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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven six – Continuation 1: Second Generation Demon Supreme King

“Xiao Yeye, are we going to return to the Imperial Capital now?”

When Shui Ruoshan woke up, he found himself being carried by Yin Suye as he walked out of the Fog Forest. Shui Ruoshan enjoyed himself in Yin Suye’s arms, treating Yin Suye as a free transportation. It’s just that compared to Yin Suye who just focused on walking, Shui Ruoshan has more thoughts in his mind.

When Yin Suye said to go home, Shui Ruoshan didn’t think so much at first, but then he remembered that he is now an outsider in the continent and had no assets at all. So, he could only follow Yin Suye to his home now1. And that ‘home’ is obviously the Imperial Capital. However, he started thinking about how the humans and demons were warring at each other when he left, so even if they have ceased fighting now, Shui Ruoshan felt that their relationship right now is definitely not good. Hence, a demon like him following Yin Suye back to the human realm, isn’t it a bit unsafe?

Even if Yin Suye has previously initiated Fate Substitution for him, Shui Ruoshan can’t be sure that after he has changed back to the appearance of a small child, and after so many years have passed, there would be still anyone who can remember that he is the same person from Yin Suye’s Fate Substitution. When that time comes, explaining would be hell! It makes him sad just by thinking about it!

“No, we need to go to the demon realm before we go home.” Yin Suye gently rubbed the little guy’s head, expressing that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have to worry as everything has been properly arranged.

“Going to the demon realm?”

Shui Ruoshan’s eyes widened, as he repeated in disbelief. Although he is a demon right now, he doesn’t know anyone in the demon realm!

“Have you forgotten that Huan Tian has given you the entire demon race?”

Upon seeing the little guy’s doubtful expression, Yin Suye knew that he obviously did not take Huan Tian’s words seriously. Knowing this made Yin Suye feel better a bit after his depression that the little guy couldn’t grow up back to his adult form right now. His little guy only had him in mind.

“I’ve totally forgotten about it!”

Shui Ruoshan rolled his eyes and felt a bit depressed. He was feeling depressed earlier about the pits left by Huan Tian to him. How can he still have the mood to think about other things!

“It’s alright.” Yin Suye reached out and rubbed Shui Ruoshan’s small head. His little guy is still so naive!

“How did Huan Tian want to handle this thing?”

Although Huan Tian left a message in his mind, but he has only mentioned all the matter about the demons in one sentence, Shui Ruoshan can’t understand the situation at all! And because he has disappeared from the continent for 8 years, his news and information were not updated. Therefore, Shui Ruoshan felt that he need to re-examine the situation in detail before making specific arrangements. As expected, he is a good young man with a good plan in his head!

“Huan Tian had already told the demons before leaving, saying that after he left, his son would become the 2nd generation demon Supreme King and will take on the responsibility of reviving the demon race.”

Yin Suye slightly frowned, apparently he doesn’t want to mention this former enemy, Huan Tian, at all. But he can’t help answering the little guy’s question, so he could only repeat what he could recall of Huan Tian’s words, how Huan Tian openly talked about his departure in front of the entire demon race, before making a simple summary in a sentence.


Upon hearing Yin Suye’s answer, Shui Ruoshan’s mind went blank for a moment, he could only coldly ‘hehe’ to express his heartfelt emotion. Huan Tian has already left this world, but even before he(SRS) could transmigrate back here, Huan Tian still wants to take advantage of him. Is this just trying to cause trouble for him? And is the status of a demon Supreme King hereditary? Huan Tian could simply mention a name, and that person would inherit the status just like this? Apart from that, 2nd generation sounds stupid2, a’right?!

“I’m the 2nd generation demon Supreme King?”

Shui Ruoshan inexplicably pointed at himself, with confusion in his eyes. He was very sure that the ‘son’ Huan Tian mentioned is him. After all, he is the only one who has the most direct relationship with Huan Tian in the continent. What he couldn’t understand was why Huan Tian could be so sure that he(SRS) could be the 2nd generation Supreme King? One needs to know, at that time, even he himself couldn’t be sure whether he could transmigrate back successfully, or if he could come back at the right timeline or meet the right person3. One thing he was very uncertain about was whether he could transmigrate back into Huan Tian’s body again…

Because there were too many unknown variables, it means that the results will be very different from expectation. Then, how exactly did Huan Tian conclude that he(SRS) could be the 2nd generation demon Supreme King? Huan Tian is actually just talking nonsense, right? After all, these variables were too big for anyone to guarantee the results, and no one knows whether Huan Tian still alive at this moment after he went back to the past. As long as Huan Tian is alive, there will never be a 2nd generation demon Supreme King in this world. After all, the rule about one living Supreme King in each race is absolute!


There was confusion in Yin Suye’s eyes as if he didn’t understand why the little guy is so shocked by the news.

“Do you think I have the strength of a Supreme King?”

Shui Ruoshan was quite dissatisfied that Yin Suye has yet to reach the level of reading what was on his mind, but he still patiently explain to Yin Suye. Although he still has a lot of cheats, the fact that his strength is his obvious weakness cannot be changed. The first time he transmigrated into this world, he actually worked very hard to cultivate but could only practice up o the Imperial stage. The second he transmigrated, which is now, well, he has just come back. This body can be said to be brand new and has not cultivated before. So, is it really possible for him to become the 2nd generation demon Supreme King?

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