Way of Transmigration Chapter 32

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three two – Poor image

“Someone is coming!”

A moment later, Shui Ruoshan saw 4 young men dressed in gorgeous robes walking out from the forest.


Yin Suye’s tone was not light or heavy so one couldn’t hear the complex emotions contained in it.

The moment when Shui Ruoshan discovered the 4 young men, they were aware of him and Yin Suye as well. They looked obviously stunned but the next second, they became very happy and started to head straight towards them. When Shui Ruoshan saw their expressions, he believed that they were the same as him; excited to see other travellers. Should he take the initiative to say hello to express a friendly exchange?

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to decide what he wanted to do, one of the four people opened his mouth first.

“Everyone, quickly come and see who we bumped into?”

One of the men immediately called out to urge the others to come forward.

“Isn’t this the eldest young master of the Duke’s family, who also known as the Light of Sun, Yin Suye?”

One of them put up an air of arrogance the moment he arrived. Then he exclaimed with a very exaggerated expression after looking at them up and down.

“I just didn’t think that our great genius would actually be in such sorry situation!”

That kind of ‘making mountain out of a molehill’ expression carried an unspoken disdain.

“Such an ugly image like a refugee, really throwing our face as a noble away!”

The men didn’t hide their malice at all.

Shui Ruoshan’s expression cooled down the moment he heard the words from the men. He really doesn’t have much eyes for people1. These 4 people weren’t feeling happy when they saw him and Yin Suye, but was delight to despise them ah!

Moreover, he couldn’t say anything at all. Really hateful to the extreme. Very obvious, these people knew Yin Suye and they were also those kind of people who harboured strong hostility towards him(YSY). At that moment, Shui Ruoshan placed those four into the ‘Enemy’ camp (in his mind). But one thing that he(SRS) couldn’t not admit, Yin Suye’s appearance right now really doesn’t look presentable compared to those men who were clad in bright and colorful attire.

Although Yin Suye has changed away his blood-soaked clothing during the time he(SRS) fainted, his new clothes were those common rough quality clothing. In the eyes of the nobles, it is equal to the attire of civilians. In addition to that, due to Yin Suye rushing directly from the water to protect him, he doesn’t have time to pull down his rolled up sleeves and trouser legs or wear his shoes. His hairs were blown messily by the wind while his whole body has water stains…

Indeed, his appearance really looked unfavorable!

However when he thought of the reason for his sorry look was from trying to catch fish for him(SRS), Shui Ruoshan felt slightly guilty. Because of him, Yin Suye was laughed at by these 4 people so he(SRS) must help this man get his honor back. He might not be able to do anything martial arts wise, but he still could utilise his ‘poisonous tongue’ skill.

“Really uneducated!”

Shui Ruoshan fixed his expression then slightly raised his head. Showing a contemptuous smile and his disdainful eyes to look down on his enemies, he lowered the tone of his voice to try to portray his cold and glamourous noble aura.

“Didn’t your parents educate you that it’s an indecent thing to randomly growl like dogs at other people?”

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