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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three three – Wait a minute

“You dared to scold us?!1

The four-person group who was originally gloating at Yin Suye suddenly became furious after they heard those unfiltered harsh scolding from Shui Ruoshan.

“I didn’t name anyone nor said who was acting like a dog, it’s the bunch of you who were too self-conscious. If the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!”

Shui Ruoshan don’t think his tongue is poisonous enough, but he still think he is still skillful in twisting between black and white2.

Shui Ruoshan : “Not wanting to admit it and now blaming me in turn, what a joke!”

Shui Ruoshan definitely won’t admit that he clearly used the word ‘your’ 3 before this. And yet he is using some loopholes in between to show his innocence while trying to anger the men along the way.

Who ask these 4 to start sneering the moment they came over? Plus combining with fact Yin Suye doesn’t like to talk and defend himself, this is simply bullying! As for him, he is not any ‘white lotus’4 or ‘Holy Mother’ who won’t retort back after being scolded! His principle has always been ‘return the attack if bullied’.

“You are seeking death!”

Four of them were flushed with anger from Shui Ruoshan’s words. They never expect anyone to use a righteous tone to say such twisted words to them. This counter-attack ability was more skillfully used than them ah!

“Who dares?”

Yin Suye directly stepped up and blocked in front of Shui Ruoshan, fully showcasing the act of protection. A long sword appeared out of nowhere and turned a beautiful arc in the air before falling stably into his hand. The tip of the sword was pointed at the direction of the 4 man.

“Yin Suye, if you dare to do something to us, our families will never let got of you!”

The status of these people’s families was not low in the capital and they were quite favored in their families too. Hence their arrogant attitudes.

“Even though you temporarily held the status as the son of the Duke, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a little bastard unloved by both of your parents!”

Although Yin Suye’s status was higher than anyone of them, he was a son abandoned by the Duke so naturally they don’t have to give any faces and just bully however they liked.

“Other than having martial skills a bit higher than us, you simply have nothing else!”

They put on the look of someone superior looking down at other people.

“What kind of qualifications do you have to go against us?”

As they say that, their attitude seemed to say ‘You can just stand there obediently and let us bully you. Who knows we might get in a good mood and let lowly people like you go’. Originally, the four of them could be considered as young talents. However, in the same generation, there was someone even more brilliant – Yin Suye. Their brilliance was not very bright to start with so this caused them to be overwhelmed; becoming more and more mediocre. People used to compare them with Yin Suye, and the more they were compared, the worse they became. Over the time, the four of them accumulated resentment and hostility towards Yin Suye.

As the result, when Yin Suye’s status plummeted, they seized every opportunity ‘to throw rocks’ at him. That could be considered a way for them to keep a balance in their heart.

“It’s you guys who doesn’t have the qualifications to go against Yin Suye!”

In Shui Ruoshan’s opinion, comparing those people with Yin Suye would simply degrade him(YSY). At the same time, he realized what was the identity of these hateful people.

‘Group of four’ (四人组 – si ren zu) has almost the same pronunciation with ‘Group of dead people’ (死人组 – si ren zu). In other words, these people were just some cannon fodders used to sharpen Yin Suye’s skills in his novel!

“One has an ugly black face, while the other has a pale sick face. One is a fatty with sexual disorders5 and the other is shorty who cannot lift. This is really a four-man group with personality ah!”

Shui Ruoshan revealed an evil smile, then described the men in detailed.

What is ‘hitting faces’? Shui Ruoshan’s act in revealing other party’s weaknesses and mental scars right in front of them, and without hesitation; that’s what you called ‘hitting face’ ah! Since the position of these four people was just cannon fodder in the story, Shui Ruoshan won’t consider much while writing about them. He went straight to the worst characteristics. Using worser people as comparison, it would bring out the perfection of the villain even better. This is what you call ‘Contrasting beauty’!

“You, you…”

The group of four stuttered on the word ‘You’ for a long time, but in the end they didn’t say anything else. They were not stuttering because their shortcomings were being pointed out, but they were too angered to the point they couldn’t articulate properly. Especially the one Shui Ruoshan described as shorty who cannot lift and the impotent fatty. They were so furious, they almost couldn’t wait to immediately pounce forward and kill Shui Ruoshan.

Actually, they just did that; attacking at the direction of Shui Ruoshan. The only thing in their mind was to eliminate anyone who knew their secret. That way they would be able to keep their secret and won’t become a laughing stock in the circle of aristocrat!

“Courting death!”

Yin Suye’s expression was originally dark, but now it became even worse. His freezing gaze locked on them, the deterrence contained in it could cause infinite fear in their mind. The long sword in his hand gently swayed, bringing a strong flow of air with it and instantly blocked the attacks from the men. One block and the four of them were pushed back from the force.

“Yin Suye, you became stronger again?!” The group of four exclaimed in shock.

The simpler the moves, the harder weakness could be found, and it also showed one’s strength. In the past, the four of them could win over Yin Suye when they joined hands but now, Yin Suye could defeat them in one move. That showed that Yin Suye’s strength has increased very rapidly.

One need to know, Yin Suye was just at level 1 of Profound stage when he left the capital. And the more advanced the level is, the more difficult it is to breakthrough. However, it has just been a few months and Yin Suye’s strength has increased tremendously. This talent of cultivation is so strong that it’s ridiculous!

“Scram or die, choose one!”

Yin Suye’s tone was cold without any trace of emotions, his expressionless face looked ruthless and cruel.

Shui Ruoshan’s eyes at this moment were brimming with stars as he gazed in worship towards the Yin Suye who stood proudly in front of him. That insufferable attitude, those icy ruthless words, that straightforward strength, and disdainful aura like looking down at the world…

Simply too cool to the point that it couldn’t be anymore cooler!

“Let’s go!”

The group of four gave a humph, and finally decided to withdraw. It was very clear that the Yin Suye right now totally has the strength to make them stay, they won’t be stupidly rushing to their death. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Wait until they returned to the capital, they will have ways to get their revenge from Yin Suye.

“Wait a minute!”

Just as the four prepared to turn around and leave, Yin Suye suddenly called out to stop them.

“Are you forcing us to stay?”

The men suddenly became nervous and they vigilantly faced Yin Suye like they are facing a powerful enemy. If Yin Suye really changed his mind and decided to kill them here, they would have to fight for their life. Because if they were really killed here, will anyone from their families know that it was done by Yin Suye? Even if someone managed to investigate the truth, those people won’t necessary will help them take revenge. Even if someone took revenge for them, they still won’t come back to life.

To be able to mix within the circle of nobility, the four of them still have some brains.

Even Shui Ruoshan raised his head too, and looked puzzledly at Yin Suye. He doesn’t understand why he(YSY) changed his mind.

“Leave your food behind.”

Yin Suye stated his request without batting an eye. Those heterochromic eyes coldly stared at the men; it could give people a feeling of limitless pressure, forcing them to do according to what he wanted.


Shui Ruoshan was stunned for a moment. But the next second, countless emotions emerged in his heart. He didn’t think that Yin Suye would still be thinking of taking care of him, and remembered to let him eat delicious food!

“Give you, we will give them all to you!”

The group of four looked visibly relieved the moment they heard Yin Suye’s request; it’s fine if they don’t have to die. Then, they started to take all the food out of from their space ring and placed it neatly in front of Yin Suye. Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t stop them from leaving after putting down the food, they immediately turned around to leave, wanting to escape from the place as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, when the men were about to leave, Shui Rushan called out to stop them from leaving again.

“What do you want actually?”

Even though they are weaker, the men were still somewhat angry from being played like this.

“The options were ‘scram’ or ‘die’. Since you don’t want to die, you should leave by rolling6 away!”

Shui Ruoshan was very clear on how much they bullied Yin Suye in the past. Since there is a chance to teach those people a lesson, Shui Ruoshan naturally won’t let go of this opportunity to help Yin Suye vent his anger.

“Don’t push your luck!”

The color of the men’s face keep changing, and finally couldn’t tolerate it; they wanted to rush towards Shui Ruoshan to argue.

“Want to die? I will fulfil your request.”

With a swung of his sword, Yin Suye stopped the men’s advance towards Shui Ruoshan.


Being surprised by Yin Suye’s aura, the four who were being aggressive just now instantly swallowed back their resentment.

“Then, scram(roll) ba.”

Yin Suye coldly flung his sleeves, not looking at them at all; vividly displaying a look of despise.


After hesitating for a long time, the group of four finally get down on the floor and started rolling away. In their eyes, nothing compares to saving their own life! Clenching their teeth, they swore to carve this shame that Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan gave them into their heart. As long as they found the opportunity, they will let these two taste a life worse than death.

When Shui Ruoshan saw that the men chose to suffer in silence and rolled away, he didn’t feel happy but was filled with worries instead. He saw it very clearly, the resentment in their eyes. He believed that they will never let him and Yin Suye go if they have the chance in the future. Moreover, he also knew very well how these people would create numerous troubles and difficulties for Yin Suye in the future.

“Is it really alright to let them leave just like that?”

Although Shui Ruoshan was not very accustomed to the thought of killing people, he understood that ‘strangling the danger in the cradle’ is the most normal choice. It is definitely not a wise choice to let the four stay alive after they endured insults in order to safely leave the scene.

“Because you are not used to the thought of killing people.”

That was why Yin Suye didn’t went ahead to kill them in front of Shui Ruoshan.


Yin Suye actually held back because of him?!

Upon realizing this point, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt his heart beating rapidly. An unknown indescribable feeling gradually filled his heart…

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