Way of Transmigration Chapter 167

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six seven – Eagerness to do something

Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes and found himself sleeping on the computer desk?! And he seems to have done an extraordinary dream. Thinking of everything that he experienced in the dream, Shui Ruoshan has a feeling like it’s out of this world! Just that his brain has just woken, so he didn’t have much energy to think about what he encountered in his dreams.

Then he raised his head and rubbed his sore neck, and began to look around. Not sure why when he stared at the ever-familiar room, table, chair, plus the familiar arrangement in his room… he can’t help feeling inexplicably strange. When he saw that his computer on the desk was not powered off, Shui Ruoshan touched the mouse gently, and the display suddenly turned on. A word document filled with dense text was opened at the desktop…

It seemed that before he fell asleep, he had just finished typing a chapter and had not had time to publish it? So now he should hurry up and publish the update, right?

Wrong! It shouldn’t be like this!

Seeing the last paragraph of the document, Shui Ruoshan involuntarily read out the description he typed for the villain Yin Suye.

The tall figure holding a sword stood proudly on top of numerous corpses, arrogant and decisive as if he is the Asura drenched in blood! The blood on his body that stained his clothes almost connects with the blood on the ground and the whole world is rendered into a scary bloody red. His brilliant blonde hair was tied high on his head, his eyebrows were sharp and fine, overflowing with a bloodthirsty murderous intent, but at the same time suffused with arrogance and elegance, as if he is a God who can control the death of life. That perfect face as if it was carefully carved out by Heaven, is as cold as a sharp iceberg at the moment; like an icy blade, it gave people stabbing freezing pain all over their body. Against the backdrop of the blood-red, he was like a demon or a God!


It was just a very ordinary description, but Shui Ruoshan could clearly see the scene in his mind as if he had experienced it himself. No, what is ‘as if’ ah?!

*falls down*

That was what he personally experienced! Because that was the scene he saw when he first met Yin Suye!

Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt a little uncertain when he glanced around his room that looked exactly the same before and after he transmigrated. ‘Zhuang Zhou dreamed of the butterfly, or the butterfly dreamed Zhuang Zhou’1, no one knows! [WIKI]

However, he does not believe that there will be such a real dream in the world. After all, he clearly remembers everything that happened to him in the continent [Mowu Dalu]! Although he couldn’t explain how he could stay so long in the continent, but only passed a handful of minutes on Earth, he believed in his judgment. After all, the profound question about time and space has always been unable to explain by scientists, so ordinary people like him are even more unworthy to discuss the principle!

Anyway, he would never believe that the Yin Suye he met in real blood and flesh would be just a fictional character in his novel! But no matter how convinced he was, he can’t find a bit of evidence to prove that his experience during his transmigration is real! This makes Shui Ruoshan feel extremely irritated. Particularly when he does not know how to transmigrate back to the continent!

Yes, compared to Earth, he wants to return to the continent even more. He has chosen the continent over Earth previously, and his choice would not change because of the change of circumstances. The most important thing is the continent has Yin Suye! He obviously has made up his mind and tried to forget everything on Earth, to live with Yin Suye in the continent. But reality has always been so unexpected! He was caught off guard!

He has only been sitting in his own home for a little while, but he has already begun to worry about how Yin Suye is doing now. However, he speculated that Yin Suye should still be alive now, because he did sign that most overbearing contract2 in history with Yin Suye. Although he was forced to transmigrate back to Earth, but since he is still alive, Yin Suye, who was tied to him naturally should be fine! Plus Huan Tian is counting on him(SRS) to let him see Ye Wuhua, so he(HT) will not let Yin Suye die; he (SRS) should be assured!

Even though Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Suye shouldn’t be in danger, he still can’t forget that image of Yin Suye with a big hole in his chest and his entire body stained with blood when he left the continent. For a moment, he really thought that Yin Suye has died. At that moment, his only thought was that he doesn’t have the reason to live anymore! It was then he knew that he was poisoned, and that poison is called Yin Suye!

In fact, he cares for Yin Suye more than he imagined! Or, he should say that he has already placed Yin Suye in the most important position in his heart! Shui Ruoshan felt that he could use the time now to tidy up his feelings for Yin Suye and then make further plans.

It seems he has become greedy after his transmigration, greedy for the tender and gentle love that Yin Suye has given him, that’s why he opened his heart over and over again to Yin Suye! Sure enough, he is a very selfish person. Because Yin Suye is good to him so that he couldn’t bear to let go, and he wanted to hold tightly onto Yin Suye! Yin Suye didn’t catch him, it was he who kept Yin Suye with him, isn’t it?

For example, he always thought that he is a straight man. Facing Yin Suye, who was unconditionally good to him, Shui Ruoshan keeps lowering down his limit bit by bit because he did not want to lose the warmth given by Yin Suye. So even when Yin Suye did embarrassing thing that makes him blush or said something ambiguous, he didn’t refuse and even silently accepted it. Because he didn’t want to break Yin Suye’s hopes, as that would cause him(SRS) to be heartbroken as well! He originally thought that this is not love, but he was wrong! Him always thinking of Yin Suye is actually a kind of love, just that he does not know it himself!

No wonder many people say that his emotional intelligence is worrying, and it seems to be the fact! He promised to be with Yin Suye when he was not even sure of his true feelings and allowed Yin Suye to make further moves on him. His nerves must be really thick to a godly level!

Actually, how everyone expresses their love is different, so he does not have to use other people’s way to measure the way he loves! Just like Yin Suye’s love for him, it was not purely love. It is mixed with various other complicated feelings, such as dominance/possession, redemption, help, care, pampered…
And his feelings for Yin Suye seem to be very complicated as well. It started from heartache to guilt, then wanting to compensate, to be good to Yin Suye, and lastly, complying to all Yin Suye’s needs…

Ain’t his attitude has softened too fast?!

In a way, he has already been bent by Yin Suye in a time he didn’t realize!

Just when did he start to really like Yin Suye? Was it when Yin Suye is willing to sign a co-death contract with him and share everything with him? Or the moment when Yin Suye didn’t hesitate to use his own life to initiate Fate Substitution for him? Or when Yin Suye unconditionally takes care of him?


No, maybe even earlier; he has fallen under the Yin Suye’s pomegranate pants3! He could clearly remember that moment when he has just transmigrated into the continent, and the kind of feeling concealed under fear where his heartbeat stuttered, at first glance he saw the lonely figure standing on top of a mountain of corpses and blood! At that moment, Shui Ruoshan was very clear that he will be inseparable from Yin Suye from there on! Yin Suye has left a lingering figure in his life in his unique way!

Therefore, he must return to the continent! He wants to go back to Yin Suye, then bravely confessed to Yin Suye, telling him that he has also fallen in love with him! Then, their relationship can be changed from sweethearts to lovers! Of course, after determining their relationship, he does not mind having a further relationship with Yin Suye.

Now that he has transmigrated back to Earth, he can just use the rich network of the 21st century to learn more about the ‘ways’ between 2 men. One needs to know, he didn’t even know the meaning of danmei before he transmigrates, but after he came back, he actually had a boyfriend. This kind of development can be said to be an extraordinary leap! When he slowly learned everything about the theoretical knowledge, he can do ‘this’ and ‘that’ to Yin Suye!

Hehe! He couldn’t help feeling a little bit excited about this!

Alright, he seems to have zoned out a little bit too far. He needs to quickly pull back his runaway thoughts! Right now, there is only one thing he has to do, and that is to seriously find a way to go back to the continent!


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