Way of Transmigration Chapter 39

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three nine – Crow’s beak

Shui Ruoshan was still standing at the same place, silently ranting in his mind on how easy Yin Suye got his hand on the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. He didn’t seem to realize that danger is getting nearer, until he is being embraced by Yin Suye in his arms. As they leaped away from the spot, Shui Ruoshan then only starts to react to what was happening. Was he attacked by something unknown just now?! He only caught a glimpse of the white figure that sneak-attacked him.

Unable to land a hit, that nimble figure quickly changed the direction and speedily escaped. The other party’s speed was very fast, so fast that Shui Ruoshan couldn’t see the figure properly and it disappeared without a trace right after.

Shui Ruoshan patted his own chest from the lingering fears. If not for Yin Suye’s quick reaction, his unguarded self would definitely be attacked by the other party. He probably would suffer serious injuries if not dead!

Parallel world is indeed very dangerous!

He shouldn’t have complained about how easy Yin Suye got the lotus. He has yet to finish his ranting and the plot twist immediately arrived! Never knew that he actually has a talent for crow’s beak? 1

“It’s alright.” Seeing that Shui Ruoshan has been in a daze since a while ago, he comforted with a worried tone.

“I’m fine. The one who is not fine is you ah!”

Just as Shui Ruoshan finally recovered to normal, he noticed a long wound on the right side of Yin Suye’s arm and instantly became worried. Although Yin Suye’s reaction when facing danger was very fast, but in order to protect him(SRS), his action to dodge was a step slower and inevitably gotten hurt. Towards this point, Shui Ruoshan felt deeply remorsed.

“It’s alright.”

Yin Suye was very glad that Shui Ruoshan cares about him, but the injury on his arm was too minor. For him(YSY), it was almost like he didn’t suffer any injuries at all.

“It’s better to get it treated.”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan expressed his intention to use incantation to heal the injury.

“No need.”

Yin Suye immediately raised his hand to prevent Shui Ruoshan from evoking an incantation to heal him again. He hasn’t forget the incident before when Shui Ruoshan fainted right away after healing him with an incantation. Naturally, he won’t let him(SRS) take such a big risk right now since it’s only a minor injury.


For Shui Ruoshan who lived in modern times and has not seen blood before, the wound on Yin Suye’s arm looked very serious in his(SRS) eyes.

“You should concentrate to prevent the danger in front instead.” Rather than wasting time and energy on this super minor injury.

Yin Suye interrupted Shui Ruoshan’s attempt to persuade him and directly diverted his(SRS) attention from his(YSY) injury.

“The beast that sneak-attacked me has not left the area yet?”

Although all he saw was a small white figure, he could first rule out human because no human’s figure could be that small. Furthermore, to have the ability to attack and not a human, that could only be spiritual beasts.

“En, that beast is still hidden somewhere around, and is waiting for the opportunity to take action.”

Yin Suye’s gaze slightly swept at their surrounding and got a good control over the situation around them. Naturally, he already found the location of that beast.

“What should we do?”

Hearing a caution from the man, Shui Ruoshan found out that he himself really has no sense of crisis. He actually thought that it was safe because the beast has escaped, didn’t even consider the fact that the other party has not give up yet!

“Easy, I will grab it and give you extra food for dinner.”

The corner of Yin Suye’s lips curved up to a evil arc. His body shook and reappeared in front of the beast’s hiding place……


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

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    “En, that beast is still hidden somewhere around, and keep waiting for the opportunity to take action.”
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    1. That’s a good excuse, but for sure the real reason is that he wants to do bits by attacking his wife and then take advantage to feed her.
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