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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight one – Continuation 6: It’s good if you understand

After Yin Suye said his thoughts, he lowered his head and stared unblinkingly at Shui Ruoshan. The deep passion that has always been hidden in his eyes were released onto Shui Ruoshan at this moment without reservation.

Even when not meeting Yin Suye’s eyes, Shui Ruoshan can clearly feel Yin Suye’s passion for him. But at this moment, not only he did not look at Yin Suye, but he also slightly turned away his head, clenched his lips, and remained silent. He knew that Yin Suye had been right with his comforting words. However, even if he understood, he couldn’t cross the barrier in his heart right away. Especially in front of the Yin Suye who did not blame him, and has always been nice to him, not only did Shui Ruoshan not feel a slight reduction in guilt, but he felt even more sorry for Yin Suye!

If there’s anyone in the world who knows Shui Ruoshan the most, that person will absolutely be Yin Suye. So after seeing the little guy’s subconscious avoidance behaviour, Yin Suye knew that his previous comforting words were not able to remove the psychological shadow in the little guy’s heart, and he made it even worse as the little guy doesn’t dare to face him even more.

This is not a good sign!

Instantly, Yin Suye’s eyes darkened. It seems that what he said before maybe a little serious, which caused the little guy to not able to catch up with his meaning. Therefore, Yin Suye decided to change to a slower approach and eased his expression.

“Shui Ruoshan, look at me, don’t run away!” Yin Suye turned Shui Ruoshan’s head to face him.

Since persuasion didn’t work, he will switch to a new way to enlighten him. He will have a way to make the little guy change his mindset.


Shui Ruoshan didn’t struggle. Although he obediently followed Yin Suye’s words, his attitude was obviously not very positive.

“Since you can’t figure out some things, listen to me here.”

Yin Suye also knows that it is impossible for the little guy to be more cooperative with him right now, so he doesn’t mind spending more energy working on it. He knows everything about the little guy, and naturally understands why the little guy felt guilty towards him, and also understands what his conflict is. Because of this, solving the problem will be easier for him.

“You think just because you are the God of creation of the [Mowu Dalu] continent, all the misfortunes I suffered are because of you, right?”

Yin Suye didn’t expect the little guy to answer him and continued to talk about this topic.

“That’s right, the people around me were not good to me, but that is their personal feeling and attitude. It is not like you are the one who makes those people maltreat me!”

“But …” Shui Ruoshan frowned, apparently disagreeing with Yin Suye’s theory.

Those people mistreated Yin Suye because of the storyline he written for [The Strongest King in History]! If he didn’t set Yin Suye as the villain, then Yin Suye will not end up getting betrayed! In the end, all the reasons lay with him.

“No ‘but’.”

When Yin Suye looked at the little guy’s expression, he knew that the little guy wasn’t convinced, so he interrupted him by asking, “You think that this world was created by you, so you are responsible for it?”

“I don’t know.” Shui Ruoshan shook his head.

He thinks the reason why he is so conflicted was because he is facing Yin Suye. That’s why he keeps suffering in the thoughts. As for everything else in this world, sorry, he didn’t feel the same. Otherwise, he would not stand on the villain Yin Suye’s side, then ‘pitted’ the protagonist Huang Beichen without any psychological pressure.

“I can tell you right now that your thoughts are wrong.”

Yin Suye did not care what Shui Ruoshan is thinking, but he followed up with much certainty. Then without waiting for Shui Ruoshan to say anything further, he went straight to his point.

“You are the God of creation, so do you have the power as the God of creation?”

“…” Shui Ruoshan’s mouth violently twitched.

What kind of skill does he have? Yin Suye maybe even clearer than him, but asking him right now using roundabout way, isn’t this obviously a mockery towards him? One needs to know, the only advantage he has over the people in this world is just knowing the overall development of the world! In other words, he does not have the absolute strength of the God of creation, like in a novel that could summon rain with a wave of a hand!

“Can you control the thinking and actions of others and make them act in accordance with your will?”

Yin Suye slowly pointed out key points, the fact that Shui Ruoshan is the so-called God of creation is simply not true.

“…” Shui Ruoshan silently rolled his eyes.

Why does Yin Suye always ask questions that he already knew the answer? And he always asks like he is uncertain at first glance? If he(SRS) can control people’s thinking and action, he is really the God of this world! Unfortunately, there is no ‘if’. He has been living a miserable life that he even got schemed by Huan Tian from the beginning, and finally forced to act according to Huan Tian’s wishes. Think of it this way, it seems that his so-called status as the God of creation can’t be anymore failure than this!

“Since you can’t control people’s behaviour, why do you take it upon yourself all the bad responsibilities of others to me?” Yin Suye laid so many points in front of him, and then gradually expressed what he really wanted to say.


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan didn’t know exactly what kind of feeling was in his heart, but he felt very touched. He knows what Yin Suye wants to express to him. Since he can’t control anyone, it is impossible for him to make people do bad things to Yin Suye, so those people’s actions against Yin Suye are their own responsibility, and their behaviour has nothing to do with him. He does not need to be responsible for their actions because that is not his responsibility at all.

“Even if you are the God of creation, and you know the trajectory of the continent, you were not completely clear of it, right? Otherwise, why don’t you know about my rebirth?” Yin Suye saw that the little guy’s resolve is wavering, so he pressed on.

“…” For a moment, Shui Ruoshan felt speechless.

Yin Suye, do you have to talk so sharply? He knew that Yin Suye is persuading him, but it is definitely a provocation in the ears of clueless people! Such straightforward questioning just made people angry!

“Actually you are not the God of creation of this [Mowu Dalu] continent at all. It’s just that the fantasy story you wrote has predicted a part of the continent’s trajectory to some extent, so the coincidence of all this gave you an illusion that you are the creator of this world.”

Yin Suye also seems to know that he has said a bit too much, so he closed his conclusion with a summary to show his views.

“Alright, I admit that you are right!” Shui Ruoshan pondered for a moment, spreading open his hands to show his compromise.

Don’t see that Yin Suye’s words seem right, Shui Ruoshan just know that there are things that don’t make sense with Yin Suye’s theory, but he accepts it because he received Yin Suye’s good intention. On the other hand, Shui Ruoshan has to admit that Yin Suye is indeed the high IQ villain he set in his novel, as he could even make such a profound conclusion. One needs to know, he also realized after reading countless novels that worlds like this current world is real, and it wasn’t born from novels. From various novels on Earth, it was said that authors have unintentionally peeked into the face of another world to be able to start writing about a world in their novel.

“It’s good if you understand.” Seeing that the little guy has temporarily compromised, Yin Suye stopped his aggressive pace and slowed his tone.


Yin Suye didn’t intend to keep talking about this topic, and Shui Ruoshan was relieved. So many unnerving matters, he is also very stressed, a’ight!

“Then let’s discuss what to do about you hiding something so important from me?”

Although the topic has gone a long way, Yin Suye will never forget that the little guy has something to hide from him. Right now should be the time to settle accounts with the little guy.

“I only said it because you promised me that you won’t get angry!”

This time Shui Ruoshan managed to react quickly. It’s about his personal safety, he can’t not respond quickly! But he remembers that before he comes clean, he had Yin Suye to promise him. Hence, he won’t give Yin Suye a chance to break his promise! Don’t think that he will forget about this after talking so much, he is a far-sighted person!

“I’m not angry. I just think that you should compensate me for the wrong things you have done to me?” Yin Suye casually changed his words. He is also very skilled in paraphrasing.

“…” For a moment, Shui Ruoshan felt that he got deeply pitted by Yin Suye!

Yin Suye dare to change the concept so righteously! The most important thing is he can’t refute it at all!! Must you be so unreasonable ah?!

Is it too late to change his lover now?

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