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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six eight – Follow-up content

After Shui Ruoshan pulled back his runaway thoughts, he began to seriously think about how to go back to the continent [Mowu Dalu]. He transmigrated into the continent because of Huan Tian, and came back because of Huan Tian as well, which means Huan Tian has an extraordinarily deep understanding of this aspect. At the same time, Huan Tian also told him something about the key points for his transmigration.

To summarize it, he transmigrated because Huan Tian killed Huang Beichen, which destroyed the progress flow of the continent, leading to the destruction of the whole world. Then he, as the God of creation was summoned to save the plot. The reason why he returned back to Earth is because the progress flow of the continent has somewhat gone back in line with the original trajectory, so this God of creation has completed the task and was kicked back.

Can he make a guess here that his transmigration is mainly determined by the cross of a path between the continent [Mowu Dalu] trajectory and his story [The Strongest King in History] plot?
Therefore, if he wants to transmigrate back to the continent, does it mean that he needs to create a different [The Strongest King in History] from the continent’s version? But right now, he is back on Earth, and he can’t contact the people from the continent. So how can he make it so that the continent is different from his story of [The Strongest King in History]? This is the hardest thing to do at the moment!

Looking up, I saw the word document for [The Strongest King in History] still displayed on the computer screen. Shui Ruoshan suddenly remembered Huan Tian’s reminder that only not in the continent that he could have the power of the God of creation. And in order to make Shui Ruoshan help him realize his desire to see Ye Wuhua, Huan Tian did not hesitate to make so many arrangements just to let him transmigrate back to Earth. That is to say, only when he’s back on Earth, he will have the power to create the world. Does this mean that he only needs to type out the words he wants and the continent [Mowu Dalu] will develop accordingly to his ideas? Thinking this way, Shui Ruoshan gently placed his hands on the keyboard, ready to continue writing the novel…

Just that at the next second, as if he suddenly thought of something, Shui Ruoshan took his hand off the keyboard like he received an electric shock. If his guess is true, then whatever he wrote will happen on the continent. How does he count the days from when he transmigrated into the continent? After all, the current content of [The Strongest King in History] is only up to where he wrote before he transmigrated. And now, should he write the story according to the original draft? Or write about what has happened after he transmigrated? Or should he write a story that is more in line with his wishes? The moment he made the wrong choice, the consequences will be unpredictable! He still understands the meaning of the idiom – ‘a tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake’. In case he is careless and changed the trajectories of the continent, the butterfly effect will end up being a tornado instead. When that happened, he won’t have any place to cry! Too many concerns and worries caused Shui Ruoshan to stare at the computer with a worried frown.

“Xiao Ruo!”

Just when Shui Ruoshan was immersed in uncertainties, a very familiar voice suddenly sounded beside his ear. Shui Ruoshan’s spirit felt a shock, followed by a sense of urgency at the depth of his soul! Is that Yin Suye’s voice just now?! The voice seemed very far in the horizon, and yet it also seemed to be ringing beside his ear, he just can’t find the origin of the voice at all.

“Yin Suye, where are you?”

Shui Ruoshan stood up with a jerk and glanced around his still and empty room, his gaze inevitably became lost. He can not help feeling a bit self-deprecating, because he thought that Yin Suye has also transmigrated into his world. Indeed, it was only an unrealistic fantasy of his! However, he was very clear that the voice he just heard is definitely not an auditory hallucination, it is definitely Yin Suye’s voice! Unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan waited for a long time after that, but he could no longer hear any of Yin Suye’s response in his mind. Then he realized that making contact between 2 worlds is not an easy task.

The feeling that shook his soul just now should be from the contract bond between him and Yin Suye. Although the co-death contract is called the most overbearing contract in history, it can’t be that overbearing to be able to ignore the gap between two different worlds. It is already very good that he can sense Yin Suye’s existence, so he can’t ask for more! He should be grateful that fortunately, Yin Suye picked that particularly overbearing co-death contract to bond with him, otherwise with them in two different worlds, they wouldn’t be able to get a connection. The moment he knew that he is still connected with Yin Suye, his heartbeat becomes more stable. At the very least, he knows that his previous adventure is not just a dream but a real existence! As long as it exists, there is hope!

“Yin Suye, wait for me!”

Although he doesn’t know if this sentence can be conveyed to Yin Suye through their contract bond, but at this moment, Shui Ruoshan’s eyes became extremely firm, and he clenched his hands. Yin Suye has always stood in front to protect him in the past, so this time it’s his turn to work hard!

Just that while Shui Ruoshan is still sighing, the house suddenly shook and Shui Ruoshan fell back to his chair. As the lights in the room keep flashing, Shui Ruoshan incredulously stared at the computer. On the screen, he saw the computer suddenly turn dark, then as if something magical is happening, words suddenly appeared one by one on the original still document…

The keyboard on the table was still on the table, and there was any movement on it. This shows that the words on the document suddenly appear in the computer out of thin air! Towards such unscientific things, Shui Ruoshan did nothing and just stared straight at the new words on the document. Shui Ruoshan calmly expressed that he had encountered a transmigration, and even heard a familiar voice just now where the owner of the voice is in another world, hence situation like words appearing out of nowhere on a word document is nothing. He can’t feel anything from this at all!

As the word count increases in the word document, Shui Ruoshan’s look became more relaxed. Because what was written in the document is simply his personal experience in the continent [Mowu Dalu]! So Shui Ruoshan stared at the document closely, carefully reading the content word by word, not willing to blink his eyes…
At the same time, his expressions were also very vividly displayed along with the progress of the plot. Until new words stopped appearing in the word document, Shui Ruoshan then knows that nothing else will be inputted because what could be written down has already been written. The content had stopped just before he transmigrated back to Earth.

Shui Ruoshan reached out and rubbed his sore eyes. Then, looking at the time, he found out that he has been staring at the computer for nearly four hours?! And in those four hours, he counted the word counts, which is not including what he wrote before; more than 400,000 words of content have appeared for no reason! Although it is a happy thing to have content without needing to type it himself, Shui Ruoshan still felt somewhat dissatisfied. He and Yin Suye have experienced so many things, but it only amounted to a short 400,000 words. Shouldn’t it be at least 4 million words? But it doesn’t matter, when he returned to the continent, he will interact more with Yin Suye, so that the content that can be written about them will become much more! Now, he should focus on how to write the follow-up content, right?

Since everything he has done on the continent has already become a part of the text in his computer, it means that those things are already past tense and cannot be modified. Because once the things in the past have been modified, the history will be changed along with it. Hence, even if he really found a way to go back to the continent, the people and things he encountered before may not be the same anymore! There are many things that could become a parallel world with completely different historical processes just from a small change. All in all, if he wants to go back to the continent, he must find a way to solve all kinds of problems on the continent [Mowu Dalu]. Also, for the sake of his life with Yin Suye, he must reasonably handle Huan Tian and Huang Beichen’s problem as well.

Shui Ruoshan thought for a long time in his mind and finally came up with a way to do it. Anyway, as long as he can achieve his goal, he does not care whether the plot will become cliché or have dog blood1 scene. So, Shui Ruoshan put his hands on the keyboard and swiftly typing rapidly…


Raw Word Count : 2700


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