Way of Transmigration Chapter 138

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three eight – Better mood

“Finally, it’s settled!”

Shui Ruoshan stretched out widely without caring for his image. Seeing those people and the candidates being sent out by him with just a few words, and they could only leave like that, Shui Ruoshan felt that his mood that had been irritated by the rumors suddenly became better. As expected, when you are in a bad mood, you can become happy when you abuse others.

Even when everyone knew that Yin Suye treated him specially, people would still find countless reasons to criticize him, and then decided that he is ‘not pleasing to the eye’. Who ask him to monopoly Yin Suye the moment he appeared! Actually, towards this issue Shui Ruoshan felt wronged. He obviously was bound to by Yin Suye but in their eyes, he was the one who tempted Yin Suye. However, he believed that from this drafting ceremony, everyone will definitely stop seeking trouble with him. Everyone will know that he and Yin Suye have signed a co-death contract. Probably no one will dare to have any ideas on Yin Suye anymore at this moment. At the same time, he felt that there should be no people who dare to face off with him in public and brazenly talk bad of him! After all, he is the man who signed with the co-death contract with their Supreme King!


*falls down*

What with this feeling of infinite pride? He was obviously just relying on the big tree to enjoy the cool breeze!


Seeing that the little guy has regained his spirit, Yin Suye had a little smile in his eyes. At the same time, he wondered in his heart if he should deliberately send a few people out for little guy to abuse when he is in a bad mood next time?


“I am so smart, right?”

Shui Ruoshan unceremoniously gave himself 320 praises, ten times his usual amount to express his own compliments. He only make use of a small drafting ceremony, not only he managed to stop those who have ulterior motives from having an idea on Yin Suye, but he also stopped those rumor-maker from continuing to blacken his name, thereby weakening the rumors. What a good ‘killing two birds with one stone’!

“My Xiao Ruo is the best!”

For the little guy, Yin Suye has always cooperatively follow his words. Therefore, he has already perfected his skill in saying exaggerated words very seriously and convincingly.

“That’s right.”

Shui Ruoshan received the compliment without any guilt. Looking up at Yin Suye, who stood behind him and supported him since the beginning, Shui Ruoshan’s eyes turned and then, when other people were not paying attention, he immediately pounced at Yin Suye. His action was like ‘a brave tiger going down the mountain’, like he won’t give up if he couldn’t pounced on Yin Suye.

Although Yin Suye couldn’t understand what the little guy wanted to do this time, he simply reached out and steadily caught this person who was throwing himself at him.

“Why didn’t you fall down?”

Shui Ruoshan couldn’t imagine that his sudden attack have any use on Yin Suye. Not only he cannot see the scene where Yin Suye fell down, but he can’t even move his(YSY) still figure.
It can’t be any more damaging than this! No, it is obvious that Xiao Yeye didn’t cooperate, that’s why this scene was so depressing. Can they still play happily now?

Actually, the reason why he actively pounced at Yin Suye was because of how everyone was shocked by the fact that he forcefully kissed Yin Suye. But in this current situation, Shui Ruoshan who originally think nothing intriguing of it begins to think more, now that he is idle. It seems that he has decided that his forceful kiss must have caused everyone to misunderstand something? Then he ran through the entire thing in his mind. He feels that as a good young man who pursuits ideal, he should begin to prepare for his future life1. Although he and Yin Suye are still in the so-called process in getting in love, and there is still a long way to go before the last step, this does not prevent him from thinking about it and starting to prepare for it. But can anyone tell him why, he can’t push Yin Suye down at all? Why is the physical strength between him and Yin Suye is so big? Does he really have a chance to push him down in the future? In an instant, he felt that his future is dim, what to do2?

“Oh!” Seeing the little guy pouted in dissatisfaction and complained at him, although he knew it was a little late, Yin Suye immediately fell over like what the little guy wanted.

Shui Ruoshan, who was still on Yin Suye, didn’t expect Yin Suye to fall down all of a sudden, and now his entire body is completely flat on top of Yin Suye?!

“Why didn’t you say anything before you fell to the ground?”

Shui Ruoshan glared at Yin Suye, the human mat under him. Did you forget to take medicine today, or did you took the wrong medicine? When it’s time to fall, you didn’t fall, when you don’t to anymore, you fell right way. Is he trying to disrupt his rhythm?

“You want me to fall.” So he fell3.


Facing the straightforward Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt like he cannot look at him. Does he know that it’s very fake if he didn’t fall at the right timing?

He could only use this method to support the little guy. Yin Suye’s method was actually very simple. What does the little guy wants, he will satisfy it; what the little guy wants to do, he will do it…
Now the little guy wants him to fall down, even if this action will damage his prestige as the human Supreme King, he will still do it without hesitation.


Listening to the Xiao Yeye’s words, he fell down just to please him? Although he doesn’t think Xiao Yeye would know of such advanced skill as pleasing others, he had to say that this kind of pleasing is still very much likeable. But now Shui Ruoshan has started to doubt if Yin Suye did it on purpose, to not fall at the first moment but later on so as to give him a strong contrast effect, in order to make him happy. Can’t blame Shui Ruoshan for thinking like this, it was because he has fallen for Yin Suye’s traps too much before so he has to guard against him ah!

Just as Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye fell down and staring at each other, Fox suddenly return from sending away the high ranked officials.

“Master!” Fox has just stepped into the room before immediately stepping back. “Please continue, I didn’t see anything!”

EzoicAfter he said that, Fox turned away and wanted to run. He saw a strange scene which his master was pressed under Shui Ruoshan. So this time, will he be in real danger where he gets killed to keep a secret? Sure enough, doing tasks beside Master is a high-risk career! Especially from time to time, he will inadvertently stepped into some intimate moments between Master and Shui Ruoshan.

“Is there something you want to report?”

Yin Suye asked before Fox escapes from the scene. Then he got up while carrying Shui Ruoshan, then placed him down.


Only at this moment that Shui Ruoshan realized that they have fallen on to the ground just now! No wonder Fox showed an embarrassed look like he has interrupted someone’s good time. But doesn’t this indirectly looked like he actually topped Yin Suye? Thinking about it this way, he still felt a little excited!


“Master, I found a letter addressed to you in the Imperial City, probably secretly left over here by someone when those officials and candidates left.” Fox explained and handed the letter to his master.

Shui Ruoshan was standing next to Yin Suye, so he just have to turn his head and he would be able to see the contents of the letter clearly. He saw the ‘For Yin Suye’s eyes only’ on the envelope. The content written in the letter was also very concise, there was only a short sentence – ‘3 days later at noon, waiting for you in the Rujia Inn, Chaoyang box4 .’ That is to say, someone wanted to see Yin Suye but because he/she can’t enter the Imperial City, he/she can only use a roundabout way to bring the letter to the Imperial City and give it to Yin Suye.

There was nothing specific that Shui Ruoshan cares about in the letter. All his attention is now on the signature, Huang Beichen. One need to know, Huang Beichen is the name of the protagonist in [The Strongest King in History] ah!

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