Way of Transmigration Chapter 34

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three four – One request

“You heard what those four said earlier?”

Until the group of four completely disappeared from his sight, Yin Suye slowly closed his eyes to calm down the killing intent caused by them in his heart. When he opened his eyes again, the dark emotions have calmed down. No one could detect the previously bloodthirsty craziness from his expressionless face anymore.


Shui Ruoshan casually rolled his eyes at Yin Suye. He is not deaf, how could he not hear what those four had said in loud voice? Because his attention has been drawn to other places, the matter regarding his unknown irregular heartbeats was thrown to the back of his head. He shifted his concentrate to answer Yin Suye’s questions instead.

“Do you have anything you want to ask?”

Yin Suye turned his head to him, looking very seriously at Shui Ruoshan. Instead of letting Shui Ruoshan take a wild guess at the matter, it would be better to directly show him(SRS) the truth.


Shui Ruoshan shook his head. Not because he already knew everything about Yin Suye, but because he didn’t want to open his(YSY) mental scars again.


Yin Suye could clearly see that Shui Ruoshan wasn’t really curious regarding this matter, but he couldn’t help feeling puzzled because of this.

“Because I know everything about you.” Not only he knew everything, he was the one who created all of it.

Since he already told Yin Suye that he(YSY) could trust him, he shouldn’t let Yin Suye down for his(YSY) trust in him. So Shui Ruoshan considered it for a while and decided to say the truth, but he only chose to say half of the truth. As for the later half, he will never tell anyone about it.

“You predicted it?”

A Seer could see the future, present and past. So for Shui Ruoshan to know about his past, this was the first thing that crossed his(YSY) mind.

“Yes.” Shui Ruoshan answered without any expression.

“Your ability as a Seer is very strong!” Stronger than any Seers he has seen before.

He has been paying close attention to shui Ruoshan during their conversation just now. He could clearly see that there were no changes, not even the slightest one when Shui Ruoshan said that he knew everything about him. In other words, Shui Ruoshan could easily predict other people’s fate without paying any price for it.

“It’s alright.1

Shui Ruoshan replied modestly but his eyes were full of pride from the acknowledgment. His attitude in ‘saying something different from what he thought’, combining with his image as a zhengtai(shota), aren’t that an absolute intention to ‘sell meng’?!

“Shui Ruoshan!”

Although he couldn’t bear to break the moment of proudness for Shui Ruoshan, there were some matters that he must seriously caution him about.

“What is it?”

Seeing that Yin Suye called him in such rare serious tone, he became serious as well.

“If you don’t want to get into trouble and danger in the future, do not let others know of your strong prophetic power.”

The stronger one become, the more people will take notice and the more people will try to snatch away. Some extreme people might even try to destroy it if they couldn’t obtain it.


Shui Ruoshan said he was a Seer only because he wanted to give an appropriate identity for himself. But now that Yin Suye reminded him, he found out that he has committed a great mistake! When he first wrote about the setting of this world, for balance purpose, he would set a specific limitation for those with strong powers or special abilities so that they won’t become OP (overpowered). And Seer belonged in the group where they are restricted for their ability. Previously, he casually gave prophecies in the name of a Seer and forgotten such an important thing; displaying his ability with earth-shattering strength, he is really seeking death ah! Or should he say he should be glad that he only showed the abnormal side of him to Yin Suye alone?

“The best way is don’t help other people to predict anything. Don’t even mention your identity as a Seer as well.”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan didn’t object, Yin Suye added a few more requests. This way, he would be the only one who knew about Shui Ruoshan’s specialness. Since God decided to send this variable who matched his wishes, Shui Ruoshan, to him who was reborn, then it means Shui Ruoshan belonged to him. Naturally, everything regarding Shui Ruoshan should be known only to himself! The moment he thought of this, Yin Suye felt an unknown satisfaction.

“Alright, I won’t tell other people about my identity as a Seer.”

If not for his slip of tongue, Shui Ruoshan won’t have to lie to Yin Suye and randomly assumed an identity as a Seer to overcome the crisis. Right now, he understood the potential crisis tied to the identity as a Seer so naturally he won’t continue to use this identity.

“Really obedient!”

As he said that, Yin Suye reached out to touch the back of Shui Ruoshan’s neck. He liked this spot. As long as he could touch this part, he would have the feeling that he has full control over this person in his palm; getting the feeling that this person completely belonged to him!

“Quickly let go, I’m ticklish!”

Upon seeing Yin Suye’s action, he wanted to evade it. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have much martial arts strength. He couldn’t even struggle before the other person touched him, causing him to laugh out loud. He is not a child, so he doesn’t need Yin Suye to coax him like a child. He is not an animal either, so he doesn’t need Yin Suye to smooth his hair like one do to animal. But the most important thing is he is ticklish, so he would laugh until tears come out!

Yin Suye, this small one requested to be spared!


Yin Suye helplessly took his hand back after he saw the little guy laughed until his body shook.
Because if he continued his action, Shui Ruoshan would probably laugh until he collapse onto the ground. It has been a while since he last feel this kind of ‘not up, not down’2 feeling. Should he be happy that Shui Ruoshan didn’t reject his strongly suggestive actions, or should he feel unhappy that Shui Ruoshan is ticklish that he couldn’t proceed to the next step?

“Shui Ruoshan, I can agree with what you said before.”

After some considerations, Yin Suye felt that it is necessary to find ways to restore his strength back to rank of Supreme King3. Although Shui Ruoshan promised that he will not tell anyone of his identity as a Seer, ‘paper couldn’t cover fire’4. Therefore he need to have enough power before Shui Ruoshan’s strength is exposed, to protect him forever.

“What happened ah?”

Shui Ruoshan breathed a sigh of relief when Yin Suye stopped his action. Why is he ticklish? Really unbearable! But at the next second, he looked at Yin Suye in confusion. They were clearly talking about the problem of a Seer’s identity, how come the topic suddenly switched to a totally unrelated topic?

“When I need to use those treasures, I will get it from you.”

One word at a time, Yin Suye said it seriously; like a guarantee, also like an oath.


Although he doesn’t understand why Yin Suye suddenly changed his mind, Shui Ruoshan still displayed a big smile at him. Could it be Yin Suye is treating him as his own now? That’s why he don’t want to be unfamiliar with each other anymore, indicating that he(YSY) will take the initiative to approach him whenever he need something from him. But isn’t Yin Suye’s responding time taking a bit too long? He(YSY) only thought to give him his reply just as he(SRS) is about to forgot about this matter!

“But you need to promise me one thing.”

Yin Suye was very happy that Shui Ruoshan treated him with such a sincere attitude but there were some requirements that he needed to stress on.


In order to prevent himself from ‘being sold and helping the other to count the money’, Shui Ruoshan won’t vainly give his promise to Yin Suye right from the start.

“You need to stay by my side all the time!”

Since Shui Ruoshan belonged to him, he should always stay by his side. Although he has the ability to make Shui Ruoshan stay by his side, he wanted even more for the person to willingly choose to stay.

“Alright, before we dissolve this master-servant contract between us, I will definitely stay by your side.”

Considering that Yin Suye’s ‘reflect arc’5 is quite large and like to jump from topics to topics, Shui Ruoshan gave a thought at everything that happened to them. In the end, he only managed to connect the current topic to the master-servant contract between them.

The master-servant contract is very demanding on the servants. One of it was, without the permission of the master, the servant must not be too far from his master. Otherwise he/she would be severely punished by the contract. So that’s why Yin Suye will worry that he would suddenly went away from him, and wanted him to promise to stay together?

However, Shui Ruoshan subconsciously felt that this is quite ambiguous, so for safety purpose he deliberately added some preconditions. In addition, he is not very familiar with this world that he created; he need someone to help him to integrate into this world. Shui Ruoshan who thought that he found the right answer for the question, simply agreed to Yin Suye’s condition.

“I have already agreed, so why didn’t you say anything?”

Shui Ruoshan saw Yin Suye pursed his lips with a dark face when he(SRS)said alright. He was a bit puzzled. He didn’t say anything wrong just now, right? Why did Yin Suye became unhappy instead?

“Hungry yet? Come and eat something ba.”

Yin Suye didn’t answer Shui Ruoshan’s question, and purposely changed the topic. Then, from the pile of foods left by the group of four, he picked out some delicious and delicate little snacks and placed it in front of Shui Ruoshan. Since he has already agreed to stay with him until the contract is dissolved, then before that happens, he will find a way to make Shui Ruoshan change this term into ‘Forever’.

“I rather not eat the food left by that group of four!”

Shui Ruoshan straightforwardly rejected it. The moment he thought of those disgusting people, he felt like the foods have become hateful as well. He called this ‘hate the house, hate the crows!’

[Banana : A bit too long to explain in tap footnote, SRS actually modify the saying above from 爱屋及乌/ai wu ji wu which means love the house, love the crows. English equivalent would be ‘Love me, love my dog’.]



When Yin Suye saw that Shui Ruoshan really dislike the food, he threw it away with hesitation again. His actions were very extreme. He felt that if Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want it, there’s no need for those food to continue existing.

“I want to grill fish.”

Shui Ruoshan felt that if they didn’t encounter that group of four, he would be eating some fragrant grilled fishes right now. Because he has yet to eat one, he keep having the urge to eat it.


Yin Suye lightly acknowledged it. Without asking further, he turned back to the stream and resumed the unfinished fish catching task…

Author note :

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Raw Word Count : 3281

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Banana: 纸包不住火 – The truth will come out sooner or later. And below is what Google Translate gave me _(;3/

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