Way of Transmigration Chapter 57

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five seven – Teaching a lesson

“It’s all your fault!”

Shui Ruoshan decided not to pay attention to those two who didn’t give him face for mean time. Those two have started to fight anyway, and were awfully busy. It seemed that win or loss couldn’t be determined in a short while. He was not in a hurry too. Wait until they almost finished fighting, then he could come forward and solve the problem.

However, whenever he thought of the scene where he got completely ignored by everyone, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help placing all his grievances on Yin Suye.


If not for Yin Suye being so uncooperative, he won’t be placed in such a shameful situation ah!

It’s all Yin Suye’s fault!

“Alright, it’s all my fault.”1

Seeing the little guy turned away his head and doesn’t want to see him, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slightly curved up. Just that, his tone should be a pampering tone and yet, one can’t help but noticed a bit of a gloating in it.

“Since you have admitted your mistakes, then you should quickly compensate me. Otherwise……”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan lifted up his little fist. If you don’t obey, just wait for the fist!


Looking at Shui Ruoshan opening his eyes widely while trying his best to make an angry expression, Yin Suye who was originally feeling dark from seeing Huo Ruyan felt a bit more better now. Doesn’t Shui Ruoshan know that his watery eyes were filled with a layer of mist from opening too widely? And doesn’t he know that not only his cute look didn’t give any threat, it caused people to have the urge to glomp him and rub him a few times?

Hence, Yin Suye did just that. Grabbing the little person into his arms and roughly rubbed and pinched him(SRS).

“I tell you now, even if you tried to please me, I will not let you go easily this time!”

Shui Ruoshan humph-ed twice and reached out to push the man away from him. Very obvious, Shui Ruoshan has completely misunderstood the meaning of Yin Suye’s action. He thought that Yin Suye was stunned by his fierce attitude, who was afraid of him(SRS) getting angry so he(YSY) came to comfort him(SRS).

Sometimes, delusion is an illness!

Must get it treated!


This time, Yin Suye obediently released the person from his arms. Although he really wanted to see more expressions that the little guy make because of him(YSY), right now is obviously not a good time. The location is wrong, the atmosphere is not good, and there are too many people…

And so, Yin Suye can only suppress this idea at the bottom of his heart, and comfort the little guy.
There are opportunities in the future anyway.

“In this case, go and teach that Huo Ruyan and the young man in white a lesson, to release my anger!”

In his heart, Shui Ruoshan ranted furiously – Who asked you guys to ignore him, not giving him any faces, starting fight in the public…

With his current power, he indeed couldn’t fight against those two. But that doesn’t mean he is not allowed to get help! Anyway, he has a fighter free-of-charge called Yin Suye beside him. He did so many thing to pave the road, this time he definitely could convince Yin Suye to take action right?

“Didn’t you say you wanted to prevent both of them from fighting?” How come it suddenly turned from preventing fight to teaching them a lesson?

Yin Suye sometimes felt helpless towards Shui Ruoshan’s erratic behavior but he still have to cooperate.

“Could it be you couldn’t bear to put your hand on Huo Ruyan?”

Sensing that Yin Suye has the intention to refuse, Shui Ruoshan unpleasantly jeered at him. Although he knew that the relationship between Yin Suye and Huo Ruyan has yet to be broken, but whenever he remembers that Huo Ruyan will betray Yin Suye and Yin Suye still tried to protect her now, Shui Ruoshan instantly felt a bit unhappy.

“I’m not.”

Towards Huo Ruyan, Yin Suye couldn’t wait for her to disappear as soon as possible. Naturally, he won’t let Shui Ruoshan randomly guessing the relationship between him and Huo Ruyan.

“Very well then!”

Although he was very pleased with Yin Suye’s attitude towards Huo Ruyan, but Shui Ruoshan still added one more sentence after a thought, “I’ll tell you now, Huo Ruyan is not a good person. She will betray you, so don’t you dare to be lenient to her ah!”

Shui Ruoshan was very clear that Yin Suye paid great attention to her and was also very caring before this. Because of their engagement breaking off when they were young, Yin Suye had not has the time to feel any love for Huo Ruyan, it ended without even starting. But that doesn’t prevent Yin Suye from growing a feeling of affection for Huo Ruyan in the later days. One need know, when Yin Suye was abandoned by everyone around him, Huo Ruyan was the only person who is willing to smile at him. Even if it’s just a little bit of tiny friendliness, that was enough to make Yin Suye remember for a long time.

This is also the reason why Yin Suye treated and cared for Huo Ruyan like a real sister later on. It can be said that in Yin Suye’s past life, he has cleaned up countless mess for her, carried countless ‘black pots’ (blame) for her, resolved countless fights for her…

Because Yin Suye was too good to her, Huo Ruyan felt grateful at first. But over the time, she got used to it and took Yin Suye’s kindness as granted instead. Things that are too easy to get will never be cherished by anyone. Huo Ruyan is obviously just the same, therefore managed to betray Yin Suye without any hesitation. Also because Yin Suye in the past took Huo Ruyan too seriously, he has no way to fight back when she betrayed him; getting knocked down sadly into the dust. So, after that Yin Suye became more and more ruthless, his temperament became abnormal and he(soul) turned darker…

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t care if he sounded like he is sowing discord and being suspicious. Other than trying to prevent Huo Ruyan from meeting the protagonist, he also wanted to make Yin Suye draw a clear line between Huo Ruyan and him(YSY) in order to avoid the future betrayal in his fate.

Because some feelings won’t change just because you wanted to change.

Shui Ruoshan is unsure of how much feeling Yin Suye felt towards the Huo Ruyan right now.
He just know he can’t let Yin Suye to continue obsessing over her.


The moment Yin Suye heard the word ‘betray’, his pupil unnoticeably contracted slightly. A hint of bloody red flashed through his eyes…

But the next second, he immediately returned back to normal. Then, towards Shui Ruoshan’s request, he gently nodded; that considered as an agreement. Actually, Yin Suye also felt dissatisfied towards the people’s attitude in the inn when they ignored Shui Ruoshan. He just didn’t show it out right away. He himself couldn’t bear to let the little guy suffer any little grievance, and yet all these people gave him(SRS) such a big embarrassment right in front of him(YSY). This caused the normally narrow-minded Yin Suye to add a few Hate points to everyone present in the inn.

The reason why he (didn’t? 2) agreed to stop the fight between Huo Ruyan and the youth in white was because he was very clear of the outcome of the fight. Huo Ruyan is not the opponent of the young man, and will be taught a lesson by him. There’s no reason why he will help someone who has betrayed him before! He already could be considered very restrained that he didn’t take actions himself!

Right now, the little guy asked him to teach them a lesson. He could take this opportunity to also teach those people who didn’t take little guy seriously just now. Very obvious, Yin Suye is prepared to teach not only Huo Ruyan and the youth in white, he also included everyone in the inn.

Yin Suye took a step forward. After he confirmed that he has completely protected Shui Ruoshan behind him, his gaze then coldly glanced through everyone present. His thin lips opened, clearly revealed the word exactly same as what Shui Ruoshan said earlier.


At the same time, a supreme pressure came down crushing on everyone in the inn…
That majestic pressure was like a giant sword unsheathing, bringing the power to destroy everything, surged through everyone present and swept the entire small inn. Especially for Huo Ruyan and the young man in white who were in the center of the pressure, they were very shocked in their heart; no words could be used to describe it.

Can’t move, their body can’t move at all!

They were completely suppressed by this powerful pressure!

Even if the pressure is just an invisible spiritual suppression, Huo Ruyan and the young man seemed to be able to see a shocking pressure rushing towards them like a giant tide, burying them inside this momentum of destruction. Just one pressure caused them to unable to escape, unable to fight against, unable to resist…

It caused people to be unable to muster any confidence from the bottom of their heart, to go against the pressure!

This is an absolute power that is much higher than their own strength!

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