Way of Transmigration Chapter 140

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four zero – The truth

“If you have nothing to say to us, then that’s it!”

Seeing that Huang Beichen did not want to talk to him, Shui Ruoshan was somewhat dissatisfied. So he took Yin Suye’s hand, wanting to leave. They came together, so Yin Suye naturally will leave with him. He would like to see if Huang Beichen can still be indifferent, now that Yin Suye is about to leave.

To think that he felt complicated previously because he took Yin Suye’s side, and helped him to rob the protagonist of the opportunistic encounters. He felt that he was somewhat sorry for Huang Beichen, and was thinking how to face Huang Beichen. He even thought about how to resolve the hatred between Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, trying to achieve a win-win situation. In the end, he was very upset by Huang Beichen’s attitude when he finally saw him. Particularly Huang Beichen’s eyes that have been staring at Yin Suye, completely neglecting his(SRS) existence. That differential treatment is too obvious alright?!

The most important thing was that Huang Beichen’s eager eyes at Yin Suye made him feel very uncomfortable! That’s why he decided that even though Huang Beichen is the perfect protagonist he created, he would hate him completely! Because of Huang Beichen’s bad attitude, he realized that his family’s Xiao Yeye is actually very good towards him(SRS)! Therefore, he thinks he should treat Xiao Yeye better in the future. And now, he should stand firm on Yin Suye’s side and then launch a series of battles of wits with Huang Beichen.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something just now!”

Huang Beichen hurriedly stopped them. He finally managed to see Yin Suye today, so he couldn’t be dissatisfied just because someone else is here, so he immediately corrected his attitude and sincerely apologized.

“Apology accepted this time, but no next time!”

Shui Ruoshan puts on a show of being generous with a high attitude, forgiving Huang Beichen who was being rude to him. Actually, bullying the protagonist feels great!

“Then please come in!” Huang Beichen once again invited Yin Suye into the box, and this time he didn’t forget to invite Shui Ruoshan as well.

“Go in then!” Shui Ruoshan said, not paying attention to Huang Beichen who was still standing by the side, pulling Yin Suye to the box. “There are some things between you and Huang Beichen that you should take this opportunity to make it clear.”

At first, he wanted to come to this appointment with Yin Suye to see if he could help resolve the grievance between Yin Suye and Huang Beichen. He felt that Yin Suye would be invincible with his progress in the continent, as long as the protagonist Huang Beichen didn’t go against him. After all, in [The Strongest King in History], Yin Suye is only second to Huang Beichen in terms of strength.

But right now, he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Because he is not happy, so he wants other people to be unhappy as well. This other person obviously refers to Huang Beichen because he provoked him. Of course, other than taking revenge for his private enmity, it’s still necessary for Yin Suye to clearly explain some matters with Huang Beichen. At the very least, he can’t let Yin Suye to continue shouldering ‘black pots’1, nor can he let Huang Beichen to be unjust to Yin Suye for so long. He will let Huang Beichen regret his action for misunderstanding Yin Suye!

No one is more aware of Huang Beichen’s character than him, the author. In order to be in line with the development of a harmonious society advocated by the country, he shaped the protagonist Huang Beichen into a good young man with proper three views. But it was precisely because he shaped Huang Beichen’s character too ‘lawfully good’, he(HBC) gradually drifted apart from the increasingly blackened Yin Suye until they became arch enemies…

What he needs to do now is to let Huang Beichen understand that Yin Suye is actually a good person, and many charges against him(YSY) were actually frames. As long as Huang Beichen has this idea in his mind, no matter what Huang Beichen saw or heard in the future, he would involuntarily stop to think and give Yin Suye the benefit of the doubt. So, he won’t be so easily charging Yin Suye with a crime, and won’t be so easily swayed by other people’s theory to choose to go against Yin Suye….

He wants to leave enough protection for Yin Suye!

“Alright!” Yin Suye firmly grasped Shui Ruoshan’s hand and walked into the box.


“Huang Beichen, just say it. Why are you looking for Yin Suye?”

Shui Ruoshan took Yin Suye to sit at the main seat of the box, asked Huang Beichen without beating about the bush.

“I want to know the truth, about what happened in the Fog Forest 3 months ago!”

Huang Beichen didn’t reject to answer the question just because Shui Ruoshan is the one who asked but when he answered the question, his eyes were looking straight at Yin Suye. From what he observed earlier on, Huang Beichen understood clearly that Yin Suye is not standing on his side now. So in order to solve the problem between him and Yin Suye, he promptly responded even though he does not like the fact that a third person is standing between him and Yin Suye, and he didn’t display those feelings on the surface.

“Why are you looking at my family’s Xiao Yeye?”

Shui Ruoshan immediately became alert from Huang Beichen’s attitude; being agreeable on the outside, but opposing on the inside. In order to show that he and Yin Suye are inseparable from each other, he went ahead and called the nickname Xiao Yeye with a saccharine tone. Although Shui Ruoshan could somewhat understand that Huang Beichen just wanted to built a good mood with Yin Suye, but isn’t him somewhat being over-excited to Yin Suye? At this moment, he did not know why he suddenly thought of the messages posted by many fujoshis under his novel’s chapters, especially those passionate messages asking for more interactions between the protagonist and the villain, which gave him a bad thought. God knows that when he wrote the novel, his thoughts were pure. He was writing about the friendship between the protagonist and the villain!

But now, he is not sure about Huang Beichen’s level of concern for Yin Suye. Because the continent [Mowu Dalu] is a real world, he can’t use the plots from his novel as a guide, especially when the plots have completely shifted from its route. In other words, the part that is not written in his book does not mean that it won’t happen in the real world.

In an instant, Shui Ruoshan’s gaze at Huang Beichen became a bit wrong. Could it be this big stallion Huang Beichen is actually a closet bisexual? Therefore, could the real story of [The Strongest King in History] be actually that Huang Beichen has bad intentions to his family’s Yin Suye while having beautiful women in his arms, but because Yin Suye didn’t obey him, Huang Beichen got into a love and hate relationship with Yin Suye? He wanted to use force to make Yin Suye succumb but unfortunately didn’t get his wish. In the end because he couldn’t get Yin Suye, he decided to destroy him?

Shui Ruoshan was shocked by his brain hole! It was too terrifying!

“Let me tell you, I know all the things about Xiao Yeye. If you have any questions, just ask me.”

Just in case, Shui Ruoshan made an immediate decision to completely eliminate any opportunities for Huang Beichen to progress anything with Yin Suye. At the same time, he made a solemn decision in his heart, that he will guard Xiao Yeye’s integrity! With such a thought, he felt that his life mission was heavy! Right now, he is on standby for a war, and he will prevent Huang Beichen from worming his way into Yin Suye’s heart.

Feeling like he is not very convincing by just his words, Shui Ruoshan thought about it and answered the question asked by Huang Beichen earlier.

“As for the truth regarding killing others to loot the treasures, Yin Suye saw through their conspiracy, the real ‘killing others (you two) to loot the treasures’, and was surrounded and framed. When Yin Suye finally defeated them, you stood up and indiscriminately defended those people who want to harm you!” Shui Ruoshan’s tone was full of accusations at Huang Beichen when he summed up the matter.

“Is that true?” Although Huang Beichen could faintly guess the truth, his heart still felt very uncomfortable when he heard the other party revealed it so mercilessly.

“What I said is naturally true!”

Seeing Huang Beichen expressed doubts to his words, Shui Ruoshan was instantly dissatisfied so he immediately turned to Yin Suye for help.

“Xiao Yeye, tell Huang Beichen. What I’ve said is the truth, right?”


Yin Suye didn’t even bother to spare a look at Huang Beichen. But since the little guy asked him, he cooperatively gave the answer.

He experienced this same thing in his past life. After Huang Beichen came to the Imperial Capital, he(HBC) immediately went to see him(YSY). It was also at this time, this place, this environment, and he asked the same question. But because Huang Beichen’s sincerity was very honest at that time, he forgave the other party and reconciled with him. This is one of the reasons why he was willing to start the Fate Substitution for Huang Beichen. But then due to various reasons, they gradually moved to the opposite path, until he finally died in Huang Beichen’s hands that their ill-fated relationship considered an end.

“Heard that?”

Shui Ruoshan expressed his satisfaction towards Yin Suye’s cooperation. However, his attitude was not so friendly towards Huang Beichen’s disrespectful question; proudly showing off at him.

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