Way of Transmigration Chapter 45

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four five – Telling the truth

“Alright, I’ll tell you the truth! Actually, I have an ulterior motive for giving you the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus!”

Although Shui Ruoshan admitted his wrong to Yin Suye and gave his promise as well, he still haven’t forget the reason why he lied.


Yin Suye indicated to Shui Ruoshan to continue with his explanation, he will listen patiently.

“Both of us could be considered tied together now. So, if you are awesome, it means I’m awesome too.”

To convince Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan has decided to start from analyzing the awesome part of the situation. He remembered his promise to Yin Suye that before he dissolves the master-servant contract, he will not leave his(YSY) side. Also, it was quite clear that the contract wouldn’t be able to be dissolved in a short time. That is to say, both of them will be living together for a long time.

“Moreover, the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus mainly increases strength. The increase on spiritual power is very low.”

He mentioned of his identity as a Seer and also an Incantation master, and that he needed to increase his spiritual power instead of strength. So, it would be a waste to use the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus on him!

“Other than that, I don’t have any practical combat skills. Even if I consumed the lotus, it is quite impossible for a fighting noob to become a super fighter right away.”

This is definitely the biggest truth. As a small fry with only battle combat value of 5, high level skill like fighting is not an essential skill for stay-home nerd like Shui Ruoshan ah! Otherwise, he won’t be so scared of the wolfs until he completely forgotten to counterattack. Although he couldn’t be sure if this body he transmigrated into has any powers, he was very clear that even with the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus to increase his strength, it is still useless as he doesn’t know how to use his powers.

“That’s why you can protect me better by getting stronger!”

Furthermore, Shui Ruoshan has no confidence at all towards his current small body. Rather than counting on himself, it’s better to rely on others.

“In short, my safety depends on you!”

Shui Ruoshan ended his explanation with that conclusion. If not for his height doesn’t allows it, at this moment he would definitely step forward and pat Yin Suye at the shoulder like two good brothers, to express his(SRS) trust on him(YSY).


Yin Suye gave Shui Ruoshan a deep gaze, then slowly nodded. His solemn expression looked like he just make up his mind on something.


He(SRS) racked his brain to come up with so many reasonings to convince Yin Suye, and he ended up with a simple ‘Alright’ from him. Why is the contrast so big ah?! On the other hand, he seemed to be telling Yin Suye to accept the lotus only. Why is Yin Suye being so serious? This gave him an illusion that he(SRS) had just unconsciously forced the other party to promise him an oath?

Where did this strange feeling came from?

“Since you agreed, then quickly absorb the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus ba!”

Shui Ruoshan decided to ignore this strange feeling that would appear from time to time. He already got used to this inexplicable feeling anyway, as it would randomly appears since the day he first met Yin Suye. The most important thing right now is to let Yin Suye improve his strength.

“Alright.” Yin Suye nodded accordingly.


The moment Shui Ruoshan saw Yin Suye agreed, he immediately stuffed the lotus into Yin Suye’s hands. That fierce eagerness from Shui Ruoshan doesn’t seem to mean he is afraid of Yin Suye suddenly changing his mind but more like he has an immense hatred with the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus.


Yin Suye looked down at the lotus stuffed into his hands. The lotus’s appearance was very miserable, so Yin Suye silently straightened it a bit.

“You are going to eat it soon, what’s the point in fixing it up?”

Looking at Yin Suye’s gentle actions towards the lotus, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt some dissatisfaction. Yin Suye’s attitude towards the lotus was so cautious, was it an indirect comparison to how rough and inelegant he was when handling the lotus? Isn’t this just bullying?!

“No, it would be easier to consume it this way.”

Although he doesn’t know why Shui Ruoshan’s mood could change so fast, Yin Suye still answered accordingly.

“Isn’t it just the same?” Shui Ruoshan slightly raised his chin, expressing that he is quite satisfied with that answer.

“En.” Really a child indeed, the emotions came quickly and left just as quick.

“After this, you should find a safe place then consume that lotus ba!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye is too indifferent, he has to give him(YSY) a reminder every time.

“It’s fine here.”

Yin Suye’s gaze swept over their surroundings, then he went to sit down on a piece of clean and open ground.

“You are being lazy in picking the location!”

Shui Ruoshan felt helpless by Yin Suye’s hasty decision to choose their current location as the cultivation ground. For normal cultivators, who doesn’t plan in advance, pick a good hiding place, place various barriers around the location, then start their long journey of cultivation when everything is ready? But when it comes to Yin suye, everything is completely different. Not only he didn’t show that he placed any importance towards cultivation matters, he did everything so casually to the point other people can’t help but worried on his behalf ah!

“Nothing bad will happen, trust me!”

Yin Suye reached out and rubbed Shui Ruoshan’s head. Although he knew that Shui Ruoshan was worried for him, the Bewitching Misfortune Lake is actually a good choice. Moreover, he believed that he shouldn’t take too much time to absorb the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. He relied on his own efforts to make it to the Imperial stage1 in his past life after all. His spiritual power is still at the Imperial stage so as long as he could raise enough power, he could quickly become the Supreme King again. And this Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus may be the stepping stone for him to reach the pinnacle of his cultivation.

Thinking of this, Yin Suye reached out to take the lotus seeds from the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. As far as he knows, the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus will produce one lotus seed every hundred years. The essence was stored inside the lotus seed, and one lotus seed could increase one’s strength by 100 years.

“Wait a minute. Don’t take the lotus seed out, and consume the whole lotus together.”

Seeing Yin Suye’s move to eat the seed, Shui Ruoshan immediately stopped him and informed him the correct method of consumption.

He(SRS) spent quite some time on the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus when he first created the setting for it. In order to let the protagonist get fortuitous encounters and also beauties, he wrote that the lotus seed contained quite a violent energy. If the seed is consumed directly, one would easily feel fire burning inside their body, causing them to be muddled and couldn’t control themselves…

Following the plot, although the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus was obtained by the protagonist, the scene was seen by the ‘thief sister’ who arrived after that. Under the pesterings from the thief sister, the protagonist finally gave her 3 lotus seeds and tremendously raised the sister’s affection level towards the protagonist. Hence, those two who were clueless about the characteristics of lotus seeds have decided to cultivate together (at the same place) so that they can cover for each other. They picked a hidden cave, then consumed the lotus seeds at the same time. The result was both of them ‘lost their reasons’ and started a sweet amorous session that is not suitable for children. After that, not only those two became a couple, their strength were greatly improved too.

A pity that this wonderful plot he spent all night to write was destroyed by his butterfly effect. Towards this matter, Shui Ruoshan could only helplessly sigh. Although he felt regretful for the loss, there’s no way around it. If he let Yin Suye eat the lotus seed, he(SRS) won’t be able to find anyone to help him ‘put out the fire’ when his(YSY) energy starts to turn violent. That’s why Yin Suye must consume the whole stalk of the lotus instead. Because not only the roots and leaves of the lotus could neutralize the violent energy in the lotus seeds, it contains energy as well and promotes the absorption and utilization of energy into the body. This makes the entire stalk of the lotus absolutely indispensable (in order to absorb the energy successfully without side effect).


Yin Suye stopped his action and changed it to place the whole stalk to his mouth; slowly chewing as he eats. After he elegantly finished eating the entire stalk of lotus, Yin Suye quietly closed his eyes and started to digest and absorb the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus’s energy to increase his strength.

Shui Ruoshan didn’t think that Yin Suye would trust him so much that he ate the whole stalk without any hesitations. This makes his mood a bit complicated. In the end, Shui Ruoshan only chose to remain standing at his place, quietly watching Yin Suye who has his eyes closed and decided not to think anything further. Then he saw it, a layer of faint water mist filled around Yin Suye and started to seep into his body…
Up until the mist around Yin Suye has been completely absorbed, Shui Ruoshan still couldn’t find out what is the current situation as the other party didn’t even wrinkled his brows (didn’t have any reactions on his face). However, Yin Suye didn’t immediately open his eyes and continued sitting at the same place.

Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Suye is currently transforming all the energies that he has just absorbed into his own strength slowly. And so, he(SRS) waited by the side, waited ….
Until the sun started setting, Shui Ruoshan still couldn’t see any signs of Yin Suye opening his eyes and dejected bowed down his head.

“Say, when do you think Yin Suye will wake up? If he can’t wake up within a short period, wouldn’t that mean we don’t have anything to eat?”

Though he knew that the time of cultivation varies from person to person, Shui Ruoshan still want to complain when he lowered his head and saw Ruixue keep nudging his legs, trying to please him. He now realized that being willful is not good, he shouldn’t have refused the food left by the group of four previously. As a stay-home nerd with zero outdoor survival skill and possessed no food reserves, Shui Ruoshan will really have to suffer hunger if Yin Suye still doesn’t wake up in a short while.


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