Way of Transmigration Chapter 147

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four seven – Good mindset

“You mean as Huan Tian’s underling, Yan Ruya killed you just because Huan Tian wants you dead?”

Shui Ruoshan still in disbelief that the heroine killed the protagonist. So, he repeated his question just to make sure that he didn’t hear it mistakenly, or Huang Beichen misspoke.

“En.” Huang Beichen nodded, it was apparent that it was not a good memory for him.


Getting an affirmative answer from Huang Beichen, Shui Ruoshan took a deep breath. In his heart, he Hehe-ed1 twice. This means the plot is being naughty again!

“Something’s wrong! You, a Supreme King, actually died in Yan Ruya’s hand, who is only at level 9 Imperial stage?”

But in the next second, Shui Ruoshan immediately noticed that something was wrong. Even if Huang Beichen didn’t guard against Yan Ruya, they still have a gap in strength between them. It’s impossible for an Imperial stage practitioner to kill a Supreme King even if it is a sneak attack! That’s the only reason why Supreme King is unique2. Because his absolute strength is beyond the mass; besides another Supreme King, time is the only thing that can kill a Supreme King3! So things like sneak attacks, sieges, traps… these tricks can’t do shit to a Supreme King!

“I died from the effect of the co-death contract between Yan Ruya and me.”

Since he decided to open up, Huang Beichen did not conceal the true cause of his death. The ‘mutual life and death contract’ is exactly like its name, it let everyone know that not only this contract can be a good method to save someone, it is also a deadly poison for murder.

That time, Huan Tian wanted Huang Beichen dead, so Yan Ruya didn’t even hesitate to initiate the co-death contract between them and committed suicide. Because of the contract’s effectiveness, Huang Beichen followed Yan Ruya’s footsteps without the slightest struggle. This method can be described as simple, straightforward and effective to the extreme!


Only one sentence appeared in Shui Ruoshan’s mind right now. Huang Beichen, doesn’t it looked like the co-death contract is the reason for both of your success and defeat? He remembered that to highlight the unparalleled sincerity between the protagonist and the heroine, he deliberately arranged a scene where the protagonist is in danger. Then when the protagonist is dying, the heroine upon knowing the situation resolutely decided to sign the ‘mutual life and death’ contract with the protagonist. Moreover in order to exaggerate this atmosphere, Shui Ruoshan used several chapters to describe the male and female lead’s thoughts and feelings, and successfully moved countless readers; making the readers ‘envy the couples, not immortals’.

But now Huang Beichen tells him that he died from that co-death contract. As the author, Shui Ruoshan can only innocently say that the plot’s breakdown is completely out of this author’s control.

“Actually, if Yan Ruya didn’t save me with a co-death contract at that time, I might have already died. To be able to continue living for so many years, I have nothing to complain about.”

Huang Beichen didn’t know why he suddenly has the urge to explain this when he saw Shui Ruoshan’s look of disbelief.

“Good mindset!”

For Huang Beichen to still maintain such a Holy Mother mindset until now, Shui Ruoshan had to give him a thumbs up. Should he sigh that Huang Beichen is indeed worthy of being the protagonist he created with normal 3 views of the world, for such ideological consciousness? It is a pity that although he admires this kind of unselfishness, he does not appreciate them.

“I don’t have such a high level of mindset. Although I have been using that reason to convince myself, it is clear that I have not done it very well!” Huang Beichen faintly laughed at himself.

He wasn’t as indifferent as he showed to the public. In fact, he still had some unwillingness in his heart. Otherwise, he won’t attack right away the moment he saw Shui Ruoshan in Huan Tian’s appearance. Because not only he wanted to avenge his own death, he also hoped that by killing Huan Tian off in advance, perhaps Yan Ruya will not kill him for Huan Tian. Huang Beichen did not doubt Yan Ruya’s feelings for him, but the experience of his previous life told him that Huan Tian’s existence is a completely insurmountable mountain for him! Huan Tian wanted him to die, and he didn’t need to do it himself. One command from him and there would be countless demons who fought to give him everything he wanted! And Yan Ruya is one of those demons! Because there is no other existence comparable to Huan Tian in the demon’s heart! It can be said that Huan Tian is the demon’s only belief and he’s like a god figure to them! Even though he(HBC) has become the demon Supreme King, the entire demon left and turned to Huan Tian the moment he appeared. That’s why he would lose so quickly and so sorrily!

“I have finished my story, don’t you think you should tell yours as well?” Huang Beichen suppressed his low mood and asked.

Even though he understood that this person standing in front of him is not Huan Tian, but Huang Beichen still couldn’t feel any good feelings looking at a young version of Huan Tian.

“I am very curious, how do you know so much about my affairs?”

Huang Beichen’s eyes suddenly turned sharp when he asked this. One needs to know, even the reborn Yin Suye is not aware of Yan Ruya’s cultivation level when she ‘killed’ him. So, it was quite suspicious that Shui Ruoshan can accurately tell Yan Ruya’s strength level at that time. Just now, Shui Ruoshan revealed too many flaws in his conversations, and he seemed to know a bit too much about some things and people. The most important thing is, if Shui Ruoshan really has no special ability, how could he occupy Huan Tian’s body, who is almost a godlike existence?

“It’s not that I know a lot of ‘your’ business, but I know a lot of ‘everything’!”

Shui Ruoshan rolled his eyes at Huang Beichen. He knows the entire story of [The Strongest King in History], not just Huang Beichen, so please don’t be narcissistic!

“Who are you?” Huang Beichen squinted, his eyes looking at Shui Ruoshan was a bit dangerous.

“Just like Yin Suye is reborn, you are not the only one who can transmigrate!”

Shui Ruoshan uttered such a sacred sentence with the tone of a quack.

“Are you a transmigrator?”

Huang Beichen’s language was obviously not taught by a PE teacher4, so he immediately grasped the key points expressed in Shui Ruoshan’s words. The next second, Huang Beichen’s gaze at Shui Ruoshan became a little deep.

He is a transmigrator, but he never told anyone. In his past life, he only mentioned it a few times to his closest people, and he didn’t get into details. So even if Shui Ruoshan is the same as him, but it still can’t explain why Shui Ruoshan knows that he is a transmigrator.

“Even if you are a transmigrator like me, it couldn’t explain how you would know so many things?”

Huang Beichen is not a fool. Being a transmigrator himself, he knows what’s the advantage of being one.

“What if I said I’m the God of creation?” Shui Ruoshan blinked and spoke half the truth.

Actually, for a world where the plot has completely collapsed, he does not know whether this so-called God of creation is legit, but he just suddenly wants to say that. Because he is not explaining this to Huang Beichen, he wanted to use this chance to reveal something he dare not disclose to Yin Suye. For example, this world is actually a book, or that he is the author of this story.

“There is a limit to joking!”

It is clear that Huang Beichen didn’t believe Shui Ruoshan’s rhetoric words. He didn’t struggle in the continent to become a Supreme King for nothing. He knows quite well of the composition of this continent. In this world, the Supreme King is already the highest power in existence. Don’t say that there is a God of creation, this world didn’t even have a God. Shui Ruoshan’s answer sounded obviously perfunctory, so Huang Beichen’s attitude is naturally not good.

“If you don’t believe it, then forget it!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t care how Huang Beichen reacts. He just turned around to look at Yin Suye and found out that his family’s Xiao Yeye has been watching him with a thoughtful expression. Shui Ruoshan suddenly wanted to turn his head away in guilt.

However, Yin Suye obviously doesn’t want to give Shui Ruoshan the opportunity to escape. He reached out and gently lifted Shui Ruoshan’s chin, easily forcing Shui Ruoshan to look at him again.

“Xiao Ruo, don’t you think you have been talking to Huang Beichen a bit too long?”

Not sure if he saw Shui Ruoshan’s guilty conscience or due to other reasons, Yin Suye did not hold onto the topic just now but admonished him about other matter instead.

“I just wanted to figure out the problem so that we can take preventive measures in the future!”

Shui Ruoshan said it with a righteous tone, but in his heart he felt guiltier than before. He ignored his family Xiao Yeye just now while talking to Huang Beichen. Will this make Xiao Yeye mark it down in his book? But he really didn’t mean it. Is it too late to change it now?

“It’s enough that you have me already!”

Yin Suye looked straight at Shui Ruoshan, wanting to convey his seriousness deeply to the other person’s heart. Even if the little guy didn’t ask, he would still investigate everything in detail. After all, he pays more attention to the little guy than Shui Ruoshan himself, and he will never allow things that might harm the little guy to exist!


Shui Ruoshan felt that the current Yin Suye seems to become more and more overbearing. However, he likes this overbearing Xiao Yeye! Sure enough, when facing his family’s Xiao Yeye, Shui Ruoshan cannot be saved anymore! At the same time, he also refused to be saved5!

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