Way of Transmigration Chapter 36

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three six – Let’s go for treasure hunt ba

“Yin Suye, let’s go for treasure hunt in the Fog Forest?” Shui Ruoshan looked at Yin Suye with a face full of hope.

Although he doesn’t understand why he felt so sleepy last night that he fell asleep directly without a sign, it didn’t prevent him from saying out what he wanted to say right away the moment he woke up.


Yin Suye quietly looked at the person. He was quite curious to know what kind of new excuses that Shui Ruoshan came out with this time to change his mind?

“One of the ingredients needed to dissolve the master-servant contract is located deep in the Fog Forest.”

Shui Ruoshan raised his hand and stated one of the reasons without hesitation. The existence of the contract placed a strong restriction on Yin Suye so it would be better to dissolve it as soon as possible.

“No hurries.”

Actually, Yin Suye also knows the method to dissolve the contract, just that he never mention it to him(SRS).

There are several precious materials needed to dissolve the master-servant contract. It was not something that can be found in a short period of time. As for as he knows, Huang Beichen from his past life wanted to help a beautiful woman to break away from her master’s control and used a whole year to collect the materials. In the end, he(HBC) managed to help the woman dissolve the contract from that harsh master. On the other hand, before he(YSY) could be sure that he could keep the person(SRS) with him, Yin Suye absolutely won’t allow Shui Ruoshan to dissolve the contract.

“Since we are already inside this forest, naturally we have to take advantage of this opportunity and collect the materials available here.”

Who knows when they will come back to the Fog Forest again?


Yin Suye suddenly had a thought. If he could get a hold of the materials first and destroys it, causing Shui Ruoshan to be unable to gather all the materials in a short time or never ever, does that mean the master-servant contract between them would never be dissolved? Does that mean Shui Ruoshan would have to do as he promised him and stay with him forever? At the same time, he could also indirectly prevent Huang Beichen from gathering the materials as well in the future; preventing him from helping the beautiful slave and obtaining her afterward.

“I also know that there is a heavenly treasure in the Fog Forest that could increase your strength.”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know why Yin Suye was not so enthusiastic towards the dissolving the master-servant contract, it doesn’t prevent him from telling him(YSY) the true reason he wanted to stay in the forest. In [The Strongest King in History], the Fog Forest is a very important place. The protagonist has repeatedly found treasures and fortuitous encounters here. This showed that there are many treasures in the Fog Forest. In the Fog Forest, he knew very clearly where there would be treasures, encounters and also safe areas…
The identity as the author is really a cheat ah! And now, he is ready to use everything he knows to help Yin Suye increase his strength.

Although doing so would destroy some of the protagonist’s opportunities, he has provided enough opportunities and golden finger to the protagonist. Even if he used a part of it now, it wouldn’t affect the protagonist’s chances in getting beauties, recruiting younger brothers, gaining wealth, proclaiming rights and climbing up to the peak of life. The most important matter is, he couldn’t stand the fact that any random little bastard also could easily bully Yin Suye now.

For example, the group of 4 cannon fodders previously that he is too lazy to even describe. Enough is enough ah! This definitely cannot be tolerated!1 In the end, it just brings us to the fact that Yin Suye currently is too weak! To the point where anyone also could step on him!

So, in order to prevent similar things from happening again, Shui Ruoshan felt that it is necessary to open a golden finger for Yin Suye, to make him stronger as soon as possible. As long as Yin Suye could be stronger, to the point where everyone fears him or in awe with him, we’ll see at that time who still dares to bully him!

“You predicted it?”

Yin Suye’s eyes slightly flashed. Although he was reborn, he also knew that there are a lot of heavenly treasures that could increase his strength in the forest. But because he didn’t personally experience the treasure hunting sessions, and only heard it from someone else afterward, he didn’t know what was the exact situation and ways to get the treasures. It is also impossible for him to be a step earlier than other people.


Shui Ruoshan felt the need to give thanks to his identity as an omnipotent Seer. He could always push whatever happened to his identity as a Seer. So useful and convenient!


The corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slowly rose to a gentle curve. The reason for him agreeing with Shui Ruoshan’s proposal to go for a treasure hunt in the Fog Forest was not because of those heavenly treasures that could quickly improve his strength, but because he could feel the good intentions that Shui Ruoshan was thinking on his behalf.

“Then let’s go!”

As he said that, Shui Ruoshan raised his chest and took the lead to walk forward. But he has yet to walk a few more steps when he suddenly stopped. With a face full of frustration towards the Yin Suye behind him, he reluctantly stated his own shortcoming.

“Although I know where is the place, I don’t know the way!”

Wu wu2, this is too shameful. It was not easy to get a chance to show his ability, and now he ended throwing his face away. Is there any more screwed up matter than this? When will he ever establish his image as someone domineering and powerful? This parallel world whatever is really hateful!

“No worries.”

Facing a depressed someone, Yin Suye felt like he should say something at this moment. So, he thought of what to say for a moment then slowly comforted, “I know the way but not the place.”


Should he sigh in relief at this moment? This is great! Fortunately, they just complemented each other (with their information). This way they won’t have to worry about getting lost! But why, not only he didn’t feel comforted, he felt sadder instead?

“Which way?”

Although Yin Suye doesn’t understand why the more he comforted him the sadder that person became, right now he kind of agreed with a saying he heard before. That is ‘Don’t guess a child’s mind’! Thinking for a while, he decided to put Shui Ruoshan’s opinions into action. This might help that person to be happy again.

“Bewitching Misfortune Lake, our target is Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus.”

Shui Ruoshan felt extremely flattered by Yin Suye’s obedience while waiting for his orders. So he stopped despairing over the matter earlier and immediately placed all his enthusiasm into the next adventure.

In the center of the Fog Forest, there is a big lake called Bewitching Misfortune Lake where magic beasts get their drinking water and also their resting place. As long as they pick a good time to go there, they would be able to avoid encountering any major danger. In addition to that, Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus grows in the middle of the lake.

“Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus is in the Bewitching Misfortune Lake?”

According to legend, the lotus only blooms once every 900 years. Not only it is the best material for refining pills, one could also increase their strength to 900 years just by consuming it directly. Yin Suye remembered that that lake has nothing but water and no other valuable thing. That’s why normal adventurer wouldn’t go there for their expedition. It was some days after 5 years that a sudden strong magical wave burst out from the lake. Afterwards, it became the focus of many adventurers.

Unfortunately, everyone went there too late and found nothing. From the traces left at that time, the only thing one could find out was a Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus had appeared in the lake but no one knows who has gotten it.

“Right ah!”

Shui Ruoshan mistook Yin Suye’s insipid recount of the matter as a stunned expression, like it was inevitable. In his heart, he added a thought of despise to the man for fussing over such small matter. Don’t just look at the lotus’s extravagant name and usage, Shui Ruoshan wrote it according to the appearance of a normal lotus.

The Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus looked exactly like an ordinary lotus flower. The only difference between the two is the moment that Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus matured, it will become crystal clear jade-like. Only with this setting that he(SRS) could ensure such a precious and rare treasure will not be discovered by any big parties and large forces who might take the lotus and raise it secretly until maturity. With this, he could make sure that the protagonist could easily reap the benefits.

“The Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus shouldn’t be mature yet, right?”

Even if they go to the lake now, they won’t be able to find the real Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus.
They couldn’t just grab all the lotus there and wait 5 years.

“Don’t worry.”

No one could recognize the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus before it matures. As an author, actually he couldn’t recognise it as well. But he knew where the lotus grew, naturally it would be a piece of cake to find it.

“The lotus is not mature yet. Although it couldn’t be used to refine pills right now, it could still be consumed directly.”

Shui Ruoshan thought for a while before explaining to Yin Suye in detail.

Consuming it directly would reduce the medicinal properties of the lotus and one would have lesser increase of strength worth 100 years, but it was not something unacceptable. Especially for Yin Suye who was in urgent need for strength increase. The lotus might not be the best but it is definitely the most suitable option at the moment. Moreover, he doesn’t want Yin Suye to bump into the protagonist that early because every time he come in contact with the protagonist, Yin Suye would always be the unlucky party. Hence, he brought Yin Suye to search for the lotus in advance so that he won’t encounter the protagonist. According to the draft of his novel, the protagonist went into the Fog Forest 5 years later. And due to his good luck, he managed to come across the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus right in time when it matures and took the treasure.

Towards himself who were able to create such a move, like taking opportunity in one fell swoop, Shui Ruoshan felt like he is very smart. He need to give himself 323 praises for his wittiness ah!


Seeing Shui Ruoshan’s little gloating face, Yin Suye’s mood also became brighter. The next second, he bent down and reached out his hand, pulling the other person into his embrace.

“What are you doing?”

Shui Ruoshan who has yet to wake up from his beautiful fantasy where Yin Suye would worship him for his scholarly skills and strong abilities, when he got the shock of his life.

He is being hugged by Yin Suye?!

“It’s easier for our journey.”4

Yin Suye calmly explained after he got a firm hold of Shui Ruoshan. Even he(YSY) felt strange himself. He actually went from hating human contact to restraining his instinct (to kill) to get along with Shui Ruoshan, to get used to touching Shui Ruoshan, and finally like to be close to Shui Ruoshan. This series of changes is unbelievably fast!

For him, Shui Ruoshan is indeed not the same!

“Still, you don’t have to hold me while walking ah.”

He is a great youth from the 21st century, it’s enough already that he transmigrated into a book. Being treated as a child, fine. He could forgive that. But did he just degraded to a semi-disabled person who has no ability to take care of himself? To the point that he would let other people feel like he needs to be taken care of, just by walking?

“The destination is very far.”

Yin Suye ignored the small struggles from Shui Ruoshan and firmly held him in his embrace.
After that, he glanced at the small arms and legs of the person in his arms before truthfully said.


What kind of gaze was that? Is he(YSY) looking down at his small physique and his tiny strength?

But the most goddamned thing was Shui Ruoshan couldn’t not admit that small people indeed walked slower and gets tired easier. He is indeed someone who would ‘drag hind legs’! His body couldn’t help it, this really hurts(his ego) ah!


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