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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight three – Continuation 8 : Identifying oneself

“Do you have proof of entry?”

Since the demon soldiers are just doing his job, Shui Ruoshan certainly won’t blame them for no reason. And he is now the demon Supreme King, so he should stand on the demon’s perspective to maintain the rules and order of the demon realm. Hence, after preparing himself in his heart, Shui Ruoshan turned around and mischievously looked at Yin Suye. Although he knows that gloating at other’s misfortune is wrong, he will never tell Yin Suye that he kind of hoped that Yin Suye does not have whatever proof of entry, so that he can see him(YSY) being awkward. After that, he shall rescue the Yin Suye in distress like a hero. Ain’t that cool!

“No.” Yin Suye lightly replied, with a touch of pampering and tolerance.

The little guy’s gloating was too obvious that he can’t ignore it even if he wanted to. Since the little guy wants to play, he will accompany him. Anyway, his only task right now is to stay with the little guy and make sure he will always be happy forever!

“Do you need my help?”

Upon hearing that Xiao Yeye really did not have the so-called proof of entry as expected, Shui Ruoshan’s eyes instantly flashed. That expression was only a step away from having the words ‘Come and beg me’ written on his face. If Xiao Yeye doesn’t beg him properly this time, he definitely won’t help out easily!

En, he has a firm stand!

“How can Xiao Ruo help me?” Yin Suye smiled slightly, not paying attention to his little act of ‘throw stones while one is down’.

“Of course, I’ll announce my identity, then introduce you as my guest!” Shui Ruoshan revealed his method right away.

Now that the entire demon realm belongs to him getting someone into his territory is a piece of cake. Since he decided to be the second-generation demon Supreme King, he will naturally follow the principle of ‘loving whatever job one takes up’. That means he won’t miss out on using his identity as the Supreme King!

Yup, he is that professional.

After saying that, he gave Yin Suye a look that says, ‘Such a simple answer, you don’t even know? So stupid’.

“I know your identity, but how can you convince them of your identity?”

Yin Suye raised his eyebrows slightly and pointed out the flaws in the little guy’s method. Even if he wants to cooperate with the little guy and satisfy his self-glorification, that method won’t work. Although the little guy looked almost exactly as Huan Tian, Huan Tian didn’t show himself in the demon realm that much. That is to say, unless it’s those demons who answer directly to Huan Tian, most of the demons only heard about how powerful, great, and perfect of their Supreme King, but they never know how he actually looked like.

Other than that, Huan Tian used his normal adult appearance when he was in the demon realm, so there are even lesser demons who have seen Huan Tian as a child. Yin Suye felt that in the 8 years that the little guy had disappeared, he(YSY) appeared in the demon realm more often than Huan Tian himself. Since this guard in front of him doesn’t even know him(YSY), the Supreme King who often goes in and out of the demon realm, it means that this guard is a newcomer, so naturally, it is impossible for the soldier to know about the little guy, the upcoming demon Supreme King. And those who can recognize the identity of the little guy, generally have a decisive position in the demon realm, that means they generally do not appear at the gate of the Capital. In other words, although the little guy is now the second-generation demon Supreme King, no one at the gate knows about him for now; naturally, he has no privileges here.

“Isn’t my golden pupil the best proof?” Shui Ruoshan blinked innocently.

The golden pupil is the mark of a Supreme King, as long as he could show that, wouldn’t that be fine already?

“You have just returned and may not be able to control your body as you wish.”

Yin Suye’s eyes can’t help but darken; obviously, he still minds the incident when the little guy left him. Even if he knew that his leaving was not voluntary at that time, Yin Suye still could not be completely assured. He never wanted to experience the despair of losing his beloved again, so when he said those words, he didn’t even mention the word ‘leaving’, but his expression was different than usual.

“…” Although Yin Suye was trying to be euphemistic, Shui Ruoshan still understands the true meaning of his words.

This means that he has just transmigrated into this new body, and the degree of integration might not reach 100% yet. Hence, there is a chance that he(SRS) cannot fully grasp the body, and something may go wrong. In other words, he can’t turn his eyes golden whenever he wanted! As it is very likely that something will go wrong in a critical moment! Thinking about that possibility, Shui Ruoshan felt that the mental image is too beautiful, he doesn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

“Then what should you do now?”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t want to be stubborn to try to reveal his identity right now, in case he couldn’t do the ‘golden pupil’ thing. Then not only he will lose his face, but he will also be seen as a liar, so he naturally didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Although you can’t identify yourself for the time being, it doesn’t mean that I can’t identify myself.”

A Supreme King’s identity is a kind of universal pass. This is why Yin Suye didn’t mind the so-called proof of entry at first. His identity will let everyone know that he is the most distinguished guest, no matter where he goes.

“….” Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt that Yin Suye was right! He was speechless!

But the method he figured out was used by others instead, who can understand his feeling right now?


And here he imagined himself as a hero saving the beauty, Yin Suye. All of a sudden, he felt that the scene is so far away, out of reach ah! He already thought to make a significant move this time, why is it so hard to execute?

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