Way of Transmigration Chapter 139

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three nine – Most important person

Three days later, Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye arrived right on time in front of the Chaoyang box in Rujia Inn.

Actually, when Shui Ruoshan finally saw Rujia Inn, he can only feel countless thick black lines1 on his face, and the corners of his mouth could not help twitching. If he knew that he will transmigrate into the story [The Strongest King in History], he will never borrow this hotel’s name just because he can’t think of a good name. One should know that the Rujia Inn in his novel is an all-purpose inn where one can eat, drink, play and enjoy, rather than a modern hotel chain. The Rujia Inn here and the one in Earth was an entirely different concept.

When he first wrote the outline of his novel at home, due to something annoying happened causing him to be irritated, and he just happened to write about an inn that needs a name in his chapter, he became too lazy to bother with the name. When he looked out of the window, he saw a ‘Home Inn’2 not far from the opposite of his house, so the lazy him directly took that name, creating an out-of-place name within the novel3.

Come to think of it, he kind of did his best to promote and making advertising activities for Home Inn, and even help to promote it in the parallel world, letting it become the first multi-dimensional universe enterprise, so shouldn’t he get paid with a little advertising fee from Home Inn? Because even when he is looking at the completely different, world-class Rujia Inn in front of him, his mind is still reflecting the cheap hotel chain back on Earth. However, the thing that makes him sad is in this continent, he is probably the only one who thinks that Rujia Inn’s name is out of place. The people in the continent does not know anything about Home Inn, and the only person who knows about the hotel was Huang Beichen, who happens to be the behind-the-scenes boss of Rujia Inn. In other words, this modern name was given by Huang Beichen. That is probably why Huang Beichen can arrange to meet Yin Suye in the best box in Rujia Inn – there is no place more convenient than his own territory. As for how Huang Beichen started, grow and expand his business in this parallel world, it’s a long story, no need to mention it.

Right now, he needs to think about what kind of attitude should he use to face Huang Beichen, the protagonist?

“Yin Suye, will Huang Beichen really be here for you?”

Before they push the door into the Chaoyang box, Shui Ruoshan turned around and asked Yin Suye indecisively. One need to know, When Fox gotten this letter and handed it to him, Yin Suye didn’t investigate whether the content on the letter was true. He(YSY) just brought him(SRS) out together when the agreed time has arrived.

“Yes.” Yin Suye firmly answered.

In him past life, he spent almost half of his life battling with Huang Beichen, and he also had a very deep understanding of Huang Beichen. It was Huang Beichen’s handwriting in the letter, he don’t have to doubt it. Other than that, based on Huang Beichen’s character, he is someone who will do when he says. Since he already set the appointment, he will definitely come on time.

As he said that, Yin Suye reached out to push the door to show the little guy that he doesn’t have to worry about it.

“Wait a minute!”

Shui Ruoshan stopped Yin Suye right away when he saw that he(YSY) wants to open the door. He gave so many excuses just now, it was actually used to cover up his incomprehensible tension and strange awkwardness that he will be seeing the protagonist soon. To put it bluntly, he just wanted to delay the time to let himself better mentally prepared. Although he always knew that according to the plot, Huang Beichen would arrive to the Imperial Capital after three months under Huo Ruyan’s lead, but she was already killed by Yin Suye. Plus, under Yin Suye’s influence and his as well, whether deliberately or unintentionally, they have destroyed so many plots. He thought that the plot would be like a herd of ‘mud horses’4 running amok. However, he didn’t expect Huang Beichen to come to the Imperial Capital after 3 months in accordance with the original route, when the routes were so broken. This makes his mood very complicated.

Just as he was feeling complicated and thinking how he should explain his feelings to Yin Suye, the door was opened from inside…

“Yin Suye, you’re here?”

Huang Beichen has been waiting in the box. He heard some voices outside the box so he got up and opened the door. Seeing the person standing outside the door was the person he wanted to meet, Huang Beichen looked surprised.

“Come in!” Huang Beichen said and gestured to Yin Suye to hurry into the box.

After their fallout regarding the treasures in the Fog Forest that day, Huang Beichen has been regretting his impulsive behavior at that time. Knowing that Yin Suye was not good at words, he even convicted Yin Suye under the influence of other people’s words and the situation at the time. He really shouldn’t have done that. Afterwards, when he thought of the things carefully, he gradually noticed that something was not right. How could the aloof Yin Suye do despicable thing as killing people in secret? Huang Beichen felt that he might have wronged Yin Suye and wanted to return to ask for the truth. But before they parted, they fought and neither of them held back. The result was he managed to leave, but he was heavily injured that when he persisted and reached a safe place, he fainted right away. After he woke up, he delayed same time to meditate for his injuries.

So when he finally returned to where he left Yin Suye, Yin Suye was no longer there. Afterwards, he headed directly to the Imperial Capital, the place where Yin Suye is most likely to go to; trying his luck (if he’s really there), or to wait for him (if he’s not there). Just that what Huang Beichen didn’t expect was the moment he has just arrived at the Imperial Capital, he immediately heard all kinds of news about Yin Suye. For a moment, he couldn’t connect that domineering Supreme King, to the silent Yin Suye he knew. After all, when he and Yin Suye first met, their strength was almost the same. And now they were only separated for 3 months, it is simply not enough to let someone change from a normal martial artist to a Supreme King!

However, Yin Suye was rumored to have done it, it lets Huang Beichen felt unbelievable. One must know, as a transmigrator with a golden finger, the speed of his advance was quite speedy compared to the standard speed in the continent. He has recently breakthrough several times because of various fruitful adventures. Right now, he has already broken through the 2nd level of the Imperial stage. But compared with Yin Suye’s unbelievable speed, he is nothing at all!

Huang Beichen’s mood felt strange. However, he quickly adjusted his mindset. After confirming that the rumored Supreme King is indeed the Yin Suye he knows, he began to find ways to meet Yin Suye. He needs to clarify the truth about what happened in the Fog Forest.

It is a pity that Supreme King is not easy to be seen.

Ever since Yin Suye moved into the Imperial City, except for the necessary activities, he basically did not go out of the Imperial City. That caused the Huang Beichen who was waiting outside, to realize that he must take the initiative if he wants to see Yin Suye. At that time, the Supreme King has agreed to organize the drafting ceremony, and caused a commotion everywhere. So he used his influence and power in the capital to find some candidates who were about to enter the Imperial City to participate in the drafting ceremony, and bought them over with a large sum of money to let them deliver his personally written letter to Yin Suye.

Just in case, Huang Beichen asked several people to send letters at the same time. As it turned out, his far-sightness were correct because the drafting ceremony was suddenly forced to terminate, which gave the candidates he bought no opportunity at all to hand the letter over to Yin Suye, and were driven out. One of the candidates was smart, he managed sneaked the letter in an unobtrusive place as they left the Imperial City. As for whether the letter could reach Yin Suye or not, that is not under his control.

Compared with Huang Beichen’s enthusiasm, Yin Suye’s attitude was cold and somewhat merciless. There were no emotions in his cold eyes, and he looked like he didn’t see Huang Beichen at all.

“Why are you looking for Yin Suye?” Shui Ruoshan saw Yin Suye’s expression was wrong when looking at Huang Beichen. So he immediately stepped forward and stood between Yin Suye and Huang Beichen without hesitation, blocking him from Huang Beichen; directing the communication between the two.

Huang Beichen naturally felt Yin Suye’s cold attitude towards him, but this did not affect his enthusiasm to speak with Yin Suye. The fact that Yin Suye is willing to come to see him shows that Yin Suye probably still cares about him as his friend. Just that he has wronged Yin Suye in the Fog Forest, so Yin Suye is ignoring him for the time being. However, he hasn’t even started talking to Yin Suye before someone cut in.

“What is your relationship with Yin Suye?” Why are you speaking on his behalf? In the end, Huang Beichen couldn’t help asking out the question in his heart.

“I am Yin Suye’s most important person!” Shui Ruoshan thought and gave such an answer.

Don’t ask him to say that he and Yin Suye is currently in love. *falls* Such cheesy words, he can’t say it at all! Therefore, he can only use similar wording to express their relationship! At the same time he thought in his mind, if Xiao Yeye dares to speak to Huang Beichen, he(SRS) will make Xiao Yeye regret it! Humph humph!


Before seeing Yin Suye, Huang Beichen actually imagined various scenes in meeting back with Yin Suye, but he never thought that there would be a third person present in the meeting. And this person has an unusual relationship with Yin Suye, which caused him to feel somewhat upset! One need to know, Yin Suye is not someone easy to get along with. He has spent countless methods to get a little closer to Yin Suye, and then became friends through constant interactions. But he didn’t expect that just because of one suspicion, Yin Suye shut him out right away. Not only he(YSY) did not explain, he also let him doubted him(YSY), which caused the split between them.

Originally, he thought he could calmly sit down with Yin Suye to make things clear. As long as he apologized sincerely, they could return to their past close relationship with each other. But what he didn’t think was that being separated from Yin Suye in just three months, Yin Suye has already gotten someone more important than him, Huang Beichen couldn’t get used to it at all. After all, the person who once seemed so close with Yin Suye was him!


Shui Ruoshan couldn’t understand why Huang Beichen suddenly turned silent. Why did he feel that Huang Beichen’s expression towards him was somewhat wrong after he said he was the most important person to Yin Suye?

What with this strange feeling?


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Banana: Here’s the hotel in real life : 如家酒店 / Home Inn – Google search

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