Way of Transmigration Chapter 17

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one seven – Master of calmness

“Finally reached our destination!”

When Shui Ruoshan finally walked to the end of the path and stood in front of the entrance of the stone room, he somehow felt unrealistic. This small path was too easy for him! The path was obviously riddled with danger and yet, he managed to pass by safely as long as he stayed behind Yin Suye.

Watching him(YSY) defeating various traps with a strong posture; the scene of overcoming incoming dangers, they reached the other side just like that.

This actually doesn’t adhere to normal novel’s standard ups and downs ah!

One need to know, when he drafted his novel, Yin Suye was written to undergo deadly1 test here. Then he will finally drag his dying body towards the cave where the treasures are located. Could it be due to him using Incantation to heal Yin Suye and restored his strength, that this hurdle became easy to cross and Yin Suye avoided the destined result of him being in a sorry state with a battered body?

With this thought, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt that his merit was really great. The moment he transmigrated, he already brought the best of luck to Yin Suye!

“Go in ba.” Yin Suye reached out his hand to push the door of the stone room.

Though comparing to his past life, his current life has an extra variable called Shui Ruoshan, nothing else has changed for him. Naturally, he was very clear that there are no more traps behind the door and they could directly enter without fear.

Shui Ruoshan has yet to express his opinion when Yin Suye pushed open the door.
At that moment, he(SRS) was instantly blinded by the golden light emitted from the stone room.

Can anyone tell him what is going on with those piles of gold, silver and treasures in the stone room? This was completely different from the stone room he woke up from!

Not only the gorgeous crystal coffin has disappeared, even the size and layout of the area was completely different! Could it be the small path he came down earlier was not the same with this one ba? But then, reality told him that this entire cave only has 1 path and no forked road.
There was simply no room for mistake at all!

So, where did the stone room that he stayed previously went to?

Fall down! (metaphorically)

Did he went to the wrong set2?

This kind of mystery was full of strange feeling. No matter how you looked at it, this should be a detective novel ah! Only God knows that he clearly wrote the most orthodox xuanhuan/fantasy novel!


Shui Ruoshan was the type of people which the more nervous they get, the less expression would appear on their face. So if one just judge him on the outside, he would definitely be the best performer as the master of calmness.

Back in those days, he(SRS) relied on this trait of his to scare away a lot of people who were not familiar with him. Letting one subconsciously felt like he is a floating cloud in the sky; a flower blooming on the highest point, like an existence which people could only look at him from afar and couldn’t get nearer.

So, even though Shui Ruoshan was feeling very nervous to the point of vomiting, his face still looked serious and unflustered; he could be said looking very calm to the extreme.

“Do you have any opinions regarding these treasures?”

Yin Suye turned around and asked in a very democratic way on how to divide the wealth. Looking at Shui Ruoshan with a serious look on his rigid small face, his(YSY) eyes couldn’t help but softened a bit. This person in front of him was just a small kid after all!

Shui Ruoshan looked very serious. But when this expression was made by a child who looked like he was 13 or 14 years old, it gave other people a lovely impression of a kid trying to act like an adult.

“Opinions? I don’t have any opinions. You can do whatever you like!” Shui Ruoshan firmly replied.

No one could be clearer than this author regarding whose the treasures belonged to.

“Is that really what you think?”

Yin Suye’s sharp and deep eyes looked straight into Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, not allowing him any chances to retreat.

“Of course!” Because he already knew that these treasures belonged to Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan answered back with a direct and natural tone.

“Even if I give nothing to you, you still have no opinion?”

That solid-like gaze seemed like it wanted to see something different from Shui Ruoshan’s eyes.

“These treasures belong to you right from the start!”

Shui Ruoshan silently rolled his eyes at Yin Suye. Yin Suye should be someone who speaks very few words, so what’s wrong this person in front of him who keep confirming the same question for the nth times ah? This big reversal from reticent to rambling, wouldn’t he break the character(OOC) really?

Yin Suye, are you really alright?

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