Way of Transmigration Chapter 143

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four three – Getting hit while lying down

Before Yin Suye and Huang Beichen started to fight, Shui Ruoshan has quietly retreated to a relatively safe spot at a corner, and silently supported Yin Suye in spirit. That’s right, he is not watching a show now, he is cheering for Yin Suye!

In fact, for Huang Beichen to be reborn at such a critical moment, and instantly leveled up to a Supreme King so that he could fight Yi Suye closely in a match, Shui Ruoshan has his own guess. Based on the many years of his experience in writing and reading novels, plus his setting in [The Strongest King in History], he felt that it was because Yin Suye’s rebirth has broken the balance of the world. The gap of ten years has caused Huang Beichen, the son of the world, to have no advantages when facing Yin Suye, and has fallen into an absolutely unfavorable situation, even to the point of losing his life.

To a certain extent, the protagonist can be said to represent the world in [The Strongest King in History]! Even if he is the author of this story, Shui Ruoshan is equally clueless to what will happen if the protagonist in the novel suddenly dies. Will this world be destroyed along with the death of the protagonist? Probably because of this, the Laws of the parallel world felt the danger, so in order to preserve Huang Beichen’s life, the Laws can only make the future Huang Beichen reborn to match the huge gap between his current level and Yin Suye’s. That way, Huang Beichen will have the strength to compete with Yin Suye. Because of this, Shui Ruoshan did not want Yin Suye to kill Huang Beichen, hoping that they could resolve their grievances in peace.

It is a pity that ‘plans can never keep up with the change’, plus Shui Ruoshan did have a cunning thought in his heart. That’s why he didn’t stop Yin Suye from taking actions. The current Shui Ruoshan who came to understand the situation is now worried for Yin Suye’s safety. One need to know that Huang Beichen has the protagonist blessing from the parallel world, while Yin Suye has nothing. Even if he was reborn earlier than the protagonist, his advantage has disappeared at this moment.

However, with his current strength, Shui Ruoshan could not intervene in the battle between Supreme Kings. And as their battle escalates, he gradually felt some pressure just by standing nearby. So, he could only try to mobilize his spiritual power to resist the power shock from the battle. He could barely protect himself, what more to go forward and help Yin Suye? Particularly when he came to realize that they could not really kill the protagonist of the world, Huang Beichen, which made their situation even more unfavorable.

However, Shui Ruoshan share his guess to Yin Suye. He could not drag Yin Suye’s hind legs, and he could only stand on one side and watch the situation on the battlefield. He prayed that this is just a guess, nothing more. Just that after hearing Huang Beichen’s persuasion to Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan immediately threw the idea of possible world destruction to the back of his mind. He could only think of one thing now, that is, Huang Beichen actually knows him?! Or, he should say Huang Beichen knows this body?! The most important thing is Huang Beichen actually died under this body’s hands in his past life, this body that he transmigrated into?!

What kind of an international joke is this? The protagonist can actually die?! And it was under the hand of a character that doesn’t exist in his novel?! Ain’t this a bit too out of the world?

But Shui Ruoshan was inexplicably convinced of Huang Beichen’s words in his heart. Not to mention that this character he created is not good at lying and won’t lie, but the fact that Huang Beichen can be reborn, that means he did dead in his past life! The identity of this body he transmigrated into has changed from a minor character in the ‘soy sauce party’1, to the big Boss behind the scenes, his character can’t be that fancy!

*falls down*

The plot is no longer a wild sprinting horse2, but a tornado at the sea3! In fact, he should have thought of it. If he is really an unimportant little character, then it is impossible for him to have such an enchanting appearance, and his life background is so mysterious! It is important to know that according to the general laws of a novel, the more outstanding a character is, the more important it is! Such as the protagonist, the villain, and then this body…

In fact, he has long realized that the continent [Mowu Dalu]] is not from his novel but a real world. That is to say, the character plots that he did not write in his novel doesn’t mean that they are non-existent, he just took everything too much for granted. He always likes to judge things using the storyline of his novel, that’s why he got shocked by Huang Beichen sudden breaking news.

Moreover, he wrote only a part of [The Strongest King in History]. Although he has drafted the outline of the entire novel, but the official ending was until Huang Beichen has unified various ethnic groups in the continent and became the highest ranked Supreme King of the whole continent. Thus, what happened after that, not even this author knows. After all, no author will be so ball-painfully free, that they will write about the protagonist’s trifling life after he has reached peak of life in the end! Unless the author wants to open the second season, then it is necessary to change the protagonist’s script!

AdvertisementBut Shui Ruoshan can’t stand plots where protagonist still have to change his script4 after becoming the strongest person in the world! Therefore, he didn’t intend to ​​write any second season for [The Strongest King in History] at all! But now, he is doubting whether his novel has a hidden follow-up story, which has an important relationship with this body he is using. After all, Yin Suye didn’t know about this body, but Huang Beichen do. It is very likely that he met this body after he killed Yin Suye and unified the continent. After all, the person who can kill the protagonist is absolutely a big big BOSS!

Should he cheer now that he seemed to have transmigrated into a powerful figure? Hehe! He preferred to transmigrate into someone from the soy sauce party instead, a hidden big BOSS is too insecure! In fact, should he pats Yin Suye’s shoulder now, and sincerely apologize, ‘Xiao Yeye, so sorry. I have unconsciously robbed you of the identity of the villain!’ No no, his focus is a bit wrong. He should be more concerned about the protagonist’s past life. After this body indirectly killed the protagonist, did the world gets destroyed? He needs it as reference for the situation he is facing now! Wait a minute, at such a tense moment, why is he entertaining himself with random stuff? That’s not right, should he be so worried about the country and the people right now?

Shui Ruoshan’s thoughts have wandered to the middle of nowhere. When he discovered that Huang Beichen has given up fighting with Yin Suye and turned to target him, his eyes were full of disbelief. In an instant, Shui Ruoshan once again could feel the thick evilness from the parallel world. Even if this body was very powerful, it does not mean that the knockoff version can be as powerful as the original one! Fighting a Supreme King is still a very tall order for him! So, who can understand the feeling of ‘getting hit while lying down’?

“Die!” Huang Beichen used his own body to receive Yin Suye’s attack, rushing even quicker to attack Shui Ruoshan through the force from Yin Suye’s attack.

“…” Shui Ruoshan wondered if it’s too late to tell Huang Beichen that he is not the same person who killed him(HBC) in his past, but a transmigrator just like him.

Just that the speed of a Supreme King is definitely beyond what a normal person could imagine. Shui Ruoshan hasn’t finish thinking yet, and Huang Beichen’s attack has already arrived; only a few seconds have passed. In these few seconds, don’t mention saying anything, Shui Ruoshan didn’t even have enough time to rant! *falls*

In the end, Shui Ruoshan just looked up and glanced at Yin Suye, who was also flying straight toward him. It was clear that Huang Beichen’s attack would reach him(SRS) first before Yin Suye’s rescue. Shui Ruoshan didn’t ask to defeat the enemy now, nor does he ask for a retreat. He only asks for a few more seconds, so that Yin Suye has enough time to come and save him. That’s right, he is that spineless!

Then, as if he doesn’t want to think anymore, he reached into his space ring and activated all the self protection tools from it…


However, Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect to see all those protections to instantly turned into ashes under Huang Beichen’s attack. It couldn’t hold for one second, not even fragments were left!

Feeling a powerful attack close at hand, Shui Ruoshan could see that death is so close to him for the first time. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and his brain instantly became blank…

Is it too late?

“Be careful!”

Yin Suye was very anxious upon seeing Huang Beichen’s attack seemed to reach the little guy at the next second. He knew that his speed is one point slower than Huang Beichen’s attack. For a Supreme King, even a second could cause different results. Yin Suye clearly knows that with the little guy’s current strength, it is impossible for him to resist a full frontal attack from a Supreme King. However, they have the guarantee from the co-death contract, that’s why he dared to let the little guy stay here to watch the battle.

Hence, while he rushed to save Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye is ready to activate the special effect of the co-death contract; he wants to receive Huang Beichen’s attack on behalf of the little guy. Just that at the next second, Yin Suye suddenly stopped moving and his gaze towards Shui Ruoshan became dark and unreadable…

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