Way of Transmigration Chapter 18

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one eight – Joking

“You are very good!”

Upon confirming that Shui Ruoshan really meant what he said and that the treasures should all belong to him(YSY), a trace of gentleness appeared for the first time in Yin Suye’s eyes. Not because of the mountainous wealth that worth cities, but this sincerity from Shui Ruoshan.

That kind of feeling where someone would give him(YSY) all kinds of good things, and also would put him as someone important at heart, it was surprisingly comfortable and also unexpectedly nostalgic.

With his past experience, Yin Suye doesn’t dare to admit that he is good at appraising other people, but to tell apart the false from the truth, he still could distinguish properly. He has been paying attention to Shui Ruoshan’s expression and behavior.

It was that natural ‘of course’ attitude of his(SRS) make him(YSY) understood clearly that what Shui Ruoshan thought and said were the same. He knew that Shui Ruoshan was not using the tactic of ‘retreating first then advance’ to grab for more benefits for himself.

As expected, he decided to believe in his judgement once again, believe that he didn’t make the wrong decision!

“Of course I’m very good!”

Hearing that Yin Suye has approved him, Shui Ruoshan’s expression didn’t change much although in his heart, he was extremely happy to the point of cheering. His excitement could only be seen from his slightly raised eyebrows.

One need to know, this praise came from the mouth of that villain who never praise someone in a thousand years; absolutely belonged to the category of rare treasure. His sense of accomplishment naturally rose from this praise. Even though he looked calm on the outside, he couldn’t help feeling more and more excited.

If the Shui Ruoshan before transmigration displayed this attitude, combining with his ethereal temperament like a flower blooming in a high peak, then he would give off an absolute aura of a queen. Unfortunately, he transmigrated and has shrunk down. His appearance like a child couldn’t produce any coolness point, he simply couldn’t give off any strong aura. He could only show a cute little proud look in the most vivid expression.

This is a really sad reality!

“You choose first.” Yin Suye moved to one side to give way to Shui Ruoshan.

“No need.”

Shui Ruoshan waved his hand to indicate that he doesn’t need it nor did he wanted it.
He was aware of how important these wealth were for Yin Suye’s future. Not only these were his(YSY) first capital, these also helped him to stand firmly in his family; his betting chips to enter the circle of power.

One could say, these treasures were Yin Suye’s first step on the road to the peak of the world, and also the most critical step.


Yin Suye slightly squinted his eyes to hide the ruthless emotions inside, and only used a strict attitude to pull Shui Ruoshan to stand in front of the treasures; gesturing him to choose.

“…” Shui Ruoshan passively accepted Yin Suye’s arrangement.

Just that this bizarre feeling of someone forcing himself on him(SRS), where did it came from?

Although Yin Suye was putting on a tough stance and make one felt very unfriendly, Shui Ruoshan wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, he felt like the other person was actually bluffing. He could only say this person is really too incapable of expressing goodwill!

Such an uncomfortable character definitely won’t be able to obtain any liking from other people.
No wonder Yin Suye was still by himself right to the end!

“Letting me choose first, would you believe it if I said I want everything here and let you go empty-handed ah?”

Shui Ruoshan intentionally put a fierce expression on his face to express his determination. Who ask Yin Suye to be such an overbearing person. That cause him(SRS) to be unable to stop himself from wanting a revenge on someone’s impulsive decision!


Yin Suye threw a glance at that person who was still trying his best to change his expression. The little person whose expression looked abnormal but cute1 wanted to intimidate him(YSY). Yin Suye could only lower down his gaze as he was afraid to be careless and destroy the solemn expression on his face.

Could it be Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any self-awareness? He simply doesn’t possess any talent for acting at all. He shouldn’t force himself to make such high-level actions! Not only that expression failed to threaten anyone, it gave off a subtle feeling of someone throwing tantrum and wanted to be pampered.

Actually, Yin Suye doesn’t mind giving all the treasures in the cave to Shui Ruoshan since he has decided to believe this person with his everything, he definitely could do it. Just some mere worldly possessions, it’s nothing!

These treasures could help him keep a foothold in the family in the future, but even without those, he could still quickly return to the top of the world with his past memories. This is totally worth it, just by the fact that Shui Ruoshan didn’t let him down!

“…” Alright your head ah!

Shui Ruoshan’s expression turned a bit stiff when he heard Yin Suye answered with a deadpan tone. He was shocked speechless.

Just now, he wasn’t asking for Yin Suye’s opinion at all, alright?!

Yin Suye is really lacking humourous cells in his body! Any normal people would be able to tell that he was joking just now!

Yin Suye, it is wrong to misinterpret other people’s words!

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