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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four four – [Title not displayed because it’s a spoiler]

“Are you alright?”

After a moment of pause, Yin Suye immediately flashed to Shui Ruoshan’s side. With a sigh of relief, he hugged Shui Ruoshan strongly in his arms.

“You have come to save me, why won’t I be alright?”

Just like this in Yin Suye’s arms, Shui Ruoshan’s uneasy heart calmed down like never before. However, seeing Yin Suye’s troubled expression, he still feel doubtful and blinked his eyes. To be able to avoid getting injured from a full blow of Huang Beichen’s attack, it was obvious that Yin Suye did managed to arrive in time to save him. But why does Yin Suye looked so nervous at this moment?

“The person who just resolved Huang Beichen’s attack was not me, but you yourself.”

Yin Suye sounded a bit downcast when he said this. It was because he knew that he could not get there in time before Huang Beichen’s attack hits the little guy, so he was ready to activate the co-death contract. Just that not waiting for him to activate anything, the matter has ended in an unexpected way.


Shui Ruoshan could understand every single word that Yin Suye said, but he couldn’t understand what the entire sentence means. This was not because he does not believe in Yin Suye’s words, but rather that he cannot believe what he heard. He himself is very clear of his own strength. With his weak student’s strength who doesn’t have the strength to truss a chicken, can he really escape from under the hands of a Supreme King?

“Is there anything unusual when you were facing the attack?”

Yin Suye also knows the true level of Shui Ruoshan’s strength. He believes that the little guy can crush some weaklings with his strong power, but in the face of strong opponents, the little guy can only wait to be crushed. So, Yin Suye had a faint uneasiness in his heart from what he saw just now

“I don’t think so?”

Shui Ruoshan replied somewhat uncertainly, and he tried to recall what happened from the beginning to the end. If there is something unusual about it, that should be he couldn’t seem to remember the part where he blocked Huang Beichen’s attack! He remembered that when Huang Beichen’s attack was about to reach him, his brain turned blank for a moment and when he regained consciousness, he was already held in Yin Suye’s arms. Then the battle seems to have already ended in such a short period of time?!

“I don’t have any memories of what happened just now!”

At this moment, even Shui Ruoshan is aware that there might be something wrong with his situation. Even if he was scared stiff at that time, it was impossible for him to just forget what happened! Originally he thought it was because of tension, that’s why his mind turned blank, which is commonly known as in a daze. But from Yin Suye’s words, his current situation is definitely not that simple.

“What actually happened?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that it was necessary for him to figure out what happened during the time he had no memory, so to judge what he should do now. Although this author already has no advantage in the story where the plot has ran amok and became unrecognizable, he can still infer some things with his rich theoretical knowledge.

“You are also a Supreme King!”

Yin Suye stared tightly at Shui Ruoshan’s eyes when he said that. Only a Supreme King can block the attack from another Supreme King. There is no doubt that to be able to easily resolve Supreme King Huang Beichen’s attack, Shui Ruoshan can only be a Supreme King as well.

“Ah?” Shui Ruoshan reached out and rubbed his ears, seemingly suspecting that he might have heard it wrongly.

“Your eyes turned into golden color just now.”

Actually, Yin Suye did hoped that Shui Ruoshan would use some amazing skills to block Huang Beichen’s attack, but things won’t happen just because he wanted to. Not to mention that the energy burst out from Shui Ruoshan at that moment is the strength of a Supreme King, just his eye color makes it impossible to misread his identity. Golden eyes is the most obvious sign of a Supreme King, and the biggest difference between a Supreme King and other beings.


Shui Ruoshan just wants to ‘hehe’1 twice in his heart, to express his unspeakable complex mood at the moment. Never mind that the story of [The Strongest King in History] has ran amok like a wild horse, he did contribute a bit to that after all. But who can tell him why and when the base of his story have started to become precarious? He created the setting for a race to have only one Supreme King, can this setting still be saved? One need to know that he wrote his novel in a way to make this idea happen. After making the villain Yin Suye becomes a Supreme King, he deliberately set the protagonist Huang Beichen to become the Supreme King for demon race, thus making both Supreme Kings of each ethnic group to go on a war.

Other than that, in order to coordinate with the protagonist’s identity as a demon, he deliberately wrote in reverse2, letting the demons to become an oppressed race, while the humans became the oppressor, so the protagonist will lead the demons to embark on the road of resistance. Then, little by little they opposed the humans led by the villain until both sides stood completely against each other. But now the situation has become increasingly confusing.

Because of Yin Suye’s rebirth, two Supreme Kings have appeared at the same time within the human race, but fortunately Yin Suye was able to fool them using the Double King phenomenon. And because of Huang Beichen suddenly reborn as well, he now possessed the strength of a Supreme King. But then Shui Ruoshan himself also possesses the strength of a Supreme King, wouldn’t that means two Supreme Kings have appeared for the demon race at the same time too?!

This conclusion doesn’t sound right!

Alright, if his setting for [The Strongest King in History] still exists, it seems that the current generation of Supreme King for the demons has never appeared in front of his people at all. It always has only been some representatives taking actions on behalf of the demon Supreme King. So, is he(SRS) actually the demon Supreme King of the current generation? That seems to be wrong also!

If he is really the demon Supreme King of the current generation, why didn’t he stayed in the demon realm, but waking up from a crystal coffin in the Fog Forest, and sealed to boot? The most important thing is why did he transmigrated to a person with such OP(overpowered) background?! According to general circumstances, people generally will only transmigrate into a dead person’s body.

Somehow, the more he thinks about it, the more confused he felt! He remembered that he originally wrote his story’s genre as a fantasy novel, not a suspense!

“But I didn’t feel that I have the strength of a Supreme King!” Shui Ruoshan helplessly opened his hands when he said this.

In fact, after Yin Suye said that he(SRS) is a Supreme King, he did try to explore the power inside him. But no matter how he investigates, he can’t feel the power of a Supreme King in his body, let alone having the strength of one.

“No mistake, you are a Supreme King,” Yin Suye said.


Shui Ruoshan felt that he should WTF this sentence. There are a total of three people in this box, and all three of them are a Supreme King. Isn’t this probability a bit too high? Since when Supreme Kings can seen everywhere like this? Don’t they sound a bit too worthless now?

“Never mind, I’ll be a Supreme King if that’s how it is. At least this proves that I am very powerful!”

Very quickly, Shui Ruoshan found a reason to comfort himself. Becoming a Supreme King is better than a passerby! This has no loss for him!

“At that moment when you became the Supreme King, I couldn’t sense the co-death contract between us.”

Speaking of this, a hint of worry flashed past Yin Suye’s eyes. He has prepared himself to activate the effect of the co-death contract, but right before he wanted to do so, the co-death contract suddenly could not be detected. That’s why he paused for the slightest moment just now.

He couldn’t imagine that there can be something that could affect the co-death contract, which was called the most overbearing contract in existence. That gave Yin Suye’s heart a faint uneasiness. Especially when he thought of the fact that the little guy is a transmigrator. Hence, he hugged him(SRS) tightly when he gets to his side. Other than trying to protect the little guy, he can only feel that everything is real when Shui Ruoshan is tightly held in his arms; that he is by his side, and not some other places that he can’t touch.

“What do you mean?” Shui Ruoshan’s heart suddenly thumps and he had a bad premonition.

“The person who has the power of a Supreme King may not be you.” Yin Suye came to this conclusion in light of what the little guy explained about his situation.

“…” Shui Ruoshan instantly took in a breath of cold air.

Although what Yin Suye said was kind of contradictory, Shui Ruoshan clearly understood what Yin Suye wants to express.

“You mean, you suspect that there is another soul in this body?” Or is the original soul of this body still inside?

Shui Ruoshan felt that if Yin Suye’s analysis is not wrong, then ‘2 souls, 1 body’ can be used to explain this abnormal situation.

“Yes.” When he said this, Yin Suye’s eyes coldly glinted.


Title : 这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four four – You are a Supreme King

Raw Word Count : 2801

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