Way of Transmigration Chapter 37

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three seven – Not a child

“We have arrived.”

Yin Suye softly called out when he looked at the drowsy little guy in his arms.


The moment he heard that they have arrived, Shui Ruoshan immediately woke up from his drowsy state. He opened his eyes widely to look at this place where he placed a high importance in the later stages of his novel.

The clear lake water, large blooming lotuses swayed along the wind; there would be small animals and birds occasionally resting near the lake or stopping for a drink. So quiet and beautiful. Light fog permeated the space around the lake, making the originally beautiful scenery even more dreamlike; like fairyland on earth.

Shui Ruoshan would never admit that the reason he wrote the scenery to be so breathtaking was because he wanted to make the place as a holy dating location for the protagonist and the heroines. At the same time, he also set up various convenient conditions. For example, level of danger.

Unfortunately, the protagonist has yet to come to this Bewitching Misfortune Lake at the moment so he won’t know anything about how beautiful the scenery was. On top of that, it would be even more impossible for him to bring a beauty for a date here. Instead, this transmigrated him and the villain Yin Suye arrived here first. Thinking about it, how come he felt like something weird is going on ah?


Yin Suye stood outside the perimeter of the lake while hugging Shui Ruoshan. He didn’t enter right away but started to detect for possible dangers first.

Seeing that Yin Suye has stopped walking, Shui Ruoshan started to think back of the novel’s plot regarding the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. As far as he could remember, when he first drafted the story he placed the lotus at the most protected and central location in order to highlight the lotus’s noble status as the king of the other Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotuses.

Actually, the real reason was Shui Ruoshan is too lazy and don’t want to waste much brain cells for a mere lotus flower. That’s why he made it so simple. Using simpler words to describe this, all the other Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotuses except the King wilted due to ‘this reason, that reason’1. In the end, only the lotus king which was situated at the best position survived until now.

[Banana : In case someone get confused, apparently there are a lot of the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotuses mingled with the normal lotuses in the lake. Due to lazy-to-describe reason, all the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotuses died except the lotus king.]


“That little flower right in the center is the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus.”

Shui Ruoshan pointed the direction for Yin Suye. After he got his feet firmly planted on the ground, he slowly smoothened a non-existing wrinkle from his clothing; displaying a cool and strong aura. Slightly lifting his hand up, he slowly pointed to the direction of the lotus using the tone of a professional quack. He constantly reminded himself in his heart, that he would definitely showcase his aura; the more noble and awesome it is, the better he felt.This is to redeem himself back from the shame of almost falling asleep in the man’s arms.

He is very convinced that this body he transmigrated into is too spoiled, that must be the reason why he still felt exhausted even though he didn’t participate in walking at all.


Such a shameful thing would absolutely has no relationship whatsoever with himself!

“Got it.”

Facing this prideful little look from Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye didn’t show any expression on his face but inside he was feeling a gushing adoration in his heart. He can’t help but reached out and rubbed the little guy’s head. Originally he wanted to touch behind his(SRS) neck but considering that the little guy was ticklish, he could only settle for second best thing.

“Do not treat me like a child!”

Shui Ruoshan pouted with his eyes opened widely, then reached out and slapped away that big hand making trouble on his head. Yin Suye is getting more and more intolerable. Not only he(YSY) treated him like a child, his actions were also handling him like a child. This is definitely A.Personal.Attack! He must let Yin Suye understand it clearly what a mistake it is to see him as a child! A moment later, Shui Ruoshan felt that his little universe has completely combusted.

“En, you are not a child!” Yin Suye curved the corner of his lips. Looks like Shui Ruoshan didn’t notice that he is throwing tantrums like what a child would do.


The other party obviously went along with his(SRS) words and agreed, but what did it clearly felt like a tone of someone feeling helpless from indulging a child? And so, the raging demeanor he mustered up earlier has been forcely extinguished. There is no way to communicate at all with this Yin Suye who stubbornly stuck with his own opinions ah!


Shui Ruoshan arrogantly turned away his head. He absolutely don’t want to be petty with ‘someone’, he should concentrate on serious business.

“Quickly go and pluck the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. Remember to pluck the whole stalk, including the roots.”


Although Yin Suye felt that Shui Ruoshan is very cute when throwing small tantrums, he also knew that the current most important thing is to pluck the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus. His feet strongly pushed off from the ground and his whole body shot towards the lotus in the lake like a sharp arrow from a bow. His goal, the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus…

Raw Word Count : 1397


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