Way of Transmigration Chapter 135

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three five – You think too much

“We should stop talking about who’s perfect or not. Let’s get back to the issue of the drafting ceremony!”

Shui Ruoshan waved his little hand and skipped the problem. Because Yin Suye’s words were very, very, very hard to continue!!!

Agree with Yin Suye’s point of view and thought himself to be perfect? His face is not hat thick!

But disagree with Yin Suye’s point of view and say himself to be imperfect? He doesn’t have the habit to attack himself, especially in front of so many outsiders. He can’t throw away his prestige even more!

So they better stop talking of such a difficult topic. Therefore, even if Yin Suye’s golden thigh came to give him a great advantage in his battle with the high ranked officials, he felt no sense of accomplishment all at, so he decided to continue using his own methods to attack them. He came to give troubles anyway, hence he doesn’t care about offending anyone or not!

As for those people who were being arrogant earlier on, each and everyone of them has their head lowered down and showing a frustrated look. This makes the evil Shui Ruoshan wanted to mess with them several more times. Not sure if heart attacks exist in the continent. Because he was afraid that letting these people experiencing emotional ups and downs several times, if they could not stand the stimuli and suffered a heart attack, then it will be a sin. Being so kind to the enemy, he is really kind!

Yin Suye returned to stand behind Shui Ruoshan and silently supported Shui Ruoshan’s decisions with his own action.

“Yes, we should discuss about the drafting ceremony!”

This time the officials were very quick to respond and for the first time, they agreed with Shui Ruoshan’s words. Originally, they thought that after the Supreme King has spoken, they don’t have the chance of winning anymore and had to be forced to terminate the drafting ceremony. However, they did not expect Shui Ruoshan to not take such a good advantage and instead, would continue to discuss the drafting ceremony with them. They naturally have no reason to reject it. As long as the Supreme King does not intervene, they must make every effort to refute Shui Ruoshan!

“In this case, let us first talk about the purpose of this drafting ceremony. What is it?”

Seeing that the high ranking officials are finally opened to his words this time, Shui Ruoshan is impolitely took over, and started questioning them.

“Naturally is to let someone ready to serve around the Supreme King!”

They answered the question smoothly. They are very skilled at handling official answer like this, but considering that the Supreme King is here, they doesn’t dared to say anything too exaggerated.

“Actually, to be blunt, you people just want to send your people to Yin Suye, so that they can charm Yin Suye, and then help you lot obtain your benefits!”

Shui Ruoshan was obviously not a fool, so he rudely uncovered their sinister intentions. And he is the biggest stumbling block in front of their chance for benefits, so they will try to get him away from Yin Suye. That’s why so many bad rumors about him appeared amongst the humans in such a short time. However, because he has always been together with Yin Suye, these people have no chance to take action on him, so they used the rumors to create pressure on him, and forcing him to leave by himself. Unfortunately, not only this strategy has failed, it also caused him to stay longer and more frequent beside Yin Suye. This is why he keep staying beside Yin Suye some time ago. Since they want to make him stay away from Yin Suye, he deliberately did the opposite and became more intimate with Yin Suye, trying to suffocate them with anger! He has never been a generous person who don’t pay back his grievances!

“At the same time, I believe that if there is an opportunity, you will seize the chance to get me away from Yin Suye, so that the people you arranged can have the opportunity to dominate Yin Suye?”

Shui Ruoshan casually asked but his affirmative tone let people know that he is definitely not joking. In fact, things that he didn’t say doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know. It also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. Now that there is an opportunity to let those high ranked officials suffer losses, he naturally has to take the chance to release anger for himself.

“You think too much!”

Facing Shui Ruoshan’s accusation, they can only ‘hehe-ed’ twice and weakly denied. They have to think how to correct Shui Ruoshan’s words and at the same time, stop the Supreme King from staring coldly at them.

“Whether I think too much or not, you guys know best!” Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to waste time on this issue but he wanted to ask, “But I am very curious. Why do you think that the candidates you lot have chosen could replace my position in Yin Suye’s heart?”

Shui Ruoshan slightly raised his head, and pointed at the numerous candidates who have no sense of existence up until now; his attitude disdainful. Now, he directly referred to Yin Suye by name, in order to highlight his position in Yin Suye’s heart.

“At the very least, the Supreme King and the candidates are humans!”

This is the point where they were most uncomfortable with Shui Ruoshan. Why can a demon can stay beside the Supreme King and swaggered in front of them?

“You never heard of ‘height is not a distance’, ‘age is not a problem’, ‘the area1 is not a difference’, ‘weight is not a pressure’, ‘gender is not related’2? If both sides are in love with each other, everything else is just winds?”

Shui Ruoshan used a ‘You are so superficial’ gaze and looked at those people in disgust.


The person who first opened his mouth just now almost spat out a mouthful of old blood. All he said just now was about a race problem, and he didn’t think of anything else. As a result, Shui Ruoshan listed down a series of reasons without hesitation, not only answering the questions he raised, but also some possible ones he might ask later. Is there anything more depressing than this? Now what else they should say? That Shui Ruoshan is a man, that he can’t have children, that he can’t serve or take care of the Supreme King…? Even though Shui Ruoshan didn’t mention the answers for these questions just now, but they believed that as long as they could come up with anything, Shui Ruoshan could easily refute them by changing a few words in his sentences just now! Especially when his answers seemed to be very reasonable, but if one thinks about it carefully, they will realize that there are no practical meanings in it. He is really looking down at them with this empty and omnipotent answer!

On the other hand, they have so many people on their side but none of them could go against Shui Ruoshan! Things couldn’t be anymore wrong!

“What, you guys don’t agree with me?” Seeing their face keep changing colors, Shui Ruoshan was in a good mood so he is ready to continue bickering with them.

“We don’t dare!”

They seemed to be answering Shui Ruoshan’s question, but actually it was for the Supreme King. There were a lot of rough methods they wanted to use on Shui Ruoshan but couldn’t because the Supreme King was present, so they could only use their mouth and bickered with Shui Ruoshan.

“Since you don’t like what I said, then let me be practical!” Shui Ruoshan’s mood looked very good.

Seeing the rest of the people didn’t echo what he had just said, his face showed an unwilling expression, so he changed to another direction to stun them speechless!

“Then let me ask you, these so-called excellent candidates you have chosen, who is more handsome than me?”

Shui Ruoshan lightly flipped his hair, displaying his exceptional beauty that completely surpassed the world. Although he didn’t want to say anything about his overly beautiful appearance, but this appearance is the only capital that he is most proud of now. When necessary, he does not mind using it a little.


Everyone only felt that the suffocating anger in their heart became bigger. What is ‘handsome’? Do you mean ‘alluring’?!! Amongst the humans, there are only a few people who can be equal to him in terms of appearance. Yes, only equal, not more! And it’s impossible for those people to appear in the drafting ceremony, so other than the Supreme King whose appearance was excellent as well, there is no other person who can compare with Shui Ruoshan’s glamorous look.

“Then let me ask you again, who can be stronger than me?” Shui Ruoshan said and he released his pressure on everyone present.


All of them could only feel suffocated, and the cold sweats appeared on their forehead.
Shui Ruoshan only used his pressure, and everyone were firmly suppressed, which shows that Shui Ruoshan’s strength has far exceeded everyone except the Supreme King. And among them, there were no lack of many strong people in Imperial stage. That is to say, Shui Ruoshan’s strength is at least at the Imperial stage as well. How can this not scare them?

Before this, they have never seen Shui Ruoshan took any actions before, so they only thought that he used his beauty and other means to charm the Supreme King, that because of the protection by the Supreme King, Shui Ruoshan acted without care. But it wasn’t until this moment that they realized this demon had the strength to be arrogant!
Is there any more subversive truth than this?


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