Way of Transmigration Chapter 31

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three one – Someone is coming

Soon, Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye arrived to their destination – beside a stream. Just that Shui Ruoshan didn’t bother to enjoy the environment, as all of his attention was drawn to the reflection in the river. Is this how he looked like now? A cute little shota1 with red lips and white teeth? Although he knew right from the start that his body has shrunk and might have turned into a child, he didn’t know that he would transmigrate into a cute little doll-like child ah!

He almost get melted by his current moe/meng look, even though his original look was not that cute2! It’s a pity he doesn’t plan to go on a sell ‘meng’ route. What he wanted was his original image of glamorous aloofness with high noble aura.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking at Shui Ruoshan staring intently at the reflection in the water, Yin Suye felt kind of puzzled.

“Yin Suye, suddenly I want to eat grilled fish!”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head and angrily looked at Yin Suye. How could the fishes swim so happily in the water while he lamented on his non-existing noble aura? So, right now he is not happy, and started to get unreasonably mad.

“You can eat it?”

In order to avoid any unexpected situation, Yin Suye felt that it would better to confirm clearly first.


Shui Ruoshan replied with certainty but in his heart, he was somewhat uncertain. Because when he thought about it, he prefer to eat roasted meat instead back in his modern time. This time, the reason why he felt nauseous and had a rejection towards meat was entirely because he was unaccustomed to the gore.

In other words, it shouldn’t be a problem if he don’t eat any meat3 now? He is really too clever, to be able to ‘deduce many things from one case’ alright? That means even if they couldn’t bump into anyone now and couldn’t exchange any food, he still could use the excuse ‘can eat other food’ to convince Yin Suye to give up the thought to immediately returning to the capital.

“Alright.” Yin Suye lightly agreed when he saw that Shui Ruoshan’s expression becoming better all of a sudden.

“Then let’s catch the fish together.”

Watching the fishes swimming so carefreely in the stream without any sense of crisis, Shui Ruoshan revealed an ill-intentioned smile.

“No need.”

As he said that, Yin Suye pulled Shui Ruoshan towards the grasses where the surrounding landscape looked quite beautiful. After that, he took a cushion out from his space ring and put it under one of the big trees, indicating that Shui Ruoshan should just sit there and rest.


Upon seeing Yin Suye’s ‘let me do it’ attitude and that he wanted to take a complete charge of the food, Shui Ruoshan reliantly accepted his kindness and lightly smiled. He understood that with his small physique, he couldn’t help anything even if he wanted to. Since Yin Suye has already considered on his behalf, then he(SRS) should just sit there and rest properly. Watching other people busying around is not a bad thing!

After getting Shui Ruoshan properly seated, Yin Suye lowered his body, rolled up his sleeves, took his shoes off, rolled up the leg of his pants, and walked straight into the stream barefooted. His hand stretched out in the water, then precisely flung a fish out to the riverbank….

Sitting at a side, Shui Ruoshan stared dazedly as he watched Yin Suye catch the fishes.

Yin Suye’s expression was focused and persevering, his golden hair swayed gently behind his back, making a beautiful arc. Numerous drops of water fell from his hand as he pulls out from the water, reflecting a soft glow in the air. It caused the man who was standing against the light to look even more dazzling and beautiful; simply a representative for ‘brilliance’.

“Be careful!”

Shui Ruoshan has yet to break away from his dazing when Yin Suye’s voice suddenly sounded. The next second, Yin Suye instantly flew up from the stream and sprinted towards him.

“What happened?”

Seeing Yin Suye standing in front of him and using his own body to protect him(SRS), he(SRS) tensed up as well.

“Someone is coming.”

Yin Suye’s low tone caused people to shiver with fear when he said that; revealing an unusually dangerous atmosphere.

“Finally come across some people, it wasn’t easy!”4

Being well protected behind Yin Suye, he couldn’t see the bloodthirsty and crazy expression from Yin Suye’s face…

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Banana: Raw : 就算原本的他并不萌正太,也差点被自己现在的样子给萌翻了!

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