Way of Transmigration Chapter 166

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six six – You don’t have the chance

“Your lover is arriving soon, but why are you unhappy instead?” Huan Tian joked while looking at the seemingly restless Shui Ruoshan.

Just now, his men reported that Yin Suye has brought a small troop with him and is about to attack the palace main hall. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time, but he has to slow down in order to let the progress proceed closer to the original trajectory of the plot. Right now, whether Shui Ruoshan is willing or not to help him see Ye Wuhua, he has the means to make Shui Ruoshan fulfill his wishes. But before that, he doesn’t mind entertaining himself with Shui Ruoshan’s reaction! Who asks Shui Ruoshan’s mood to suddenly fluctuates the moment he(SRS) heard that Yin Suye is about to arrive!

“Never you mind!” Who the Hell still can feel happy at this moment!

Actually, ever since the day their talk about Huan Tian asking to see Ye Wuhua went awry, Shui Ruoshan and Huan Tian didn’t communicate much. Huan Tian didn’t care about the war, he only paid attention to Yin Suye and Huang Beichen’s group sneaking into the demon realm.

Shui Ruoshan is still trapped in Huan Tian’s body, but he also cares about Yin Suye’s situation. Every time he heard the news regarding Yin Suye, he will erect his ears and listen carefully. He prayed to meet Yin Suye but was afraid to meet Yin Suye at the same time. With a small team like Yin Suye’s group, the reason why they can infiltrate the palace is because Huan Tian wanted them to! In other words, there must be a trap here, waiting for Yin Suye to walk in themselves! So as the team led by Yin Suye gets closer and closer to the hall where he is now, the uneasiness in Shui Ruoshan’s heart becomes stronger and stronger.

Also because this palace main hall is where the villain Yin Suye in [The Strongest King in History] meets his death! Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know whether the current situation could once again coincide with the plot of the original novel, even after experiencing countless collapses1. He only knew that he could not let Yin Suye repeat the fate of his tragedy!

This story arranged in [The Strongest King in History] went like this. After the war between the humans and the demons broke out, the humans had won the first victory, but when the Huang Beichen integrated into the demons side and adapted to the rhythm of the battle, the war between the humans and the demons entered a stalemate. Then, Yin Suye led a team of elites to secretly sneak into the demon realm to assassinate Huang Beichen. Unfortunately, this plan was secretly revealed to Huang Beichen by Weiyi2, so Huang Beichen makes use of this mission and trapped them in the demon realm. In the end, Yin Suye could only propose a single match between them to decide final victory for this war between the two races. At that time, Huang Beichen did not want the war to continue, so he agreed to Yin Suye’s proposal.

Due to the battle between 2 Supreme King would cause great damage to the surrounding, they set the location of the duel in the palace main hall. The hall has strong barrier protection, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. In the end, the protagonist Huang Beichen defeated the villain Yin Suye and reached the pinnacle of life!

“They are finally here!”

Huan Tian didn’t expect any reactions from Shui Ruoshan, so he just raised his head towards the entrance. His gaze was as if he could see through the door of the palace main hall. Sensing Yin Suye’s aura slowly approaching, the corner of Huan Tian’s mouth slowly curved up to a charming arc. His intention to deliberately remove the guards outside the hall was not wasted; this is just to let Yin Suye reach them easily.

“They have arrived?!” So fast?

Shui Ruoshan’s eyes flashed, but the next second his gaze immediately became firm. Since this battle cannot be avoided, he(SRS) will be on guard to take action to change the situation!


Just after Huan Tian finished his words, the door of the palace main hall was kicked open with a ‘BANG’ …

Shui Ruoshan looked over, and he could only see the unusually tall figure standing in the middle; his emotions seemed to be a little excited. They have not seen each other for many days; Yin Suye is still looking dazzling as ever! At this moment, Yin Suye stood amid the crowd, but no one could cover up his glory; all of them were there for the sake of being Yin Suye’s background. Even the protagonist Huang Beichen cannot be compared to Yin Suye! His family Xiao Yeye is the best!


“Huan Tian!”

After Yin Suye kicked open the door, he walked straight to Huan Tian. With just a glance, he could tell that Huan Tian is still using the body, and his brows can not help wrinkling. Though he knew that it is not a wise decision to lead a team into the demons’ territory, he can’t stand going through the days where Shui Ruoshan is not around him. It seems that since he met the little guy, they have almost always stayed together. Even when they were separated, it will never be a long time. Not sure if the little guy could take care of himself without him(YSY) helping him? Therefore, in order to get the little guy back from Huan Tian as soon as possible, he can only dangerously venture into the demon realm. Even though by doing this will coincide with his previous experience that gave him bad memories, but for the little guy, he is willing to overcome his trauma. And this time, he has Huang Beichen with him, the past demon Supreme King, so it was much simpler to enter the demon realm. However, he did not expect that their journey into the demon realm is much simpler than the one in the past. Although they did encounter some difficulties along the way, but generally there isn’t any danger.

Yin Suye quickly guessed that it must be that Huan Tian who make it easy for them. Even when he knew that there are traps ahead, Yin Suye did not hesitate to march forward. In any case, he would take the little guy back with him. With Huan Tian’s assistance, they effortlessly head directly to the final destination – the palace main hall.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Huan Tian slowly stood up from the throne, and leisurely smoothed his clothing. Then he unhurriedly raised his head and spared the people a few glances from him. His arrogant attitude clearly told others that he did not put all the people present in his eyes.

“Didn’t see you for a while, you have become stronger!”

Although Huan Tian’s mouth praised the progress of Yin Suye and Huang Beichen’s strength, there wasn’t any appreciation in his eyes, but was clearly full of malice instead.

“Just say it, what do I need to do to make you return Shui Ruoshan to me?”

Yin Suye looked at Huan Tian, who stood at the top of the palace main hall, without any weakness. He doesn’t have any expectation that Huan Tian will give his body to the little guy, so he only hopes that he could retrieve the little guy’s soul back from Huan Tian. As long as the little guy can be by his side, even his(SRS) soul alone is fine! As for the body for Shui Ruoshan, he will definitely find a way to help the little guy solve it no matter how much time and effort it takes. Apart from that, the little guy’s real identity sounded powerful. As the God of creation, Shui Ruoshan should know some methods that others don’t know, hence as long as the little guy is back, there will always be a way around this.

“Should I say that I want your life?”

Huan Tian’s mouth is slightly curved, and endless ridicule could be seen at the bottom of his eyes. From the beginning until now, the things he wanted have not changed at all.

“Since the negotiation failed, we can only fight for it!”

Huang Beichen stepped forward and stood next to Yin Suye, clearly indicating his position. At the same time, his whole body was on alert, and his hand gripped a long sword, so as to guard against the situation that may become complicated at any time.

“Let’s fight then!”

Yin Suye’s eyes deepened and he pointed his sword at Huan Tian, his whole body releasing a murderous aura….
Strong, overbearing, and rushing forward, this is Yin Suye’s style!

Huang Beichen did not expect Yin Suye to attack the Huan Tian without warning. Hence, he could follow suit and immediately attacked with his sword…

“Don’t overestimate yourself.”

Facing simultaneous attacks from Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, Huan Tian did not retreat but swung his sleeves at them. Relying on the force of the swing, he easily unravels the two people’s attack, then forcefully changed the direction of their attack. After that, Huan Tian flung his sleeves again and placed his hands to his side, returning to his usual gloomy and arrogant pose.

Shui Ruoshan did not think that not only Huan Tian did not move even a step, but he also managed to counter without a weapon in hand as well. Using his sleeve ‘to conquer strength with softness’, he managed to easily resolve their attacks?! Towards this absolute strength, Shui Ruoshan could not help but felt more worried about Yin Suye’s situation.

Compared with Shui Ruoshan’s concerns, Yin Suye and Huang Beichen have entered the battle state. They didn’t lose their will to fight because of the ineffective attacks, but burned with a stronger fighting spirit instead! Although the direction of their attacks was forcefully changed by Huan Tian, the two simply exerted power at the tip of their toes and shifted their direction again. They unanimously nodded at each other and struck at Huan Tian once more…

Yin Suye and Huang Beichen fought with each other all the time in the past, so one can say that they know each other best. The moment one move, the other will understand the meaning, expressing the meaning of the idiom ‘The one who knows you the most in the world is your enemy’ to the fullest. They didn’t attack Huan Tian together, but let Yin Suye attack first. When Huai Tian blocked the attack, Huang Beichen’s attack will instantly appear in front of Huan Tian. After that, Yin Suye will return to attack when Huan Tian went to defend against Huang Beichen…

Though the two had never discussed their attack strategy before, nor did they practice it together, their flow was quite tacit. There weren’t any gaps in their attack so that Huan Tian has to keep blocking attacks one after another and had no time to fight back. However, compared to Yin Suye subconsciously holding back his attack (due to SRS), Huang Beichen doesn’t have to care at all. So his(HBC) attacks could be perfectly described in three words – swift, accurate, and ruthless! At the same time, the cooperation between Yin Suye and Huang Beichen is becoming more and more tacit, faster and more accurate from their constant attack…

Taking advantage of one single moment of inattention from Huan Tian, Huang Beichen thrust his sword towards Huan Tian’s face. Although Huan Tian has moved a bit, a shallow blood line still managed to mark his face.

“Seeking death!”

Huan Tian reached out and gently wiped away the blood mark on his cheeks. His face suddenly darkened, and the golden color in his eyes became more dazzling. In the next second, his whole body burst out with a powerful momentum that could destroy the world…
The whole space trembled a few times because of the powerful momentum from Huan Tian, and the air seemed to have thickened. Instantly, the entire main hall was thrown into a pressured space.

Yin Suye and Huang Beichen were directly affected, and their power was suppressed.

“Say, for daring to hurt me, how should I reward you?”

Huan Tian slowly walked toward Yin Suye and Huang Beichen. Every step he took would increase the pressure a bit more.


Seeing Huan Tian is going to harm Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan suddenly shouted out. Although he didn’t believe Huan Tian when he said that his(HT) existence has somehow reached a godly level, but seeing the strength gap between Huan Tian and Yin Suye, he has to admit that it is the difference between God and man! If Huan Tian really wants to deal with Yin Suye, then he(SRS) does not mind dying together with Huan Tian, he has prepared himself anyway!

“Reassured, I won’t do it because…”

Seemed to sense objection in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, Huan Tian stopped on his track, but he did not finish his words and left a lot of space for Shui Ruoshan to overthink. However at this moment, his golden eyes have started to become a bit strange, as his pupils were changing bit by bit to a vertical slit!

“Because what?” Shui Ruoshan has placed all his attention to prevent Huan Tian from attacking Yin Suye, so he did not the changes happening to Huan Tian.

When Huan Tian’s eyes met with Huang Beichen’s eyes, he then slowly continued the second half of the sentence, “Because to kill Yin Suye, I don’t need to take any action at all.”

“Be careful!” Shui Ruoshan watched as Huang Beichen’s eyes suddenly became glazed after looking at Huan Tian, and then immediately turned the sword in his hand to stab Yin Suye, who didn’t guard against him from the back…


Yin Suye didn’t expect that Huang Beichen would attack him behind his back, because there weren’t any killing intent, so his body didn’t have time to react. He was immediately stabbed from the back to the chest, and his entire person was strung up from the sword. Most importantly, that was the exact location of Yin Suye’s heart!

“NO!” Looking at Yin Suye’s body lying softly on the ground, Shui Ruoshan was stunned.

How could his Xiao Yeye be killed so easily?

This must not be true!

Thinking of Huang Beichen’s abnormal state just now, and the difference in Huan Tian’s eyes, Shui Ruoshan immediately thought of the innate talent of the demons, the charm technique. It is said that not only the charm technique be used to seduce the humans, at its highest level, it could also be used to control other beings, making them their obedient puppets. And because Huan Tian is the demon Supreme King, his charm technique will only be more powerful. However, Shui Ruoshan did not think that Huan Tian only needed a glance to make Huang Beichen fall and lose his mind, becoming an obedient piece that attacked Yin Suye without hesitation!

“Huan Tian, I am taking you down with me!”

Seeing Yin Suye not moving on the ground, plus that glaring red color, Shui Ruoshan only felt that the nerve called ‘Reason’ in his mind has snapped. In an instant, he just wants to die with Huan Tian to revenge for Yin Suye!

“You don’t have the chance.” Facing Shui Ruoshan, whose emotions were out of control, Huan Tian only looked calm as he stated the truth.

“What is going on?” All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan felt a sudden strong suction, and his soul is gradually leaving Huan Tian’s body?!


Is his soul slowly disappearing from this world?

Shui Ruoshan was sure that Huan Tian didn’t touch him, so what is this current situation?

“You are just returning back to the world you should be in.” Huan Tian told Shui Ruoshan his guess.

“Return?!” With a feeling that a lighting has struck, Shui Ruoshan instantly felt like the end of the world.

Who can tell him why just when he decides to stay, he was forcefully returned to Earth?


Huan Tian guessed that since Shui Ruoshan transmigrated over due to the mistrajectory of the world, Shui Ruoshan would return when the trajectory of the world has returned to its original route. Since Shui Ruoshan no longer has the reason to stay, he naturally will be returned back to the world where he originally came from. However, before Shui Ruoshan completely disappeared, Huan Tian didn’t forget to state his request.

“Shui Ruoshan, as long as you let me see Ye Wuhua, I will help you save Yin Suye, how about it?”


Shui Ruoshan heard Huan Tian’s condition before he lost consciousness. He agreed right away without any hesitation. As long as he could keep Yin Suye’s life, anything is fine!


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