Way of Transmigration Chapter 142

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four two – Long time no see

“Yin Suye, long time no see!”

After Huang Beichen easily dealt with Yin Suzhen’s attack, he beamed a bright smile at Yin Suye. His sunny expression really looked like he and Yin Suye were good friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time. But for the current Huang Beichen, he indeed didn’t see Yin Suye for a long time, or it can be said that ever since he killed Yin Suye from his past life, he can no longer see Yin Suye’s figure in his life. Therefore, he felt surprised to be able to see Yin Suye again this time. Or more like, he should be surprised that after he died, he had the opportunity to come back again, to be reborn and returned to his past.

“En, long time no see!”

Yin Suye’s mouth slowly bent into a slight curve. He did not know whether Huang Beichen has discovered that he was born again, but at this moment, he(YSY) was quite sure that the current Huang Beichen was born again.

“But you can die now!” Yin Suye said and attacked Huang Beichen again.

But this time Yin Suye didn’t hold back, and he couldn’t afford to hold back with Huang Beichen, who had the same level of strength level with him. If it was just now, he would feel like he is bullying the weak. Even if he managed to kill Huang Beichen, he won’t feel much satisfaction(for his revenge). And right now, facing the Huang Beichen who is also born again and has the strength of a Supreme King, he does not need to be soft because it is an outright battle for revenge.

“Yin Suye, why are you trying to kill me the moment we met?”

Huang Beichen has just reborn, and hasn’t come to understand the memory of his current life, so he doesn’t know much about the current situation. He doesn’t understand how Yin Suye’s attitude toward killing him come about. Or, it should be said that he is not aware of the difference between this world’s experience and his previous life experience at all.

“I am avenging myself.”

Yin Suye took his usual long sword out of the space ring, increasing the intensity of his attack. However, Yin Suye controlled the level of his Supreme King’s strength to a certain extent this time. Not because he was afraid that the tremendous fighting power generated by Supreme King’s battle will destroy the Imperial Capital, but because the little guy is still standing here. He does not want the aftermath from the battle to accidentally hurt the little one.

“Were you reborn as well?”

Huang Beichen tried his best to integrate the memories of this world while avoiding fierce attacks from Yin Suye. Soon, he found a lot of points that were completely different from the previous trajectory in his past. In light of what Yin Suye said before, Huang Beichen quickly came to the conclusion that Yin Suye was born again. Originally, he thought that the fact he could be born again after he had experienced a transmigration was quite amazing. Unexpectedly, the chance to rebirth was not exclusive just for him, that makes his advantage of rebirth disappear. And now having to face Yin Suye’s undisguised killing intent, he suddenly fell into a very unfavorable position. Actually, he should be glad that his strength has returned to the past along with him, or else he may just die under Yin Suye’s hands in the first round.

“Yin Suye, don’t rush to attack me. I think we can have a proper talk about this first!”

Huang Beichen also controlled his strength as a Supreme King, trying not to clash with Yin Suye. He does not want the aftermath of the battle to destroy the surrounding things. After all, the place they are fighting in now is one of his main industries; he is reluctant to destroy the place where he makes money. In any case, he has killed Yin Suye in the past and especially when knowing that there may be many things that he misunderstood Yin Suye, he has a guilty conscience and couldn’t really give his all to attack.

“There is nothing to talk about between us.”

Not only Yin Suye’s movements didn’t stop, it accelerated a bit more. He was very clear that he has to deal with Huang Beichen, the man with a lot of means in one go, otherwise the variables would be too big. For example, he had already made a killer move just now. As a result, at the very last moment, the Huang Beichen who had the strength of a Demon Supreme King from the future was born again; resolved the situation where he was supposed to die.

“Yin Suye, don’t rush to deal with me. Compared to me, the demon behind you is definitely more harmful to you!”

Huang Beichen, who has gradually integrated with his current memory has noticed Shui Ruoshan who should not appear at this moment at all. Seeing that Yin Suye was not willing to talk to him, Huang Beichen could only throw out everything he knew.

“You are courting death!”

Yin Suye’s brows slightly wrinkled and the pressure from his whole body became even lower. He was obviously dissatisfied with Huang Beichen’s words. This Huang Beichen actually felt that it was not enough to deal with him, and tried to involve the little guy as well. This is really unforgivable!

“Yin Suye, I am speaking the truth!”

Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t believe what he said, Huang Beichen was anxious.

“You died too early in your past life, so you don’t know what happened later, and you don’t know the terrible power of a demon!”

Huang Beichen keep persuading Yin Suye while avoiding the increasingly rampant attack from him, hoping that Yin Suye could temporarily give up the grudges between them.

“Later on through some clues, I found that the reason why we will eventually become arch enemies as not resting until one is dead, it was all this demon’s evil handiwork!”

This was why Huang Beichen felt guilty towards Yin Suye after rebirth. Because he found out that many times, he was misled by others, and then gradually piling higher and higher misunderstandings towards Yin Suye, which caused irreversible breakdown and miserable results between them.

“And in the past, I indirectly died under this demon’s hands!”

At this point, Huang Beichen’s eyes could not help but darken. Originally, he arrogantly thought that he is the protagonist of the world. So he always unconsciously had an aloof attitude whenever he faced other people and things, until he finally hit by reality. Fortunately, God gave him a chance to come back again.

At first, when he knew that he was born again, he was still very happy. He felt that God still treated him well and gave him the opportunity to revert the mistakes he made in the last time, so that he could avoid the unforgivable mistakes he had done to Yin Suye. This time, he will definitely not stand against Yin Suye like other people. But he did not expect that not only he was reborn, but even the person he wanted to make up the most was reborn as well. That is to say, Yin Suye has already experienced all the bad things he had done, which means Yin Suye will not forgive him so easily. That makes Huang Beichen who wants to be friends with Yin Suye feel frustrated. What he didn’t expect ever more was that main culprit who killed him in the past, not only has appeared in this world in advance, but also met Yin Suye and has first gotten Yin Suye‘s trust. That made Huang Beichen’s current situation even worse.

“You and I, and this whole world as well, are just this demon’s chess pieces to achieve his goal!”

Huang Beichen had a strong self-deprecation in his tone when he said this. This demon doesn’t no need to personally take any actions, and still have a way to make them die; this demon doesn’t need to personally come out, and still can play this world within his fingers.

“Given that we have a common enemy, I feel that we can temporarily put down the grievances from our past life and work together!” Huang Beichen looked hopefully to Yin Suye.

The reason why he is willing to tell him his failure from his past life was to let Yin Suye know the cunningness of the demon beside him, and hoped that he will not be fooled and used!

“Huang Beichen, I think you got the wrong idea.” Yin Suye’s eyes instantly became dark. “The person who killed me was you, not him.”

Combining with the information that the little guy confessed to him in the past, Yin Suye knew that the person from Huang Beichen’s words, the person who plays with the world in his fingers is not the simple and naive little guy he knows. Besides, whether the little guy is really the person Huang Beichen spoke of or not, it has nothing to do with him. Because after all, the person who hurts him in the past have always been Huang Beichen, not others. He(YSY) doesn’t have that kind of consciousness to do his best for the sake of the world, to sacrifice oneself for the greater good of the world.

At this moment, Yin Suye discovered that the time combined from two lifetime still couldn’t make Huang Beichen truly understand him. Or, it could be said that the person that Huang Beichen knows is just a wonderful fantasy from his own imagination, not the real him. That’s why Huang Beichen will feel disappointed and didn’t hesitate to part with him when the realistic image makes a huge difference from the perfect image in his imagination.


All the persuasive words Huang Beichen prepared to say was blocked by this one sentence from Yin Suye. That’s right, Yin Suye did not have any contact with this demon who killed him(HBC), because this demon only gradually appeared in the midst of people after Yin Suye’s death. However, the person who has been fighting against Yin Suye, and finally killed him(YSY) was him(HBC) himself1. Therefore, Yin Suye has no reason to help him at all, in order to avoid a danger that does not exist to him2.

It was clear that he could not seek any help from Yin Suye, so he could only rely on himself. Huang Beichen then focused on the Shui Ruoshan who has been watching the battle. Taking advantage of a gap in the fight, Huang Beichen took a big step back, far away from Yin Suye’s following attack, then immediately turned around and shot an energy ball3 towards Shui Ruoshan…

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Banana: Anyone noticed that if you substitute the word ‘demon’ from Huang Beichen’s words to ‘author’, it will be like he is a character complaining about the author for making his friendship suffer? _(;3/

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