Way of Transmigration Chapter 136

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three six – Pretending to be pig to eat tiger

“Since the candidates you choose cannot be compared to me, you have no choice but to use them to try to replace my position in Yin Suye’s heart. It’s a failure that cannot fail even lower!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t care for their extremely ugly expression, directly telling them his conclusion. He is confirming his sense of existence through bullying others!

“Don’t you think your judgment is too arbitrary?”

Though the people present were shocked by Shui Ruoshan’s sudden explosion of power, but once things concerned involved their interests, they would argue back. They admits that Shui Ruoshan is promising in terms of appearance and strength, but it does not mean that Shui Ruoshan will be stronger than others in other categories. They believed that as long as they could find his weakness, they can reverse this unfavorable situation.

“I know what you want to say, and I can tell you this honestly, although I can’t guarantee that I could do everything outstandingly, but it will still be a little more than your people.”

Shui Ruoshan seems to say this quite modestly, but only he knows that he is very fluent in this. If this was on Earth, he could be considered almost clueless in these scholarly skills like playing qin and chess, knowledgeable and could draw drawings. But if the place switched to a parallel world, the knowledge that he possesses from Earth is enough to let him dominate the world. One need to know, in the basic rules he set for the novel, the protagonist just have to sing a few popular songs from Earth, and he could be seen as a celestial being; as long as he recites a few well-known verses from Earth, he could be called a Master of the masters; as long as he could draw a few ink paintings or sketches, he could be regarded as a pioneer of ideas…

Therefore, as a transmigrator, he naturally has a great advantage in this respect. Because he set it up like this for the customs in the continent [Mowu Dalu], using a setting similar to Earth, but not including all these modern things, just to make it easier for the protagonist to rely on his earthly knowledge, to take full advantage of them. He remembers that he had a plot in [The Strongest King in History], where the protagonist was invited to attend a poetry meeting, and was laughed at and ridiculed at the meeting. Then, the protagonist couldn’t bear it anymore and exploded1. In front of everyone, he exaggeratedly held a bottle of wine with one hand, coolly drinking it, while holding a brush on the other hand, he quickly wrote down Earth’s ancient poems on the paper; suddenly stunning everyone out of their eyes. And at the same time, because of the resounding face slaps he gave those people who undermined him earlier, he gained good feelings and the hearts of many beautiful women.

Because he likes to see scenes where people ‘pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger’2, he has this ‘first restrict, then reveal’ kind of plot in his novel. After all, not only it can increase the ups and downs of the plot, it also resonates with the readers. This type of scene is definitely one of the best parts to write in a novel.

“Since you are so confident, how about you prove it to us? Or you can compete with the candidates.”

Unfortunately, these people do not know Shui Ruoshan’s inner thoughts,and were thinking to snatch this opportunity to increase their candidate’s performance opportunities. As long as they perform well, they can arouse the Supreme King’s interest and attention. Even if the drafting ceremony fails, in some respects this could be considered a victory. Therefore, this time they actively trying to stir up Shui Ruoshan’s competitive behaviour.

“They cannot even compete with me in terms of appearance as the most basic competition. They have no qualifications to discuss other conditions with me, and have no qualifications to compete with me either!”

Shui Ruoshan raised his head and pointed his chin at them, fully acting out a proud attitude and looking down at the people. Actually, it’s not that he doesn’t want to play out the ‘pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger’ scene, but his opponents were obviously incompetent in all aspects, he no longer have the mood to do it. They were so weak that they can’t even be considered a fake tiger. At most, they can only be regarded as a group of pigs. So what will this be? ‘Pretending to be a pig to eat pigs?’

Even if he is really idle, he will not do this kind of stuff which takes too much time and effort. Anyway, if he really wanted to see these people getting shocked and changing their expressions, he has other ways to do it, no need to do this sham gestures of politeness at all3. Because this is below his worth! How can someone aloof and elegant like him do something unstylish like that! Very obviously, ‘someone’ who thinks himself as higher grade has selectively forgotten he has acted petty with the high ranked officials earlier in the hall.

“These candidates cannot beat me at all. How can they replace my position in Yin Suye’s heart?”

Shui Ruoshan asked a direct question seeing the people still not giving up. Any normal person will know who to choose between him and these candidates who are obviously inferior to him! Probably only these group of officials who have been blinded by power cannot answer Shui Ruoshan’s question.

They finally know what is called ‘ruthless’ today! It was not easy for them to see hope, but in the next second, someone came and merciless smashed it down. They’ll probably turn mad if this happens a few more times!

“In short, holding this drafting ceremony event is just funny!”

Shui Ruoshan did not forget to make fun of their stupidity. The word ‘hilarious’ is better than ‘meaningless’ to express his disdain for the drafting ceremony and at the same time let everyone know how he is seeing this as a joke from beginning to end.


Being degraded by Shui Ruoshan with such a ridiculous tone, everyone felt like they are going to get mad from the irritation! But then, the Supreme King was there looking at them coldly, so they didn’t dare to act. Their inner feeling is going to explode but they can’t express it out, it really makes their teeth itch!

“Do you know why I agreed to organize the drafting ceremony even though it will be unfavorable to me?” Suddenly thought of something, Shui Ruoshan abruptly asked. Just that the evil curve couldn’t be hidden from the corner of his mouth, and revealed his true emotions at this moment.


Although they were really curious about why Shui Ruoshan did this, they could sense that the answer will not be anything they wanted to hear, so they kept silent.

“The reason why I agreed to hold this drafting ceremony is to tell you that Yin Suye is already mine!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t care if his words sounded ambiguous, he came to declare his sovereignty. In fact, at the same time, he also paid attention to see who have made their minds on Yin Suye, who him need to be vigilant against, to prevent his OTP ship from overturning. He originally planned to warn the candidates not to hit on Yin Suye but none of them were up to par so he omitted his warning, leaving only the part to abuse the officials.

These officials probably were afraid that they can’t control very talented candidates, and also hoping that their opponent’s strong candidates won’t be selected, so they keep fighting against each other. All of the strong candidates were eliminated, hence when the candidates were finally selected, only some good looking vases were left. However, Shui Ruoshan still need to make something clear. He does not want similar problems to find him again in the future. This time the people he met were all weak, but it does not mean that the people he met in the future would be the same.

Although he believed that Yin Suye will not be tempted, he doesn’t like to deal with Yin Suye’s ‘peach blossom debt’4 from time to time, so he wants to use this drafting ceremony to eliminate any possibilities in the future. This is why he agreed to organize the drafting ceremony!

“Yin Suye, tell them, are you mine?” Shui Ruoshan ignored the people’s shocked expression and turned his head, asking Yin Suye very seriously.

“Yes.” Yin Suye confirmed, and did not forget to declare his ownership of the little guy, “But you are mine as well.”

AdvertisementLooking at the little guy’s triumphal attitude in front of everyone, Yin Suye only felt he is super cute, so cute that he couldn’t help but want to lower down his head and kiss him right away…

“Good!” Shui Ruoshan lightly approved.

Just that when he saw the strong emotions in Yin Suye’s eyes, the cogs in his mind started turning. Since he has just said that Yin Suye is his in front of everyone, if there isn’t any actual display, wouldn’t it seems like there’s no sense of persuasiveness? And so, before Yin Suye takes any action, he stood on tiptoe and raised his head, then kissed Yin Suye’s lips.

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