Way of Transmigration Chapter 146

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four six – Yan Ruya

“The Huan Tian I met in my past life is somewhat different from you right now.”

Huang Beichen thought for a while and finally decided to start with Huan Tian’s appearance.


Seeing Huang Beichen is comparing his current appearance with Huan Tian, Shui Ruoshan showed some curiosity. After all, to a certain extent, Huan Tian is him.

“Huan Tian is more mature and perfect than you are right now.”

Huang Beichen searched his mind for better words and ended up with those two words. Although he actually wanted to use the word ‘enchanting’ instead to describe Huan Tian but taking into consideration that a soul called Shui Ruoshan is now in Huan Tian’s body, he changed the adjectives.

“You mean to say that I do not look like the real Huan Tian?”

Shui Ruoshan asked incredulously and reached out to touch his face. His current appearance actually looked quite amazing enough so how perfect would Huan Tian looked?

“Should be.”

Huang Beichen nodded. After a while, he continued to list down the difference between Shui Ruoshan and Huan Tian.

“In addition to appearance, your strength is also different.”

Huang Beichen is now a Supreme King. It is easy for him to see Shui Ruoshan’s ability because his(SRS) strength is obviously lower, but he didn’t clearly point out how wide is the gap between Shui Ruoshan and Huan Tian, for Shui Ruoshan’s sake. As for the character temperament, Huang Beichen did not even mention it. After all, they are two different people and cannot be compared.

“Is there still a seal on this body?”

Being reminded by Huang Beichen, Shui Ruoshan immediately thought of that day at the Imperial City’s gate, which he thought he had released whatever sealed in his body. When he has just transmigrated, this body is a small zhengtai(shota). After unlocking the seal in him, he became a young man, and his strength also grew by leaps and bounds. If it is true like what Huang Beichen said, that there is still a big gap between him and Huan Tian, he suspected that there is not only one seal on his body.


Yin Suye’s train of thought is in line with Shui Ruoshan this time. At the same time, Yin Suye had a faint guess in his heart, that it was because of the seal that the little guy could not sense Huan Tian’s existence. On the other hand, Yin Suye was very concerned about the little guy’s body. The moment Shui Ruoshan mentioned about that, he has already begun to examine his(SRS) physical condition carefully. However, no matter how he checked him(SRS), he cannot detect what is actually wrong with the little guy. Just like the previous incident at the Imperial city’s gate where he did not sense any seal on the little guy, and he didn’t find the problem until the seal was automatically released by the city’s barrier. It seems that this person called Huan Tian is a rather difficult character!


Shui Ruoshan is speechless now. Why is it every time he thought that he has somewhat understood Huan Tian’s identity, some other mysteries will appear? It caused him to be unable to grasp a clear understanding of Huan Tian, this person, no, this demon! Right now, even if someone tells him in the next second that Huan Tian is not the first generation Supreme King, but the god of creation of this world, he would believe it!

Huh? It seems that something is wrong!

He(SRS) is the author of [The Strongest King in History], that is to say, HE is the god of creation of this world! In this case, his Shui Ruoshan should be the noblest presence in the continent. So, what first-generation demon Supreme King, he does not have to look at it! Shui Ruoshan comforted himself with the spirit of Ah Q.1

“Tell me more about the relationship between you and Huan Tian?” After self-ranting, Shui Ruoshan started to ask more questions.

He did not forget about the restraining fear Huang Beichen showed when talking about Huan Tian before, and also the fact that he died indirectly under Huan Tian’s hand. To be able to kill the protagonist, it can only be said that Huan Tian is the biggest villain in the protagonist’s path to success! However, why he suddenly think that his family Xiao Yeye who died under the protagonist’s hand is a little weak?! This must be his illusion!

“Huan Tian is the only demon Supreme King right from the beginning!”

When he said this, Huang Beichen had deep bitterness and self-deprecation. He has body-transmigrated into the continent [Mowu Dalu], but the moment he arrived, he realized he was in the demon realm and was rescued by the demons. The demons also mistook him as a demon because of his black hair. After encountering various rejections and despise from the humans, he gradually became a part of those who are friendly to him.

Later on, he continued to work hard in order to help the demons to live a better life. Moreover, he did not hesitate to even go against Yin Suye and embarked on the road of being enemies. It can be said that for the benefit of the demons, he has given up his human identity and helped the demons to deal with the human race who had been suppressing the demons. After that, he became the demon Supreme King under the expectation of thousands of demons, to lead them to a bright future. However, he will never forget how all the glory he possessed instantly turned into ashes when that demon called Huan Tian appeared. Because everything he did for the demon race means nothing next to an intention from Huan Tian, in the eyes of the demon.

Even when he has become the Supreme King, he still cannot help the impulse of wanting to surrender in front of Huan Tian, not to mention those who have already accepted Huan Tian as their belief! Huang Beichen would never forget the surprise and admiration he has towards Huan Tian the first time he saw him on that sunny day. Huan Tian dressed in black stood against the sun like this, and the surrounding light instantly darkened. It seems that all the light were concentrated on this person; no one can beat that kind of radiance that glows from the inside out. That pair of cold and unparalleled phoenix eyes only have to curve slightly, and it would give out a dazzling magical charm, overwhelming the world… powerful and peerless to the gods! No, not gods, Huan Tian himself is already a god-like existence2!

He has never believed this before, that someone could be so perfect just by standing there and not doing anything. But the moment he saw Huan Tian, he really understood what is peerless!

“I did not ask you about Huan Tian’s identity but how Huan Tian indirectly killed you, a’ight?”

Shui Ruoshan asked again because Huang Beichen didn’t answer the main point. Although it is a bit weird to ask other people how they died, but there isn’t any other way, he’s too curious!

“I died in Yan Ruya’s hand, and Yan Ruya is Huan Tian’s people!” When it came to his death, Huang Beichen’s mood became obviously low. “Or I should say, the entire demon race is under Huan Tian’s hands.”

He has done so much for the demon race, but it is not as good as one word from Huan Tian. The pain in Huang Beichen’s heart can’t be described in words.

“How is this possible?”

Shui Ruoshan subconsciously refuted Huang Beichen’s words when he heard Yan Ruya’s name. Huang Beichen can say that he was killed by a cannon fodder and Shui Ruoshan would not bat an eyelid, but Yan Ruya’s name makes him feel disbelief and unacceptable. One needs to know, Yan Ruya is the female lead in [The Strongest King in History]! In times, Huang Beichen might have many female confidants, but no one can compare with the heroine Yan Ruya. Because Yan Ruya is a perfect goddess who loves the protagonist wholeheartedly, who would take the initiative to stand behind the protagonist and silently do many things for the protagonist!

In the beginning, Yan Ruya saved Huang Beichen, who had just transmigrated into the demon realm and was seriously injured. Later, she carefully took care of Huang Beichen, explained to Huang Beichen the common sense of the continent, and also taught Huang Beichen self-protection skills, magic, and martial arts. Later, when Huang Beichen suffered fatal injuries, she did not hesitate to sign a co-death contract with Huang Beichen, taking the initiative to absorb half of the damage for Huang Beichen, which helped Huang Beichen to survive the mortal danger.

Yan Ruya’s status is not low in the demon realm. She was a great help to Huang Beichen in the early days. Even in the later period, when Huang Beichen’s strength is still growing, Yan Ruya used her powerful strength and means to help the protagonist to solve big hurdles. In other words, without Yan Ruya’s help, Huang Beichen could not stand so firm in the demon and develop so fast.

Of course, a large part of the reason why Huang Beichen will finally choose to stand on the demon’s side was because Yan Ruya is a demon. It can be said that Huang Beichen and Yan Ruya complement each other. After that because of the development between the two’s feelings, they become an inseparable couple. However, now the protagonist Huang Beichen tells him that he died under the heroine Yan Ruya’s hands. Is this a joke? Or is this a joke? Or is this a joke?


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