Way of Transmigration Chapter 35

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three five – Revenge

“Your skill in grilling fish is good. However, there is room for improvement.”

Shui Ruoshan ate several grilled fish in succession until his stomach is full and can’t eat anymore. In order to prevent Yin Suye from getting proud after this praise and stopped improving, his words were quite vague and even carried hints of expectation.


Yin Suye only lightly sounded his agreement after he saw Shui Ruoshan rubbing his own stomach with a satisfied expression. Since Shui Ruoshan hoped that he will improve his skill, then he would do so to satisfy him(SRS).


Suddenly, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t express what kind of complex emotions in his heart. Isn’t Yin Suye a bit too accommodating towards him? Even towards this obviously tsundere request from him, he(SYS) simply agreed just like that. This cause him to feel very moved, but at the same time uneasy.

“Yin Suye, why are you being so good to me ah?”

After a moment of hesitation, Shui Ruoshan still went ahead and asked that burning question from his heart. All those care and good things that Yin Suye has done for him along the way, he will remember each and every one of them. Because he understood (YSY’s personality), he was aware of how good Yin Suye treated him and was even more puzzled from that.

Yin Suye : “You’re worth it.” Worthy for him to use his everything to pamper him(SRS).

He let the question sink for a moment before slowly replying with this 4 words.

Shui Ruoshan : “Thank you!”

Getting a powerful response from Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan’s good-looking eyebrows curved in a pleasant arc and the smile on his face was especially bright. Actually, he owed Yin Suye countless thanks.

He owed his thanks for his(YSY) whole-hearted care towards him, his thanks for his(YSY) time and energy without asking for any repayment from him, and also his thanks for his(YSY) selfless dedication to him…

Yin Suye : “You should rest now.” And not wasting time talking about these inexplicable words.

Actually, this was his first being sincerely thanked to so he was not used to it. Yin Suye turned around with a bit unease, bluntly changing the topic.


Is Yin Suye embarrassed, embarrassed or embarrassed?1 Even though Yin Suye is currently ignoring him and shifted his sight away from him, he(SRS) could still understand that there is a big gap between his current unnaturally stiff body and his usual arrogant cool attitude! Couldn’t fool anyone at all. Looking closely, Shui Ruoshan even found out that the tip of his(YSY) ears has started to turn red?! One can’t help but wondered if Yin Suye ever-deadpanned face would be stained with a faint blush as well.

The image that Shui Ruoshan imagined in his mind caused an irresistible itchiness in his heart. He worried that he would trigger Yin Suye and provoke his anger if he went straight up (to see YSY’s expression). This kind of contradictory feeling of wanting to go forward but couldn’t do it; who can understand?

“Where do you want to rest?”

In order to prevent himself going over from his burning curiosity to see Yin Suye’s embarrassed face, Shui Ruoshan decided to resume their previous topic. He deliberately ask questions in hope that Yin Suye himself would turn around to answer him, that way Shui Ruoshan wouldn’t have to do anything at all. The sky is getting dark anyway, so it is not impossible to rest early.

“This way.”

Yin Suye didn’t look at Shui Ruoshan. He walked directly to a big tree and picked a flat area under it.

After that, he pulled out a tent from his space ring and started to set it up.

“You actually brought a tent with you? Really amazing!”

This person who doesn’t have any food on him, actually brought such a high-level survival tool – a tent with him! This is illogical! But then, taking a chance to speak, Shui Ruoshan managed a quick trod to the front of Yin Suye. He couldn’t give up as long as he haven’t take a look at Yin Suye’s face.


Yin Suye doesn’t know what Shui Ruoshan was planning to do, he was minding his own business with the tent.

If he(SRS) remembered it correctly, this tent was obtained during the time Yin Suye travelled with Huang Beichen. The other party insisted in buying two sets of tent and insisted in giving him one set. Fortunately, they can make use of the tent now.

“You can come in and rest now.”

After Yin Suye finished setting up the tent, he placed a few simple traps and also enchantment barrier outside. Then, he called Shui Ruoshan to come in.


Seeing that Yin Suye has completely returned to normal, Shui Ruoshan was disappointed.
However, he still followed the man to enter the tent.

“Sleep ba.”

Yin Suye sat down at one side of the tent and indicated Shui Ruoshan to sleep beside him.


Shui Ruoshan laid down at the place where Yin Suye specially left for him. Only then he realized that the quilts layered at that area were particularly thick so it was very soft to sleep on. He turned over to Yin Suye, who looked like he didn’t do anything special and decided to silently remember the man’s good point in his heart. Actually, he(SRS) shouldn’t hesitate! For such a good Yin Suye, he(SRS) should do something good for him!

“Yin Suye, I have something to tell you!”

After some consideration, Shui Ruoshan felt that there are some matters that needed to be discussed first so that they have better plans for their next step.

“What you need right now is rest!” Other things can be said later.

He has something to do later so he cannot waste too much time here with Shui Ruoshan. Yin Suye’s voice seemed to be laced with magic, that people couldn’t help but wanted to follow his instructions. His eyes stared at Shui Ruoshan, a faint red light flitted through along with some ominous dark qi…

Being looked so closely by the heterochromia eyes, Shui Ruoshan felt unusually sleepy and his eyelids became heavier…

Upon confirming that Shui Ruoshan has completely fallen asleep, Yin Suye instantly opened his eyes. That pair of eyes with different colors became particularly dangerous under the night light. He used a bit of magic on Shui Ruoshan just now. The only use for that spell is it can let the affected person sleep more deeply and won’t wake up in a short period of time.

The reason why Shui Ruoshan fell for it so easily was because he didn’t have the slightest guard against him(YSY); as he placed a complete trust on him(YSY). Knowing this, Yin Suye’s dark face became better. But he won’t let go of what he intended to do just because his mood turned better. Getting up, he placed a bunch2 of protective barriers around Shui Ruoshan, and those layers were super strong too. After confirming that nothing would go wrong, Yin Suye went out from the tent and quickly headed to one direction.

Yes, he is looking for those four. During their confrontation earlier, he left a special mark at the men. Now he just have to follow the direction of the mark and he would be able to find them quickly. Earlier, he didn’t immediately teach those people a lesson not only because he didn’t want to take action in front of Shui Ruoshan but also because he have no need to be petty with them. In his eyes, the four of them were already dead right from the beginning.


On the other side, after escaping from Yin Suye, the group of four thought that they are safe now.
So while they walked, they started to make plans to return and how to take revenge at Yin Suye; letting Yin Suye regret for everything he did to them tonight. Those four who didn’t realize the incoming danger became more and more excited in their discussions. Their expression looked like they couldn’t wait for it, they seemed to have fantasized how the infamous Yin Suye got beaten up to a pulp by them, and could only humbly beg for mercy under their feet.

“Very happy?”

Suddenly, a voice gloomy to the extreme sounded behind them and instantly broke the beautiful illusion in their minds.

“Yin, Yin Suye?!”

“How could you be here?”

Four of them stared as a slender figure walked towards them from a distance. Those rippling blond hairs and an aura as cold as ice, they couldn’t help but shivered in their heart. That strong killing intent Yin Suye had towards them was very clear, he didn’t even bother to hide it.

“To kill all of you!”

Inside that heterochromia eyes, blood red color started to fill in like a devil has crawled out from Hell.

“Are you not afraid…”

A pity that before the man finished his threatening words, an incoming dagger shredded his throat. In that wide opened eyes, it was filled with disbelief and also the fear of death.


The rest of the men were shocked by Yin Suye’s merciless action, and couldn’t stop trembling.
The look of horror, the thick smell of blood, and also a despaired atmosphere instantly left the remaining three filled with fear. At this moment, they finally could feel how close were they to death, and understood that Yin Suye really wanted their lives. On top of that, they also understood that they have no way at all to resist Yin Suye’s power! For the first time, they regretted provoking this demon Yin Suye!


Yin Suye slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and showed a cruel smile filled with ill intention. On that exquisite face that usually caused other people to sigh in admiration was filled with a demonic expression right now. It was a look of madness like he wanted to drag the whole world down to Hell! One step at a time, he slowly walked to the remaining men. With a proud attitude, he raised his hand and instantly took away the lives of 3 people.

Even when he killed someone, he doesn’t have a single trace of blood on him.
It was clean and beautiful! Using such a godlike and dazzling image to do such a cruel and demonic action, these contradictory elements coming together in one person seemed to be out of place, but it doesn’t make one feel bad!

Yin Suye chose to end this quickly and didn’t slowly torture the four, not because he suddenly discovered his conscience. It was because he must go back before Shui Ruoshan wake up, so he can’t waste too much time here. He immediately rushed back after destroying the bodies. When he saw that Shui Ruoshan was still sleeping deeply, Yin Suye retrieved the cruel expression from his face caused by the killing just now.

He quietly laid beside Shui Ruoshan. Feeling the warm temperature from the person beside him, soft to the touch, Yin Suye’s heart gradually calmed down. He turned his head slightly to the side and reached out to touch Shui Ruoshan’s delicate neck, and feeling the movement of hot blood under the pale white skin. This gave him limitless satisfaction in his heart.

This person belonged only to him!

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