Way of Transmigration Chapter 137

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three seven – A lifetime commitment

“Yin Suye, I have just placed my mark1 on you, so you are mine now!”

Shui Ruoshan pecked a few times on Yin Suye’s lips and ended their short but pure kiss, then strongly announced his possession. He was very clear that the reason why he could ‘attack’ Yin Suye successfully was because he caught him off guard. If they continued this kiss, Yin Suye will definitely take over and overwhelm him. So, in order to maintain the aloof image he worked on to create, he must end the things that may destroy his image. Therefore, kiss or whatnots, just a little bit is enough! Anyway, this is just to make his words more convincing and to make other people see!

Humph humph! Otherwise, he won’t go against his image!

But then again, kissing Yin Suye felt pretty good. That soft and tender touch, it really makes people keep coming for more. No wonder so many people likes to be do intimate things! Especially at this moment, looking at Yin Suye’s delicate face against the light, he seemed to be showing a look of dissatisfaction. Shui Ruoshan unexpectedly thought of some unreasonable illusion. En, cannot take these illusion for real! He should concentrate on settling those unsightly people instead!

“Alright, but you are also mine!” Yin Suye looked helplessly at the little guy who started a ‘fire’ but didn’t know about it at all. There was a hint of indulgence in his eyes.

“We belong to each other!” Shui Ruoshan stated ambiguously.

After he finished ‘flirting’ with Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan unhurriedly turned back to the crowd.

“Now, do you know who Yin Suye belonged to?”

Shui Ruoshan snickered at the people who were hit hard by the information. It was very obvious that he was showing off.


At this moment, everyone rather they saw nothing. If they only saw the Supreme King who usually didn’t like being close to people, getting intimate with Shui Ruoshan, they might not feel too shocked. After all, the Supreme King treated Shui Ruoshan with special treatment, and they can see that quite clearly. However, the Supreme King, who always has a cold face that say ‘Do Not Approach’, actually was forcefully kissed by a demon?! Yes, it was not the Supreme King taking the initiative to kiss others, but was kissed by others! This totally overwrote everyone’s impression of the Supreme King! Could it be their Supreme King is not the top, but the one being topped? Think about it this way, everyone was shocked beyond words! This caused these subordinates to not dare to look directly at Shui Ruoshan. The scene was too beautiful, they couldn’t bear to watch it!

“In order not to let you people get worthlessly busy again, how about I do a good deed and tell you one important news for free?”

Shui Ruoshan apparently did not know what kind of horrible effect he caused in their heart with his kiss. He just thinks that he has enough of it, and doesn’t want to continue attacking their fragile heart.

“Please say it?”

The people tried to calm the horror in their heart, making efforts so as not to reveal the slightest change of emotion on their face. They firmly refused to admit that they have a feeling of great harmony when they saw one tall and one short figure standing together in such a simple way. In fact, in the current situation, they want to remain silent, but as soon as they thought of the failed drafting ceremony, the Supreme King’s disapproval, and Shui Ruoshan’s troubles for them, plus other factors, they have mentally prepared for the worst outcome. So, they were not afraid to continue to hear worse news from Shui Ruoshan. Most importantly, Shui Ruoshan’s reminder let them recognize the reality that their Supreme King has been completely enchanted by the demon. The drafting ceremony they tried so hard to make it happen is likely to end up in vain!

“I seem to have forgotten to tell you that I and Yin Suye have signed a co-death contract!”

This time Shui Ruoshan didn’t beat about the bush’, and gave them the final present, a strike to their heart. He just wants everyone to clearly understand that Yin Suye has been firmly bound to him, so other people should not hold any unrealistic fantasies, because they have no chance!

“The contract that the Supreme King signed with you was a co-death contract?!”

All the people present sucked in a breath of cold air, they couldn’t conceal the emotions in their eyes. It was not ‘surprised’, not ‘shocked’, but ‘panicked’! The co-death contract was not any small contracts but an absolute contract that completely ties two people together. It was dubbed as the terrifying contract that “even death is impossible to separate the two”! There were people who have personal experience to prove the terrible nature of the co-death contract.

Rumors said that there was once a strong person who was schemed by evil people and was pressured to the ground. When he was at the bottom of his life and nowhere to escape, he was rescued by a woman. And this woman voluntarily signed the co-death contract with that strong person, when he was only left with a breath of life. Signing of the ‘Sharing life and death’ contract helped that strong person to share half of his injuries with the woman, which allowed him to survive. Then, their feelings bloomed from staying together, and became husband and wife. They also made an oath swearing eternal love to each other, and enjoyed a very sweet life together for some time. However, for the woman who was not strong to start with, and has taken half of the injuries from the strong man, not only her strength suffered damages, it was not showing any progress at all. As time goes by, without the support from her inner strength, the woman’s body gradually becomes weak and old…

On the other hand, because the strong man has great inner strength and his injuries were shared by the woman, his body began to gradually improve. When his strength has fully recovered, he exacts his revenge and took back everything that belonged to him.

In the continent, as long as one has strong inner strength, their appearance will remain at their peak state and has an infinitely long life…
Thus, a huge difference can be seen from the couple’s situation. In the end, the man who was strong, wealthy and powerful got tired of the old woman, and secretly raised a lover outside. However, the woman could guess that the strong man has a new love through the clues left behind. At first, she stayed quiet about it. It was until when the strong man confirmed that he is going to abandon her, the woman who has no means to keep the strong man to her, decided to commit suicide. At that same time, the co-death contract was activated, taking the man with her.

Even though the strong man’s strength was very close to the Supreme stage, by under the effect of the co-death contract, the strong man can only follow her footsteps after her death. At that time, this incident caused a great sensation in that era. After all, the dead person was not any small-time person who is not famous, but was a legendary person who has been hailed as the most powerful person and the next generation of Supreme King. However, such a strong man who has a promising future died in the hands of a weak woman. How can this not shock everyone!

It was from that time that people suddenly realized that while the co-death contract has its huge benefits, but the disadvantages it brought were equally powerful. The moment two people signed the co-death contract, their life will no longer belong to themselves but to each other. This is also the reason why lesser and lesser people dared to sign a co-death contract with others.

The high ranked officials were there to witness when the Supreme King and Shui Ruoshan signed the contract. At the time they only thought it was just a contract with equally mutual benefit. No one would think that the Supreme King, who is already standing above ten thousands of people, would take the initiative to sign this overbearing contract.

A lifetime commitment, not everyone can afford it! After all, the outside world is too exciting, and a lifetime is too long!

But now, no matter how frightened and dissatisfied these people were at the moment, they cannot change the facts. And just because they understood this point, they felt a little scared. They tried to forced Shui Ruoshan away from the Supreme King and dared to offend Shui Ruoshan. Now that they know it is impossible to make him leave, they would be seeking death if they still try. At this point, they simply don’t have the right to feel dissatisfied with Shui Ruoshan for hiding this information from them. They only felt fortunate that Shui Ruoshan as a demon, is not harmful to the Supreme King, or detrimental to the human race. Else, with his co-death contract with the Supreme King, the things he could do are too much!

“Since you all understood the matter, then end this farce. And let these candidates return to wherever they came from!”

Shui Ruoshan flipped his sleeves at them, meaning that everyone can leave now. He already told them the things he wanted to say, and his goals have been achieved, so naturally these people do not need to continue to stay here to pollute his eyes.


At this moment, those people can only answer a ‘Yes’ bitterly, unwillingly, and wronged…

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