Way of Transmigration Chapter 23

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two three – F.O.C Prediction

“Actually, can I give you a prediction, free of charge?”

Shui Ruoshan felt like he is a promoter who was trying to persuade his customers to buy his products. In order to convince Yin Suye that he(SRS) is a Seer, he must prove his identify with strong evidence.


With just one glance, Yin Suye could guess that Shui Ruoshan must have made up some strange things in his mind. But he didn’t speak out (to ease the misunderstanding) and followed along the conversation. Nobody could face a pair of big watery eyes filled with hope and refuse the request.

“Yin Suye, you will become the Supreme King in the future!”

Receiving Yin Suye’s permission (for free prediction), Shui Ruoshan was eager to prove his ability and ended up saying the man’s highest achievement in the future. As soon he mentioned the title Supreme King, Shui Ruoshan then started to realize what he had said. He didn’t seem to have seriously summed up the division of power levels in this world.

When he first decided on the setting, he just divided 天/地/玄/黄1 to 4 stages with 9 levels in each stages.


[Banana : 天(Sky) 地(Earth) 玄(Profound Mystery) 黄(Yellow :v)]


The practitioners from Sky stage are known as Sky practitioners. After one leveled up over the 9th level of Sky stage, they would be called Earth practitioners. Similarly, passing over the 9th level of Earth stage would become Profound practitioner. Lastly, it would be the Yellow2 Imperial practitioner. For anyone who managed to breakthrough the peak of this world’s power system – that is the 9th level of Imperial stage, then he would become the Supreme King.

Furthermore, there would be only one Supreme King in each race.

The leader of the humans is called the Supreme Human King.
The leader of the demons is called the Supreme Demon King.
The leader of the dragons is called the Supreme Dragon King.
The leader of the elves is called the Supreme Elf King.

In order to add more uniqueness to the status of the Supreme King, Shui Ruoshan stated in the novel that each race could only produce one King at one time. Only when the present King passed away that the next King could be born. Otherwise no matter how powerful you are, one would still unable to break through this rule to level up from Imperial stage level 9 to Supreme King stage.

And this is where the title of his novel [The Strongest King in History] came from.

“En.” Endless emotions ran inside Yin Suye’s deep eyes.

Supreme Human King , such a familiar title.

In his past life, he indeed became the one and only Supreme Human King but he still couldn’t avoid being betrayed and found himself utterly isolated.


Shui Ruoshan was speechless that Yin Suye didn’t show any special response after he disclosed this explosive newson him. How could he(YSY) give him such a bland ‘En’?! This reaction doesn’t follow common sense at all! When a normal person heard this exciting news of himself being the future Supreme King, shouldn’t he express a very joyous emotion? Or looked a bit proud? Or being humble, that’s fine too.


At this moment, anyone showing any kind of extreme behavior is not surprising. After all, people would always do some kind of actions they normally don’t do when they are excited. That’s why this kind of unresponsive reaction from Yin Suye is the most unreasonable action ah!

Should he sigh? Could it be that Yin Suye is really a patient suffering from facial paralysis?

He has yet to express his dissatisfaction to Yin Suye for his reaction, when Yin Suye pulled him towards himself.

Shui Ruoshan : “What are you doing?”

Seeing that Yi Suye’s expression suddenly became very serious, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but felt nervous.

Yin Suye : “Are you alright?”

Yin Suye pulled the person to stand in front of him, then began to inspect Shui Ruoshan’s body.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright ah?”

Shui Ruoshan was puzzled by Yin Suye’s actions but at the next moment, he really wanted to tell Yin Suye something. He(SRS) is alright so please don’t casually touch him or he will scream for help from harassment!

“You are indeed special!”

Upon confirming that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any problems, he released him.
Because there was always a Seer hanging around that Huang Beichen who had been going against him, Yin Suye was quite familiar with some information regarding Seers.

For example, the farther the Seer wanted to predict the future, and the stronger is the power, the impact of the action would be even greater…
More preparations needed for the prediction and one would need to pay a greater cost. One wrong move will incur backlash, and might even cause death.

That was also a reason why Seers won’t simply predict something for other people.

At first, Yin Suye thought Shui Ruoshan would give him some random prediction that wouldn’t damage his(SRS) body, so he agreed with curiosity. But then who knew that he(SRS) doesn’t have any common sense at all? He actually picked the most high-leveled prediction that would require the greatest cost; this is too rash! He doesn’t want to lose someone he could finally trust to something unexpected like this.


Not knowing that he has carelessly exposed something about himself, Shui Ruoshan took Yin Suye’s words as compliment without any guilt.


After a careful inspection just now, Yin Suye calmed down when he was certain that Shui Ruoshan didn’t pay the price for giving out such an advanced prediction. Although he was unable to find out what kind of secrets Shui Ruoshan was hiding, he was very clear that Shui Ruoshan is what he described himself; a very special person!


Yin Suye, could you not provide this concise ‘En’ as an answer every time ah?

You are taking too much of a shortcut, alright?!

He had decided that from now on, he will despise this kind of unclear answer!

Raw Word Count : 1596


Banana: The author is too shameless *face-palmed* Took the words right out from the Thousand Character Text (千字文). This is like you pick the first 4 words from the first page of a dictionary :v Here’s the WIKI for this Thousand Character Text, read it and you will understand what I’m talking about.

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