Way of Transmigration Chapter 158

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five eight – What do you mean

“Shui Ruoshan, this is the second time you threatened me for Yin Suye.”

Huan Tian instantly retracted his attack on Yin Suye, the cold tone in his voice caused people to be unable to predict his true feelings. However, the powerful pressure from him disappeared in the next second, as if the murderous person just now was not him. His soul image in his mind turned around to face Shui Ruoshan with a calm and friendly attitude.

“I am not threatening you, but warning you!”

Shui Ruoshan thought about it carefully and seriously corrected Huan Tian’s words. Although he was trapped in Huan Tian’s body and seems to be helpless, this does not mean that he really has no way to go against Huan Tian. One needs to know, he is the author of this world, and he knows a lot of hidden information. Naturally, he knows some ways on how to make use of the soul image, plus he has a secret method that suits his current soul state. This method is a suicidal one though, as it’s a double-edged sword method that ‘damage self 1000 points while attacks the enemy at 800 points’; it is a method that Shui Ruoshan would absolutely not use until at the last minute. That’s right, this method damages himself more than the other party. This is also why Shui Ruoshan did not want to use this method to threaten Huan Tian. After all, no one wants to die together with the enemy, especially when sacrificing oneself doesn’t equal to the enemy’s death. So he must not act rashly.

If it weren’t for Huan Tian keep pressing on Yin Suye with his attacks, Shui Ruoshan wouldn’t have the courage to face Huan Tian as if he decided to fight to the death. Facing with such a strong and powerful Huan Tian, Shui Ruoshan can’t deceive himself anymore. In the face of absolute reality, he can’t run away! Since he can’t escape, then he needs to be brave! This is why he dared to threaten Huan Tian once more.

“If you say it is a warning, then it’s a warning.”

Huan Tian doesn’t mind Shui Ruoshan twisting his words, and only helplessly shrugged and replied with an indulging tone like he is pampering a child.


At this moment, Huan Tian suddenly became so easy to talk with, that it gave Shui Ruoshan a big pressure! He(SRS) is a very normal person. He really can’t understand Huan Tian’s tempo in ‘flipping his face’1 faster than flipping a book page. What is Huan Tian trying to do? In just a short moment of confrontation, Huan Tian’s face has changed from the previous ‘I’m fine, you’re fine, everyone is fine’, to sudden maxed out killing intent, and lastly to this inexplicable compromisation…

The word ‘crazy’ is not enough to describe Huan Tian’s abnormal behaviour. Could it be Huan Tian is actually a psycho? Otherwise, he really did not know what reason should be used to explain his inexplicable actions. Only psycho is incomprehensible to normal people like him.

“Since you don’t want me to kill Yin Suye now, I won’t kill him first.”

Huan Tian slightly tilted his head and thought for a moment before making some concessions to Shui Ruoshan.

“That’s better!”

Seeing Huan Tian compromised so easily, Shui Ruoshan breathed a sigh of relief. If it’s not the last minute, he doesn’t want to go against Huan Tian to the point of life and death, he(SRS) cherishes his life a lot, alright? But Shui Ruoshan will still stay vigilant. After all, no one can guarantee that Huan Tian won’t change his mind at the next second, he(SRS) naturally needs to be on guard!


“Yin Suye, although I want to kill you now, but for the sake of Shui Ruoshan’s face, I don’t mind giving you more time to live.”

Huan Tian thinks that since he has negotiated with Shui Ruoshan, he naturally has to tell the concerned party about the decision he made. However, it was clear that Huan Tian has ignored Huang Beichen’s existence and only spoke to the Yin Suye who was especially cared for by Shui Ruoshan.

“What did you ask from Xiao Ruo by using me?”

The expressionless Yin Suye suddenly reacted strongly when Huan Tian mentioned Shui Ruoshan. Yin Suye didn’t care for Huan Tian’s goodwill and released a strong hostility towards Huan Tian. He felt that for Huan Tian to suddenly change his mind, it must be because Huan Tian used him to ask for something from the little guy. That’s why Huan Tian would suddenly stop in the middle of the fight. Therefore, he will never accept this result. Even if he dies, he doesn’t want the little guy to concede for his sake!

“No.” Huan Tian didn’t explain and gave a simple response.

“I won’t stop if you don’t make it clear.” In this regard, Yin Suye is not planning to give in. His hand gripped the sword in his hand tightly, and his posture is strung tightly, ready to act at any moment.

“Because I have something to do, so I am going to let you live a few more days. Is this reason alright?” Huan Tian looked very patient at this moment, and he cooperatively gave them another answer.

Just that tone and gesture is too casual, it lets one feel like it’s very perfunctory. Especially the question at the end. It’s clearly telling them that Huan Tian is just using this reason to send them away! However, at the very least, Huan Tian still remembers to include Huang Beichen inside.

“Do you think I will believe it?”

Yin Suye’s tone was full of ridicule. He didn’t show a weak side of him even though Huan Tian’s strength is higher than him.

“Ai! So hard to send away.”

Huan Tian revealed a wronged expression, seemingly dissatisfied with a child’s throwing tantrum attitude. But he doesn’t want to start fighting with Yin Suye again, so Huan Tian thought about it and gave them a new reason.

“What if I tell you that I let you go because of the Lord2, would you believe it?” Huan Tian’s eyes flashed, his lowered eyes concealed his intention to watch a good show.

“What do you mean?”

This time, Yin Suye didn’t show a disdainful look. His brows frowned with a slight wrinkle, revealing a thoughtful look. All of a sudden, Yin Suye inexplicably thought of that time the little guy jokingly told Huang Beichen that he is the Creator of the world. At the same time, he thought of a lot of unusual and different things about the little guy. This let Yin Suye think deeper and he has an intuition that perhaps this time Huan Tian told him the real reason.

“Didn’t Shui Ruoshan told you that he is the Creator in this world previously?”

Huan Tian’s mouth curved up slightly with an evil smile, his eyes were filled with deep malice. His faint expression seems to be silently mocking Yin Suye for not knowing Shui Ruoshan’s secret despite being so close to him!
It’s really full of malice ah!


“How do you know that?!”

Shui Ruoshan can be said to be the one who reacted the strongest to Huan Tian’s words and the one who could not remain calm the most! Compared to the fact that Huan Tian broke the news that he(SRS) is the Creator, Shui Ruoshan is actually more shocked that Huan Tian discovered his identity as a god? One needs to know after he transmigrated into this world, he has never mentioned anything about this world is a novel he wrote. But now the secret that has been hidden in the deepest part of his heart is exposed to Yin Suye, by Huan Tian without any warning. Shui Ruoshan felt inexplicably flustered. What if Yin Suye knows that all his suffering was caused by this irresponsible stepmother3, will he(YSY) resent him(SRS)? At this moment, Shui Ruoshan felt that he could not look directly at Yin Suye! Therefore, he can only vent his dissatisfaction to Huan Tian.

“Rest assured, I didn’t read anything from your soul, and I couldn’t read it either.”

Even though Shui Ruoshan didn’t say it, but from the suspicion of his eyes, Huan Tian can see accusation and doubts, so he understands what Shui Ruoshan is thinking. As if his explanation is not persuasive enough, Huan Tian immediately changed to another explanation.

“You are the Creator of this world, we who were created by you naturally cannot do anything to profane you!”

Don’t think that it’s amazing that Huan Tian can imprison Shui Ruoshan’s soul in his body. It was just because Shui Ruoshan has transmigrated into Huan Tian’s body. Huan Tian is the owner of the body, so he has more control of his body than Shui Ruoshan. Therefore, Huan Tian can use some means to trap Shui Ruoshan in his body. But apart from that, Huan Tian couldn’t do anything else to Shui Ruoshan!

“If you have any doubts or are not satisfied with this, I will explain it to you one by one later. But now, we must first return to the demon realm.”

Huan Tian stopped Shui Ruoshan from continue talking and informed him of his decision. He felt that since he can’t kill Yin Suye and Huang Beichen right now, there’s no point in staying. It is better for him to go back to the demon realm and arrange what he needs to do. Plus he hasn’t returned for a long time, it’s time to go back and see. After he said that, Huan Tian raised his hand to the double sword suspended on the platform, and the Sunlight and Moonlight sword flew directly to his hand.

“Yin Suye, Huang Beichen, I will be waiting for you in the demon realm!”

Huan Tian gently landed on the platform and stabbed both swords into the center of the platform. A strong explosion burst out from the platform. Rays of light completely wrapped Huan Tian’s figure …

After the light disappeared, Huan Tian’s figure had already disappeared from the platform…

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