Way of Transmigration Chapter 40

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four zero – Persian cat

“So weak!”

Yin Suye’s heterochromatic eyes condescendingly looked down with slight pressure at the white beast which was hiding within the bushes. That disdainful expression looked like he was looking at a worthless ant.

The white beast also found out that the incoming person is not someone easy to handle so it immediately leaped and aimed to run as far as possible. Very clearly, it is escaping for real this time. Unfortunately, however fast it could be, it still couldn’t be quicker than the Yin Suye who has been waiting to take action.

Yin Suye who has suffered some loss from the beast’s speed earlier has long taken prevention method for counterattack. Seeing that the beast wanted to run, he lightly hit the empty space with his palm and accurately sent the beast which has jumped up crashing back on to the ground. With a loud ‘PENG!’, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have to see the scene to know that this crash is definitely not light. The beast might even make a deep hole in the ground.

Watching the whole process by the side, Shui Ruoshan was instantly stunned speechless. Since when did Yin Suye became so ruthless? But how come he felt that Yin Suye is very handsome looking like this?

“The matter is solved just like this?” But Shui Ruoshan has to ask what was on his mind.

The beast was obviously full of momentum1 when it first appeared. How did it got overwhelmed so quickly by Yin Suye? The ‘before’ and ‘after’ has a very large gap ah! The next second, Shui Ruoshan hurriedly covered his mouth with his hands. In his heart, he keep telling himself that he absolutely shouldn’t complain about things going too smoothly or plots doesn’t adhere to standard novel setting this time! It would be very depressing if something unexpected happened again because of his ‘crow’s beak’!

“Actually, it is only very agile and doesn’t has much attack power.”

This was the reason why Yin Suye didn’t completely dodge the attack earlier, and has only gotten a slight injury. Bending down, he picked up that fainted white beast which is currently seeing stars in its eyes from the ground. Yin Suye’s originally overbearing face when facing the beast became a few points gentler the moment he turned towards Shui Ruoshan.

“I see.” Shui Ruoshan expressed his understanding.

Actually, Yin Suye’s words mean other than speed, this beast is just a trash with combat power of 5.

So he was able to beat it down so easily. A moment later, Shui Ruoshan became more courageous and walked a bit nearer towards Yin Suye’s direction so that it would be easier for him to take a look at the beast.

“A Persian cat?!”

Shui Ruoshan could recognize this beast’s breed with just a glance, plus its properties and other status. Still, he couldn’t connect this bullied Persian cat which doesn’t even dare to squeak to the fierce figure sneak-attacking him just now ah!


This Persian cat seemed to understand that this person who has just acknowledged it is someone easier to talk than the person who caught itself. And so, it started to meow for mercy towards Shui Ruoshan. Both of its ears were folded down and trembling. Its tail drooped down powerlessly and its watery eyes were filled with grievance.


Using the appearance of a cat to make such a pitiful expression is definitely a foul! Shui Ruoshan immediately sentenced this Persian cat’s behaviour in his heart. On the other hand, he keep telling himself in his heart that he is an upright adult so he won’t be so easily bought over by ‘moe’ stuff!

Wait a minute!

Shui Ruoshan suddenly discovered that his direction of thinking seemed to be wrong.

Following the outline of his novel, this Persian cat should only appear 5 years later when the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus matured. It would be attracted to the lake by the spiritual scent and then meet the protagonist. After that, it would become the protagonist’s first big cute pet. Why did this Persian cat suddenly appeared 5 years earlier? What is going on with this event going totally inconsistent with his draft’s outline ah?

Raw Word Count : 1154


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  1. Answer to the little author’s wondering, ‘why everything isn’t like he wrote it?’:

    Cause everything he wrote before were drafts+butterfly effect of jis transmigration and rebirth of a certain villian+any other behind the scenes mystery

    1. I’m surprised you noticed 😛
      I was busy at work and kinda unmotivated with the author’s way of writing :v

      I almost fell asleep a few times during translation …

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