Way of Transmigration Chapter 30

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero three zero – Talent to lead

“How come we didn’t encounter any travellers even though we have been walking inside this foggy forest for a long time?”

In Shui Ruoshan’s opinion, Yin Suye used him as an excuse to return to the capital, saying that he(SRS) couldn’t eat delicious food if they stayed. If so, he will take this as an opportunity to let him change his mind. As long as they could meet other travellers, Shui Ruoshan believed he could used the wealth he currently possessed to exchange some food and supplies from the other party. He also could inquire about some latest news from them; killing two birds with one stone.

“You want to meet other people?”

Yin Suye has been using his spiritual power to scan their surrounding as they walked, specifically to avoid crowds and dangers. This is also the reason why they didn’t encounter any humans, demons and creatures along the way.

“En. This way, we could exchange good food from the other party.”

One more thing was Shui Ruoshan felt no sense of accomplishment from transmigration because all he saw ever since he came to this world was Yin Suye alone.

“En.” Yin Suye gave a sound of acknowledgement upon seeing a hopeful expression from Shui Ruoshan’s face.

“Where should we go next?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye doesn’t really know how to lead the way, otherwise how come they didn’t meet anyone after so long? But he won’t say such disappointing words to him(YSY), seeing that Yin Suye didn’t give him ‘a bucket of cold water’1 by reminding him that travellers normally bring only dry food and not delicious food.

“Which direction do you want to go?”

Stopping on his track, Yin Suye asked Shui Ruoshan for advice with a serious expression, while retrieving back his spiritual power from their surrounding. It is very easy to search for people using spiritual power, but it would looked too deliberate if they found other travellers right after Shui Ruoshan said he wanted to meet someone. So he passed the decision making to Shui Ruoshan. This Fog Forest is a holy land for adventurers afterall, one doesn’t have to worry they won’t get to meet anyone. As for when, then this will depend on his luck.

“But I don’t know the road!”

Although Shui Ruoshan was very clear of the situation in the forest, it was limited only to the words in the novel. When it comes to the actual situation, he was totally helpless. Their surroundings looked just the same, who can tell which direction from which ah?!

“It’s alright.”

Shui Ruoshan’s worries were not a problem at all in Yin Suye’s eyes.

“Then, I’ll just casually lead the way. But if I accidentally walked to some paths that we are not supposed to, you must warn me ah!” Receiving the encouragement and support from Yin Suye, he felt relieved.


Yin Suye took a step backwards to show that he is ready to follow.

Upon getting Yin Suye’s guarantee, Shui Ruoshan was instantly filled with confidence. He raised his head and observed their surroundings, then picked the most pleasing direction before started walking.

With a pace not slow nor fast, Yin Suye followed closely behind Shui Ruoshan, making sure that the person in front of him is completely covered by his circle of protection.

The Shui Ruoshan who doesn’t know he has been given a complete protection led the way in high spirits, as he fantasized what kind of people they would meet. But as they walked further, Shui Ruoshan’s positive emotions started to sink bit by bit. Probably, he has even lesser talent to lead the way than Yin Suye, maybe2? If not, why didn’t they come across anyone? Not only human, they didn’t even encounter any small animals. What he saw was just trees, and trees!

This is a huge blow!

“There are sound of water over there.”

Just as Shui Ruoshan started to get discouraged and decided to give up, Yin Suye suddenly said and raised his finger towards one direction.


Shui Ruoshan instantly regained his spirit when he heard what Yin Suye said.


Even if he didn’t use his spiritual power to check the surrounding, Yin Suye still could clearly know what’s happening within a radius of 10 meters with his current strength.

“Let us quickly go there ba!”

Without thinking, Shui Ruoshan immediately grabbed Yin Suye’s hand to pull him towards that direction, eager to go to the location. Although they have yet to come across anyone, but at the very least he could get rid of the monotonous scenery of trees while slightly proving his talent for leading the way.

When he first saw Shui Ruoshan reaching out for him, Yin Suye used all his efforts to restrain the instinct to counterattack, then he take that small and warm hand in his hand.

“Let’s go.”

One step forward, it became Yin Suye leading Shui Ruoshan forward instead.


Shui Ruoshan was completely immersed with his thoughts and he couldn’t wait to check out how beautiful the landscape would be. He didn’t notice the momentous unnaturalness from Yin Suye. He was also not aware of the change of leading power between the two of them.


Author note : New characters will finally appear! It’s not easy alright? It seems that Shui Shui can’t stop writing the moment Shui Shui started to describe the interaction between MC and ML! Cannot afford to offend the MC camp ah!

Raw Word Count : 1564


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