Way of Transmigration Chapter 29

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two nine – Setting priorities straight

“Yin Suye, where are you going to go next?”

Shui Ruoshan asked while biting on a piece of fruit, his voice was unclear from all those chewing. The fruit he is eating was given by Yin Suye who specifically went out to look for after knowing that he(SRS) couldn’t stomach the roasted meat. As for those roasted wolf meat, Yin Suye ate a small portion of it and threw away the remaining meat.

Considering that he couldn’t eat meat items for the time being, Shui Ruoshan decided not to express disapproval towards Yin Suye’s wasteful behavior.

“Return to the Imperial capital.”

Yin Suye raised his head to the direction of the capital, his gaze was scarily dark.

Since he was reborn, he don’t have to waste time here. To those who owed him, harmed him, and betrayed him, he wanted to return the debt one by one! He wanted to let them know how horrifying it is to offend him.


Shui Ruoshan was slightly stunned; he immediately understood that Yin Suye is ready to leave the Fog Forest. Going back straight away?

The Imperial capital is the capital for mankind, at the same time it is also the place where Yin Suye was born. Other than that, it is also the stage for his future development. Somehow, Yin Suye’s choice right now is quite different from what he(SRS) set in his draft? According to his setting, Yin Suye spent 3 months inside this foggy forest. After experiencing various life-threatening events, he leveled-up from 1st level Profound stage to 9th level Profound stage; a short gap away from the Imperial stage.

Only then, Yin Suye will return to the Imperial capital. Only with enough strength that Yin Suye would be able to extract himself away from the severe complications happened in the capital, and obtaining the ultimate benefit.

If he let the Yin Suye who has yet to fully upgrade his strength back to the capital, he knows Yin Suye would not be able to beat the older generation. And the other party would eat up him without sparing the bones. Although he doesn’t know if it is due to the impact from his transmigration, he somehow caused Yin Suye to change his mind and the plot has deviated from the original route. But Shui Ruoshan knew one thing, he doesn’t want to let the current Yin Suye who has yet to prepare anything to go back to the capital right now.

“I think you should increase your strength in the Fog Forest first, before returning to the capital.”

At moments like this, Shui Ruoshan felt the need to bring out his attitude as a qualified ‘quack’, flaunt his ‘silver tongue’ to persuade Yin Suye to change his mind.


Very obvious, Yin Suye was very unconvinced by Shui Ruoshan’s words. Although his current strength was in 1st level of Profound stage, his spiritual power has already in Supreme King stage from his past life. In other words, even if he doesn’t cultivate himself, his strength will slowly increase as time goes by1. Even if he worked hard to cultivate, he would only have to do ‘half the work, and receive twice the effect’. If he could use heavenly treasures to increase his power during this period, the speed of his recovery would be a lot faster.

That’s why cultivation right now is completely a waste of time for him.

“I am a Seer, I could see that you are going to be in a crisis and you might lose your life if you are not careful!”

Shui Ruoshan intentionally said it in a serious way, hoping that it will catch Yin Suye’s attention. Seemed to feel that he didn’t state it detailed enough, Shui Ruoshan further added, “As long as you can cultivate for 3 more months, or your cultivation level reaches the 9th level of Profound stage, you could return to the Imperial capital!”

“Are you worried about me?” Yin Suye’s eyes slightly flashed.

In his past life, he really spent 3 months in the Fog Forest to cultivate to the 9th level of Profound stage. But even so, he nearly died in the Imperial capital. However, he is confident that he won’t make the same mistake in this lifetime. He won’t explain these things to Shui Ruoshan though. Because having someone around to comfort you or worry of your safety felt very nice, he couldn’t help wanting to enjoy more of this good feeling; the feeling of being cared by someone else.

“Yes, I’m worried about you!”

Looking at Yin Suye who didn’t seem to have taken in any of his advice, Shui Ruoshan felt angry. Since he(YSY) knew that he(SRS) is worried, then he(YSY) should accept his(SRS) suggestion and let him(SRS) be assured.

“I am very happy.”

Receiving a confirmation, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slightly curved up. There was a faint smile in his eyes.


Shui Ruoshan could feel that Yin Suye is feeling very happy now so he immediately stare at him with hopes, hoping that he(YSY) will give him the answer he wanted to hear.

“Return to the capital, you could eat delicious food.”

Right now, it was very obvious that he couldn’t provide Shui Ruoshan with a good living condition. He couldn’t even let that person to eat well and full. At this point, it caused the Yin Suye who wanted to treat Shui Ruoshan nicely to feel bad. Only by returning to the capital that he could give everything good to Shui Ruoshan.


If he is to follow the normal flow of the current development, at this moment he should be deeply touched by such considerate behavior from Yin Suye?

‘Deeply touched’ your head2 ah!

This is not even a dog blood romance novel, where did these ‘touched’ feeling came from?!

Right now he just wanted to ‘hehe'(laugh without saying anything) at Yin Suye!

At the same time, he wanted to roar at Yin Suye : “How can you compare between eating and your life?!” They are not even at the same category at all, alright?!

Yin Suye, I beg you. Please set your priorities straight when you consider things!

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