Way of Transmigration Chapter 38

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three eight – The law of the novel

“Give you.”

Yin Suye placed the entire stalk of Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus into Shui Ruoshan’s hand.


Shui Ruoshan passively received the lotus. Should he be grateful that Yin Suye didn’t kneel down and handed the lotus to him with both hands just now1? Otherwise he would definitely have a very strange mental association.

Sometimes when one has a hole too big in the brain, one just couldn’t control(being stupid) it ah!

“Is there a problem with this lotus flower?”

Yin Suye asked with some uncertainties when he saw that shui Ruoshan has been staring intently at the flower without saying or doing anything.

“No problem, this is Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus.”

Shui Ruoshan has carefully inspected the lotus up and down, left and right several times and finally confirmed that the legendary Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus has no difference at all with any other normal lotus. But with just a glance, without any basis or any judgement, he could automatically know that the lotus in his hand is Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. Could it be this is the golden finger of the author? As long as it is something created by him, he could recognise it?

“I was just surprised that we managed to get the lotus so easily in our hands.”

This time, Shui Ruoshan honestly acknowledged the real reason why he dazed off just now.
Because Yin Suye simply plucked the lotus off just like that, without any difficulties at all ah!
At that time, he only saw Yin Suye quickly stood up, flew over to hover over the lotuses, set his target then reached out and plucked the whole thing out. Just like this, the lotus is obtained. After that, he turned around with one step on the lake water and flew back to his side; putting the lotus directly into his(SRS) hands.

This whole series of actions were completed by Yin Suye in a flash of time. It was incredibly fast! And was incredibly cool as well! Shui Ruoshan still felt kind of unreal even though he personally witnessed the whole process and he had the lotus in his hands.

Probably because he has written too many novels and unconsciously gotten some occupational diseases. He felt like some twist and turns should happen during events like this (getting important treasures) to be considered a normal occurrence. Furthermore, Shui Ruoshan’s favorite thing to do when he wrote his novels was creating troubles for protagonists, then wrote on how they solve the problems; a constant cycle.

So, Shui Ruoshan was very unaccustomed towards their progress moving smoothly in obtaining the lotus. He keep getting a feeling that this development doesn’t really adhere to the standard plotline of a novel. According to a general novel’s plot, shouldn’t it be a situation where a powerful guardian beast appearing from the water just when Yin Suye is prepared to pluck the lotus? Then after this one man and one beast battled for like 300 rounds, Yin Suye eventually succeed in getting the lotus?


Before the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus matures, it is just like any ordinary lotus. So there won’t be any beast who could recognise the existence of the lotus and stand guard at the lake.

Hence, this plot that doesn’t meet the novel’s setting – scrapped!

Actually, the story could progress in another way too. Like the moment Yin Suye has just gotten the lotus, a few adventurers suddenly appeared. Then when they saw the lotus in Yin Suye’s hand, they immediately get ready to kill for the loot. After that, Yin Suye had a little power outburst, defeated the group of people and managed to safeguard the lotus in the end.


First, let’s not mention that hardly any adventurers would ever come to the Bewitching Misfortune Lake. Even if some did come over, no one would get any thoughts to murder and looting with just a look at a normal-looking lotus. At that moment, Shui Ruoshan felt like crying a river. How come Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus’s growth is so low-key? Something, just something please happen!

Come and prove that this author’s law of fiction is also applicable in parallel world!


To be exact, he should say ‘so that he could still play a role in this world inside his novel!’


What’s there to be amazed?2

Yin Suye hasn’t gotten a chance to ask questions when he noticed a white figure shooting out from the bushes, quickly attacking towards the direction of Shui Ruoshan….

“Be careful!”


Raw Word Count : 1170


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  1. Yin Suye haven’t get a chance to ask questions
    This should be past tense, Yin Sure hasn’t gotten a chance to ask questions

    1. nah, it’s a normal lotus at the moment.
      there shouldn’t be any problem getting it yo, it’s not like the lotus has barrier or anything 😛

  2. MC: *eyes flashes mysteriously* Mwuahahahaha!! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ
    MC: *points at the white figure* Humpf, I’ve been waiting for you! ლ(`∀´ლ)
    ML: So meng~ *pats his head* ♡(ŐωŐ人)
    The white figure: Where did this little shota come from?
    MC: *gasp* ( ー`дー´) As the author I’ve lost the little face I have left….

  3. The white figure turns out to be a fluffy, cute, playful little beast thinking the shota mc is its playmate.

    That could pass off as a novel plot too *nods*

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