Way of Transmigration Chapter 141

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four one – One life

“Yin Suye, I officially apologize to you for the things that happened in the past! I hope you can forgive my mistakes!” Understood what happened, Huang Beichen instantly bowed to Yin Suye and apologized.

Shui Ruoshan didn’t say anything, but turned to look at Huang Beichen, who was sincerely apologized, and then turned back to look at Yin Suye, who had no reaction towards Huang Beichen’s apology. He suddenly felt that the atmosphere inside the box was quite awkward. If he is Yin Suye at this moment, he would coolly and arrogantly looked at Huang Beichen, then said, “If apologies are useful, then what do we need the police for?” He believes that by using this well-known phrase on Earth to counterattack Huang Beichen, he would definitely be speechless.

Once the damage is done, no matter how one makes up for it afterwards, the crack has already there. Especially when Yin Suye is reborn. That is to say, for Huang Beichen, he and Yin Suye has only been separated for 3 months. But for Yin Suye, it was a lifetime. Therefore, new grudges overlapping old hatred, Yin Suye probably will never forgive Huang Beichen again. Actually, the fact that Yin Suye didn’t shout to kill Huang Beichen the moment he saw him but still could calmly talk to Huang Beichen is already very good.

“If I say no?”

Yin Suye’s eyes looked at Huang Beichen without any trace of affection. If to say he hated Huang Beichen, he doesn’t really hate him. But if to say he doesn’t hate Huang Beichen, he does hate him! Their views and personalities are different and they are bound to part ways. That is expected. In his past life, he did not understand this truth, neither did Huang Beichen. Therefore, even if they have any disagreement, both sides will still try to save their friendship through various methods because they are reluctant to give up this friendship. And so their ending was going against each other to the end.

In his past life, he did die under Huang Beichen’s hands, but Huang Beichen himself shouldn’t be any better than him. Even if nothing else happened after that battle, Huang Beichen should still be half-dead already.

“How can I get you to forgive me?”

Huang Beichen did not expect to see Yin Suye looking at him again like he is looking at strangers, seemed to have completely shut him out!

“As long as I can do it, I will definitely do it!”

In fact, the reason why he previously so opposed to Yin Suye’s behavior to the point of attacking him, it was a another way to show his concern. Just because Yin Suye is his good friend, he couldn’t tolerate him(YSY) doing bad things, which angered him like he was betrayed. That’s why he(HBC) would make such a brainless action under impulse. But now he knows that everything is his misunderstanding, he felt sorry for Yin Suye, and he wants to save his friendship with Yin Suye.

“Even if I wanted your life?” A strong chill flashed in Yin Suye’s eyes.

“This joke is not funny at all!”

Huang Beichen wanted to smile, saying that he didn’t like cold jokes, but though he curved his mouth, he still couldn’t make himself smile. As soon as he saw Yin Suye’s eyes, he knew that Yin Suye wasn’t joking, it was just him wanted to deceive himself.

“I have wronged you and severely wounded you. It is my fault. I am willing to apologize!” Huang Beichen said bitterly.

He did not expect that Yin Suye would be so hostile to him now, not giving him the opportunity to make up at all. This caused the Huang Beichen who has always been eloquent to feel frustrated but he did not want to give up the friendship between him and Yin Suye.

“At that time, you also gave me a serious injury, so we are even!”

His strength was almost the same as Yin Suye, no one can get the upper hand. He has spent a lot of time to recover from his injuries. But now that he knew that he had done something wrong, he didn’t want to use an aggressive tone to talk to Yin Suye, but Yin Suye obviously does not intend to pay any attention to him, he can only use other method.

“I don’t think that all the mistakes is on me. If you were willing to explain a few words to me, I wouldn’t have listened to others so easily.”

Huang Beichen felt that both of them were wrong. He didn’t really do anything bad about Yin Suye. Why couldn’t Yin Suye forgive him?

“Want to know why?” When he asked this question, the pressure around Yin Suye was significantly lower.

“Yes, I want to know why you don’t want to see me now?” Huang Beichen looked up at Yin Suye without showing weakness in his eyes.

Even though Huang Beichen’s current strength is much weaker than Yin Suye, his aura at this moment is not losing to Yin Suye at all. He really wants to fix the friendship between him and Yin Suye, but it is impossible for him to keep ‘sticking a hot face to a cold butt’1.

“Because you killed me once!”

Yin Suye’s thin lips slightly opened and spat out that sentence. In fact, before coming to see Huang Beichen, Yin Suye has been thinking about how to deal with him but until now, he couldn’t think of a way. After all, Huang Beichen in this lifetime didn’t really do anything bad to him. If he acted out indiscriminately, he would have a feeling like he is bullying Huang Beichen. This is also the reason why he didn’t attack Huang Beichen right away before. But at this moment, when he saw Huang Beichen revealing his edge, Yin Suye seemed to glimpse the demon Supreme King who killed him in the past. This also let Yin Suye make up his mind that he should kill Huang Beichen before he managed to grow into a demon. Even if the current Huang Beichen is innocent, it does not change the fact that the person who killed him in his previous life was Huang Beichen. In this case, Huang Beichen owes him a life! He is going to claim it from Huang Beichen now, that’s fair! As for the time being early, just think of it as the interest Huang Beichen owed him!

“You can’t find a better reason?” Huang Beichen did not expect to hear such fantasy-like answer from a long wait. If he really did killed Yin Suye, then who is this person standing here and confronting him now?

“This is the reason.” The only difference is that Yin Suye has transferred the grievances from the past Huang Beichen to the current Huang Beichen.

It seems that Yin Suye didn’t want to continue their leisure chat, as he released his pressure at Huang Beichen to crush him without mercy.

“Yin Suye, you… really want to do this to me?!”

Huang Beichen apparently didn’t expect Yin Suye to attack him right away, his eyes were filled with disbelief. Not able to keep his guard up in time, he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and suffered an internal injury! However, Huang Beichen’s reaction was undoubtedly fast, he immediately mobilized his power to resist Yin Suye’s attack. Unfortunately, Huang Beichen is only at 2nd level of Imperial stage, so even when he used all his strength to counterattack, he still couldn’t resist much under the pressure from Yin Suye as the Supreme King.


Since Yin Suye has decided to take down Huang Beichen, he won’t be polite. As someone who has spent most of his life battling Huang Beichen, Yin Suye felt that no one knows more about Huang Beichen’s scary points than he does. Huang Beichen always has the ability to stay alive, as long as Huang Beichen is not killed on the spot, then after Huang Beichen makes a comeback which he will becomes even stronger, that will be the nightmare of the other party! Hence, Yin Suye raised his hand and attacked Huang Beichen right away.

“Yin Suye, you really wanted to kill me?!”

Looking at the powerful attack at his way, Huang Beichen’s forehead instantly covered with a layer of dense cold sweat. He wants to save himself, but most of his tricks are useless under the absolute suppression of the strength from a Supreme King! The strength of a Supreme King is simply not what he can resist now! In fact, he has not yet figured out the reason why Yin Suye must kill him. He was unwilling!

What if……

Huang Beichen also doesn’t know what he wants to assume. He only knows that Yin Suye’s attack has already arrived right in front of him. His body was shuddering, his brain began to turn blank, and he felt like his soul is gradually not his own anymore…
At this moment, Huang Beichen’s eyes became unfocused but for the next second, his glazed eyes instantly turned bright and erupted with a brilliant glory…

“Yin Suye, don’t you think your moves are too ruthless?” said Huang Beichen. He has no way to resist earlier, but suddenly burst into a powerful energy that resisted Yin Suye’s powerful offensive energy.

Centering around where Huang Beichen stood, two energies instantly clashed and a fierce battle has started…
Until both energies completely dissipated in the air from constant friction…

Then, Huang Beichen’s figure reappeared…

It can be seen that Huang Beichen’s original black pupils were dyed with dazzling gold color at this moment…

“What is this situation now?”

Shui Ruoshan was stunned by a series of things that happened in front of him, some of which were unclear to him. He couldn’t understand why Yin Suye suddenly attacked Huang Beichen? He also couldn’t understand why Huang Beichen, who clearly had no way to resist to suddenly broke out of SEED and resisted Yin Suye’s attack. https://gundam.fandom.com/wiki/SEED_factor
The most important thing is why did Huang Beichen’s eyes turned into golden color? One need to know that gold is the mark of a Supreme King ah! In other words, Huang Beichen became one in such an instant?

*falls down*

Is this kind of ‘leaping level-up’ really in line with the development of the plot? Even if he once has opened a variety of gold finger2 for the protagonist, he didn’t make them so exaggerating to such an unreal level!

“Huang Beichen is back!” Yin Suye coldly looked at Huang Beichen’s changes, and there was a layer of cold ice in his eyes, but he did not continue his attack this time. Because he was waiting, waiting for the real Huang Beichen to return!

“Ah?” Shui Ruoshan blinked in confusion.

One really can’t blame him for his poor comprehension, but Yin Suye’s words were too succinct, so he(SRS) can’t guess what he(YSY) wants to express! Please forgive him that he is not a worm in Yin Suye’s belly3!

“Huang Beichen should be like me now, reborn from the future.” Yin Suye gave the little guy a serious answer.

Though he said ‘should be’, but from the familiar pressure and soul aura emitted from Huang Beichen, he can be sure that this is the Huang Beichen from his past life, the one who has always been fighting with him.

“You mean Huang Beichen has just been reborn?” Shui Ruoshan’s voice was subconsciously raised a few decibels higher.

He really felt that this [The Strongest King in History] story cannot be saved anymore. Not only did the author has transmigrated into it, Yin Suye the villain was reborn. Now, even the protagonist Huang Beichen is reborn! This gave him, the author, a mountain of stress ah!


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