all of her attention were focused in her confrontation with the young man in white. Plus Yin Suye’s location was quite out of the way, that’s why she didn’t realize.

Even though she has not met with Yin Suye for a long time, she still could recognize him with just a glance.

Because Yin suye was too dazzling! To the point of being unreal! Long slender figure, and exquisite face. His golden strands of hair fluttered gently behind him. Just a simple gesture like standing still and holding his own arms, he set off a golden sparkling light in this small and rough-looking inn.

As if the God has descended!

Just that when that pair of emotionless heterochromatic eyes coldly glanced through the crowd, it gave the impression that he was looking down at them from up high in the clouds. That disdaining and domineering aura forced people to look away and doesn’t dare to look at his appearance; his appearance that could cause people to sigh in amazement.

But for Huo Ruyan, she simply dislike that overly devilish face of Yin Suye from the bottom of her heart, although it’s because of that good-looking face that she liked to be close to him when she was young. However, as she gets older, she gradually disliked to be together with Yin Suye.

Any beautiful woman will not like to see someone more eye-catching than herself, what more the opponent is a man! Particularly when Huo Ruyan realized, no matter how pretty and attractive she dressed up, she would be eclipsed the moment she stood next to Yin Suye; forever the sidekick. This is also the very reason why no matter how good Yin Suye treated her, she couldn’t place Yin Suye anywhere in her heart.

However at this moment, Huo Ruyan felt like Yin Suye has completely overturned the impression she had for him. This person in front of her eyes is so powerful that other people can’t help but shuddered. He is not the perfect man who used to be accommodating and compliant with her, but a peerless powerhouse who can control life and death of people.

Aloof, powerful, domineering…

At that moment, Huo Ruyan felt her body slightly trembled. She can’t tell if the emotion in her heart is fear or excitement. She seemed to be scared of that person’s terrifying power? But also seemed to be feeling eager of this strong power? And this perfect and powerful man used to be her fiancé!

It’s a man who completely belongs to her!

Thinking to this point, Huo Ruyan felt her heart began to beat rapidly…

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