Way of Transmigration Chapter 56

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five six – Being ignored


Seeing that Huo Ruyan and the young man in white has the intention to start fighting, Shui Ruoshan called out straight away without thinking to stop them. Since Yin Suye is not willing to help, then he(SRS) could only reluctantly take up the job himself! But considering that if both of them really started to fight, using his current small body to stop them will not has any possibility of success at all ah! So Shui Ruoshan wisely decided to stop them before the two people begin the fight. This way, he won’t have to worry for himself when he go up to stop the people, because his own combat power is so low, he will definitely be injured!

Shui Ruoshan’s idea was good of course, and it seemed that all the circumstances have been taken into account. But he has forgotten one thing, that is if the others are willing to do according to his words.

Because of Shui Ruoshan’s call that was brimming with confidence, a variety of reactions appeared from the people in the inn. Some left because they were afraid of getting into trouble, some raised their heads to look at him from curiosity, some just ignored him, some checked him out in confusion, and some just came over to watch the show…

It’s a pity that no one took Shui Ruoshan’s words for real. His tender Zhengtai’s voice was too harmless! Shui Ruoshan never expect he would be able to stun everyone here with just his call, but what even more unexpected was he ended up getting ignored by everyone as they only saw him as a child throwing tantrums. Dazedly looking at the people’s ‘don’t care’ reaction, Shui Ruoshan felt very depressed. Why were these people’s reactions so different from his imagination?

According to a normal plot development, shouldn’t these people turn to him and cast their sight on him after his call? Which they will be instantly stunned by his domineering kingly aura, then will proceed to kneel down and cry; begging to be his younger bros(followers)?

Especially when he looked at the targets of his persuasion(the two people he was trying to stop). Not only they ignored his persuasion, they even proceed to fight right after he finished his words?!

This is too much not giving his face ah!

He saw Huo Ruyan raised her hand, the fiery red whip in her hand flew out towards the young man in white…

The young man slightly leaped and dodged the attack. Then, he opened his fan and fanned a strike at Huo Ruyan…

Shui Ruoshan watched as the two started fighting from using small attacks to powerful killing techniques…

The facts in hand once again let Shui Ruoshan clearly confirmed with one thing. That is every single people in this inn has completely ignored him! No one actually listened to his words just now! At that moment, Shui Ruoshan could feel the ill intention to him from this parallel world! Even if he is not the protagonist of this world, but as the fellow transmigrator like the protagonist, the treatment to him shouldn’t be that worse ah? Is it all because of the downside of his appearance?

Thinking back of his previously favorable noble and glamorous image and his current soft tender Zhengtai image, Shui Ruoshan felt like he can already write a book on his experiences. The title of the book will be called [Discussion on the Importance and Inevitability of the Appearance].

Forget it, he is a broad-minded person. He won’t be petty with these silly mortals! His goal is the vast sea of the star universe!

Huh? Something seems wrong?

His goal clearly should be ‘never have cavities’!

No cavities…

The Hell ah!

*falling down*

His very first goal should be just to stop Huo Ruyan from entering the Fog Forest ah!

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