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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight two – Continuation 7 : Proof of entry

As Shui Ruoshan looked at the buildings that are entirely different in style from the humans in the Capital, he could not help turning to Yin Suye to ask.

“This is the Capital city of the demon race?”

Initially, they didn’t plan to come to the Capital city of the demons this soon. They were prepared to proceed slowly while enjoying themselves along the trip, but sometimes expectation just couldn’t reach up to reality.

Who knew that the moment they planned to come to the demon realm, Yin Suye found out about the secret he has been keeping? Hence, Yin Suye made use of a loophole of his words, and then he let Xiao Yeye seize the opportunity to ‘toss’ him around, in the name of making up for the compensation! Thinking of his experience later that day, Shui Ruoshan could only say ‘he shouldn’t look back at the past’ anymore.

The whole thing is just full of tears!

After his honest confession, Yin Suye picked him up on his shoulder without saying a word and went to the nearest inn. He booked a room without hesitation, and then ‘bullied’ him on the bed for 3 full days and nights!!! Yes, you read it right. It was not 1 night, nor 1 day and 1 night, but 3 days and 3 nights! During these 3 days, the things that Yin Suye did on him are really endless!

In one sentence, it’s incredibly insane!

If not for his body is really too immature and unsuitable for the activity, which is the eighth English alphabet1, Shui Ruoshan believes that he will be killed right away, eaten cleanly by Yin Suye! Regarding this matter, he is super convinced of it!

In fact, during the 3 days he was ‘tossed’ to death, he was quite worried that Yin Suye would not be able to restrain himself, that he would disregard everything and starts eating him. Fortunately, his Xiao Yeye’s dignity has not completely gone, so he(SRS) managed to keep the last point of his innocence. That wasn’t easy! But then again, except for the last step, both of them has done everything that can and cannot be done, countless times! Countless times! Countless times! Important thing must be said three times! *falls* What kind of important thing is this?!!

Who can tell him what exactly happened to his Xiao Yeye during the 8 years he left the [Mowu Dalu] Continent? Why did his character suddenly collapse? What’s with this brazen Yin Suye in front of him right now? Where is the original cool and aloof Yin Suye, had gone? Unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan’s question is destined to go unanswered, and he can only find out the answer in silence. After he experienced 3 nights of torment, Shui Ruoshan really had no energy left to enjoy his travel.

Yin Suye realized later on that he might have done a little too much, so he thoughtfully prepared a comfortable carriage for Shui Ruoshan, so that he could stay in the carriage and get proper rest.

Although Shui Ruoshan’s body is fine again a few days later that he could jump around, but as a person with a neet-ing characteristic, Shui Ruoshan felt that even if he is no longer on Earth, he will continue to carry forward the spirit of neet-ing. Hence, he didn’t come out from the carriage along the journey. The carriage that Yin Suye specially prepared for him was too comfortable. Not only the space is large, but also the food and recreational stuff were readily available. Staying inside would not be boring at all. The most important thing is that his family Xiao Yeye will personally serve him in the carriage every day. He has no reason to let go of such good treatment.

And so, he stayed in the carriage all the way to the Capital city of the demon race. After arriving at the demon realm, he walked out of the carriage with his family Xiao Yeye. He must inspect the situation of the demon realm carefully. Although the realm was forcefully given to him by Huan Tian, but now that he has accepted it, he naturally needs to do a lot of work, fulfilling his job as the demon Supreme King!

From what he observed along the way, the living conditions of the demons are no different from the humans. People from all walks of life still have to work hard for their lives. Shui Ruoshan felt that as an upcoming demon Supreme King, he could not understand the living conditions of the demons from the get-go, so he should first obtain the insight from a professional person, then only can he arrange the guidelines for the demons reasonably.

Anyway, he and Yin Suye teleported to the vicinity of the Capital through the demon’s teleportation array, which sent them directly to the entrance of the Capital gate. It was only when they arrived at the gate that they were stopped by the demon soldiers guarding the gates.

“In order to get in and out of the demon Capital, you need to show your proof of entry.” The gatekeepers stopped Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye.

“Why don’t others need it then?” Shui Ruoshan pointed at the demons who could go in and out of the city unobstructed, and then pointed to his own side. It was apparent that he was accusing the soldier of being unfair. Why can others enter the Capital freely, while they need the so-called proof of entry? Differential treatment is bad, do you understand?

“You can go in, but he can’t.” The soldier’s attitude towards Shui Ruoshan was still very good, expressed to Shui Ruoshan that he could go in. However, when facing Yin Suye, his attitude immediately turned different, to show that he won’t let Yin Suye enter the city.

“Why?” Shui Ruoshan blinked.

So it wasn’t him who got treated differently, but Yin Suye! Didn’t expect that the perfect Yin Suye would ever get rejected by other people, that’s rare! It’s just that he couldn’t understand where did the demon soldier’s apparently different attitude come from?

“Because he’s a human.” The soldier pointed at Yin Suye, in a ‘I’m just doing my job’ tone.

Although the demons and humans have now signed a peace treaty, and they no longer hated humans, but this does not mean that the demon realm will have any preferential treatment to humans. If any human beings want to go in and out of the demon Capital, they must first go to the management office to apply for a proof of entry. Only after passing a series of rigorous examinations and obtaining approvals that the demons will grant the proof of entry.

“….” This reason is so logical that Shui Ruoshan cannot refute it at all.

Only now that he came to realise. His current appearance is the same as normal demons, not the human appearance when he first transmigrated, so the demons did not reject him. Should he be grateful that he looked like a normal demon right now? Otherwise, as the demon Supreme King, to be blocked by the soldiers of his own race outside the city gates would be a disaster. If this news goes out, his face will be thrown away to the whole world!

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