Way of Transmigration Chapter 148

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four eight – Too naive

“Both of you have quite a good relationship!”

Huang Beichen watched as Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan flirted like no one else is there, and his expression became very complicated. Because even he himself does not know whether he is envious of the good atmosphere between Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan, or he is jealous of Shui Ruoshan for obtaining Yin Suye’s full trust?

“Of course!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t care what Huang Beichen is thinking, and accepted that compliment. Anyway, he knows that Yin Suye is already his, and no one can snatch him(YSY) from him! Even if Huang Beichen regrets it now, he has no more chance!

Facing Shui Ruoshan’s provocative attitude, Huang Beichen only lightly smiled and turned to look at Yin Suye.

“Yin Suye, Huan Tian can now be regarded as our common enemy. Let us temporarily give up the grievances from our past life and work together?”

If Huang Beichen doesn’t have much confidence to persuade Yin Suye to cooperate with him earlier, now that he found out that Yin Suye cares for Shui Ruoshan, he knew Yin Suye would not reject his proposal. After all, Huan Tian’s existence has threatened the safety of Shui Ruoshan’s life.

Yin Suye didn’t immediately give his answer; apparently he still weighing the authenticity of what Huang Beichen said before.

“Yin Suye, I admit that I have wronged you first in the past, so I am willing to make up for my own mistakes!”

Huang Beichen sincerely looked at Yin Suye who was silently contemplating. Although Yin Suye did a lot of bad things as well afterwards, adding to the fact that he(YSY) didn’t intend to be merciful whenever they fought, but the chief culprit who initiated the enmity between them was him, so he is willing to bow to Yin Suye.

In other words, the experience he had gotten from being killed by Yan Ruya without hesitation in his past life made him understand the pain from being betrayed. He also came to understand why Yin Suye was reluctant to explain himself when he was misunderstood in the Fog Forest. Especially after that, he chose to go against Yin Suye due to their different stand. In Yin Suye’s eyes, that is a kind of betrayal. Therefore, he can’t blame Yin Suye for always went for the kill in their fights afterwards. After all, in Yin Suye’s eyes, he was the first one to betray him. Even if everything he did had sufficient justifications, but it was only justifiable from his position, and that is not a reason to betray him(YSY).

“Whether you believe it or not, I have never thought of taking your life in the past!”

Here, Huang Beichen has a deep regret in his eyes. Even though their relationship was already like water and fire, Huang Beichen has never forgotten the days he went for adventures with Yin Suye, and because of this, he never really wanted to kill Yin Suye. It was only at his final battle with Yin Suye that he finally took Yin Suye’s life because he could not retrieve his strength for some reason. Or it can be said that he has never thought that he could so easily hurt the Yin Suye whose power and strength is the same as him.

“I know.”

Seeing that Huang Beichen would be explaining endlessly, Yin Suye coldly interrupted Huang Beichen. Actually, in his last battle with Huang Beichen, Huang Beichen could win so easily because he(YSY) has lost the intention to live on. Moreover, he clearly remembers Huang Beichen’s disbelief and remorseful expression the moment he(HBC) stabbed his sword into his heart(YSY), which showed that Huang Beichen did not really want to kill him. Right now, it was because Huang Beichen still cares for their past feelings, and he(YSY) is also quite concerned of the little guy’s situation, that Yin Suye managed to suppress his emotions and tried his best to talk to this arch-enemy from his past life.

“So are you ready to forgive me?”

Upon receiving a response from Yin Suye, Huang Beichen’s eyes lit up in an instant. He looked at Yin Suye in surprise and asked with some excitement.

Yin Suye’s response to this was the pressure around him started to become lower.

“Do you think it is realistic?”

Sensing that his family’s Xiao Yeye is feeling obviously unhappy, Shui Ruoshan sarcastically retorted on his behalf. On the other hand, Shui Ruoshan felt somewhat unhappy when he looked at proud-looking Huang Beichen. Does Huang Beichen really think that after all the damage he has done to Yin Suye, they can return to being good friends like they did in the past? Too naive! Did Huang Beichen forgotten the part where Yin Suye wanted to kill him right away when they met earlier?! If it wasn’t for his(SRS) current situation is not good, and that Huang Beichen can help them understand this problem, Yin Suye wouldn’t have temporarily ceased fire with Huang Beichen. Therefore, what Yin Suye did was because of him(SRS), and not that the main protagonist Huang Beichen has any special place in Yin Suye’s heart!

En, the truth is like that!

And so, Shui Ruoshan’s mood became a little bit better.


Huang Beichen also knew that his thinking has taken it for granted, so his eyes could not help but darken.

“Huang Beichen, I have a few questions to ask.”

Yin Suye didn’t care how Huang Beichen felt. Since Huang Beichen knows a lot about things he doesn’t know, and Huang Beichen took the initiative to send himself to the door, he(YSY) naturally has to take this opportunity to figure out the things he is unclear of.

“Ask anything!”

Huang Beichen was very cooperative. He has explained so much about himself, that means that he won’t hide anything he knew. And only by explaining the matter clearly, Yin Suye would likely to help him deal with Huan Tian. In fact, Huang Beichen has not experienced the feeling of being so attentive and cautious to someone for a long time, it gave him the feeling that he has returned to the first time he saw the Yin Suye with a cold attitude.

Unfortunately, when he saw Yin Suye’s expressionless eyes, Huang Beichen knew that he and Yin Suye were not likely to return to their close relationship in the past. Yin Suye has displayed his most indifferent attitude, and Huang Beichen could not continue to deceive himself.

“You said that Huan Tian is the demon race’s Supreme King, then what happened to your status as a Supreme King?”

Yin Suye asked the most straightforward question of their problem, compared to Shui Ruoshan, who couldn’t get to the main point with his questions.

There is only one Supreme King (for each race), and this is an unbreakable truth. Even if Huang Beichen is powerful, it is impossible to break into the Supreme King stage when Huan Tian is still the current demon Supreme King. Just like when Wang Batian was still alive, even if he(YSY) is reborn and possessed the spiritual power of a Supreme King, his strength could not break through to the Supreme King stage. Therefore, he used forbidden medicines to forcefully raise his strength. When Wang Batian was gone, his strength finally broke through to the Supreme King stage.

“I transmigrated into the continent [Mowu Dalu] with my own body. My existence is different from any race in this world, so I think I should be someone representing a new race.”

After Huang Beichen knows about Huan Tian’s status as the demon race’s Supreme King, he considered this problem as well. Huang Beichen originally was sure that he is human, but when he thought back of the time he was rejected by the Imperial City’s barrier, he could only accept the fact that he is not a human in the continent. However, Huang Beichen is very clear that he is also not a demon because his true form is actually human. He is nothing like the demons except for his black hair and eyes. As for other races, it is even more impossible. In the end, he can only conclude that because he transmigrated in his own body, and the blood of Han Chinese people flowing in him, he may be judged by the world as a new race. That’s why he could break through to Supreme King stage without any obstacles.


Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt that Huang Beichen’s reason is very good, and he was speechless! In other words, he never expected that his setting for Supreme King in [The Strongest King in History] would have such an obvious BUG. Although he would like to refute Huang Beichen’s words, there is a voice in his heart telling him that Huang Beichen’s speculation is correct!

Someone who transmigrated in his own body is considered an outsider to the continent, and naturally it does not belong to any Supreme King’s race in this world. Therefore, Huang Beichen can become a Supreme King, but never the demon race because he is not a demon! The reason why he(SRS) first set the Imperial City’s barrier to reject Huang Beichen was to make Huang Beichen’s identity as a demon so to strengthen the reason to fight with human Yin Suye. He didn’t think that far so he was caught off guard by Huang Beichen.

If this is just in the novel, this BUG may not be anything. But when the world in the novel becomes a real world, a slight change will affect everything. In order to keep the world in balance, the laws of the world will certainly rationalise every single irrational point. So please don’t tell him that the reason why Huan Tian, the first generation of the emperor, has always been existing was because the world created him to make up for Shui Ruoshan mistakes in the setting. Then he will be depressed to death!

It feels like a moment of unfocused caused him to make a big trouble for himself!

Now, Shui Ruoshan can once again confirm one thing, that is, he and this world are absolutely incompatible! Because this world has been running tirelessly on the road of pitting the author!

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