Way of Transmigration Chapter 145

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four five – [Not putting here since it’s a bit spoiler-ish]

“Huang Beichen, we should talk.”

After confirming that Shui Ruoshan is really fine, Yin Suye finally spared a glance at Huang Beichen. At the same time, in order to express his sincerity for the peace talk, Yin Suye retrieved his pressure.


Huang Beichen softly replied and agreed to the ceasefire. Although he really wanted to immediately eliminate the demon in Yin Suye’s arms, it is now very clear that he has lost the best time to attack. Since his sneak attack didn’t succeed, it’s unlikely for him to kill him(SRS) this time, not when he’s protected by Yin Suye. Moreover, he did not dare to rush out for another attack, because the strange situation that happened to the demon just now also alerted him. In particular, the information revealed in the dialogue between them makes him very thoughtful. Therefore, he can’t rush to get things done before he can figure it out, so to not shoot himself in the foot. That’s why he stopped and watched Yin Suye and the demon talked to themselves.

His original purpose in coming to the Imperial Capital was to resolve the contradiction between him and Yin Suye. Even when he was reborn and there’s a demon between them, his original purpose did not change. In his past life, he came to understand a lot of things by the time he died. He also knew that he was being used many times. The conflict between him and Yin Suye was actually deliberately designed to frame Yin Suye by some people in the dark in order to achieve their goals, letting him misunderstand Yin Suye and causing their relationship to drift farther and farther away. Because of this, Huang Beichen’s aura would weaken a notch whenever he faced Yin Suye. So, Yin Suye asking to talk to him at this moment, he naturally has no reason to disagree.


Shui Ruoshan felt that he really couldn’t understand Yin Suye and Huang Beichen’s abnormal way of thinking. Not to mention that Yin Suye has just wasted time talking nonsense with him(SRS) in Huang Beichen’s presence, a strong enemy, even Huang Beichen didn’t try to do anything while they were distracted in their discussion. Is this really scientific? Particularly, when both men have just fought with the intention to kill. In a blink of an eye, they immediately shook hands to get down for a talk. Is this change of attitude a bit too fast? There ain’t even any buffer time in the middle. What is wrong with this? One simply doesn’t fool other people like this!

Obviously, the two will not understand Shui Ruoshan’s inexplicable distress.

“Why did you attacked Shui Ruoshan just now?”

Yin Suye didn’t let Huang Beichen to start talking first and immediately questioned him. If it weren’t for his desire to know more about the little guy’s current body, he would never let Huang Beichen go so easily. But after he figured out the little guy’s situation, he doesn’t mind returning to settle the account with Huang Beichen.

“Shui Ruoshan, that’s him?”

Although Huang Beichen heard it from the dialogue between Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan, he discovered something wrong, and he also had his own guess. This guess was the reason why he gave up so easily to eliminate this demon who killed him in the past. However, no matter what kind of conjecture he has in his mind, he still can’t believe it if the person himself didn’t personally admit it.

“There are only three people here. Your name is not Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye’s name is not Shui Ruoshan. Then as the only person left, I’m naturally Shui Ruoshan!”

After that, Shui Ruoshan looked at Huang Beichen like he is looking at an idiot, like he is looking down at him for not knowing such simple logic.

“As far as I know, his name should be called Huan Tian.”

Huang Beichen’s eyes stared straight at Shui Ruoshan, seemingly judging whether what he(SRS) said it was worthy of believing.

“I just mentioned that there might be another soul in this body. Haven’t you heard it?”

Shui Ruoshan is now deeply suspicious whether this person with negative IQ is really the witty protagonist, Huang Beichen in his novel. They didn’t hide their conversation from Huang Beichen, so Huang Beichen should know clearly that he(SRS) has nothing to do with that person called Huan Tian. Shui Ruoshan felt that he has only transmigrated into a body that may have another soul in it. This couldn’t be compared with Huang Beichen’s experience at all, who experienced transmigration then a rebirth later on1. Hence, Shui Ruoshan instantly developed a deep contempt for Huang Beichen. Obviously, he still remembers how bad Huang Beichen’s attitude towards him before this, and he(HBC) also tried to kill him too. He naturally spares no effort to start smearing Huang Beichen’s name when the opportunity comes.

“Can you sense Huan Tian’s existence?”

Huang Beichen felt that comparing with this harmless youth called Shui Ruoshan, Huan Tian is the one he needs to be vigilant against!


Shui Ruoshan shook his head in frustration. The moment he knew that the original soul of the body might still exist, he tried to detect it in various ways but no matter how hard he tried, he could not contact that soul named Huan Tian. From the moment he transmigrated over, he never felt anything wrong with this body. If it wasn’t for Huang Beichen’s sudden attack that caught him off guard, which caused the other soul to feel the danger, and took the initiative to help him block the attack, he might never know that the original soul of this body still exists! The feeling of having another person hidden in this body really makes him insecure! Though that soul is most likely to be the rightful owner of the body, and he(SRS) is just a passerby but…

Shui Ruoshan bit his lips tightly, he didn’t know how to describe his current mood. He doesn’t even feel like ranting like he usually did.

“Don’t worry, I will always be by your side!”

Yin Suye comforted when he see how nervous is the little guy. Little guy is already his own people, he won’t allow anything to happen that might separate them, so he must figure out more about Huan Tian from Huang Beichen now. This is why he can still tolerate Huang Beichen’s existence after he tried to hurt the little guy. Yin Suye has an instinct that Huan Tian is the biggest obstacle between him and the little guy. For this reason, he can temporarily put down the grudges between him and Huang Beichen first.


Shui Ruoshan buried his head harder into Yin Suye’s chest, only then he could feel a sense of security.

“Huang Beichen, tell me more about Huan Tian.”

Yin Suye asked after he comforted Shui Ruoshan. Only Huang Beichen knows about Huan Tian, he naturally wants to inquire deeper to understand Huan Tian, so that he can prepare for the worst in advance.

“Huan Tian…”

Huang Beichen’s gaze became a bit sorrowful, he seemed to be recalling his memory of Huan Tian, or thinking about how to describe him.

“Huan Tian?!”

Looking at Huang Beichen trying to recall, Shui Ruoshan mumbled the name in a low voice. From the first time he heard the name, he had a nagging feeling that the name is unusually familiar and felt like he heard it somewhere before. He is quite sure that he did not hear it after he transmigrated, that means he may have written this name somewhere in the novel or in the outline. Unfortunately, the amount of important and unimportant character’s names in his novel is at least several hundreds, if not thousands, so he can’t find out who is Huan Tian. However, Huan Tian is definitely related to 2 keywords, the demon race and also Supreme King.

In an instant, Shui Ruoshan remembers who Huan Tian is! The Hell! Huan Tian is the name of the first generation demon Supreme King!!! The reason why he wrote about Huan Tian was just to explain the simple background of the story. Therefore, Huan Tian’s name is just an inconspicuous name that has only appeared once in the novel. It is totally justifiable that he can’t remember him right away.

But he didn’t expect that such a background character would be this OP2. In the story, his name just flashed by, cannot even be considered as a member of the ‘Soy sauce gang’3 but he(SRS) ended up transmigrated into his body?!

Shui Ruoshan wondered if he should feel lucky or sad at this moment. But then again, if Huan Tian is the first generation demon Supreme King, it means his lifespan is likely to be the same as the continent [Mowu Dalu]?!
One needs to know that both Supreme King and the continent is an indispensable part of the world. Such an ancient character like the first gen Supreme King still alive right now, will it really fine?


这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four five – First gen demon Supreme King

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