Way of Transmigration Chapter 134

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three four – You are wrong

“What is the reason?”

The high ranked officials have made up their minds, so they are waiting Shui Ruoshan to experience what it means by ‘lifting a rock to hit his own feet’ as well!

“Since this is a drafting ceremony, shouldn’t the chosen one be the best and most extraordinary person?”

Shui Ruoshan does not care how everyone is scheming against him in their mind, because he doesn’t need their approval at all.

“Naturally!” Everyone answered with confidence.

Although this drafting ceremony is a power game between them, it does not mean that they will cut corners when selecting their candidates. After all, they do expect these male and female candidates to charm the Supreme King, and then get more benefits for them. So the people they choose will be either the most attractive, most talented, or most alluring…

“Looks like you lot are very confident about this?” Shui Ruoshan had a very surprised expression on his face, but was extremely disdainful in his heart. However, he still needs to say some perfunctory words.

“Of course we are confident.” In order to gain more benefits, they have been picking the candidates very carefully and selected one person from each type of beauties in the Capital.

“So you guys do know that the Supreme King deserved only the best person!”

This time Shui Ruoshan did not immediately refute them, but instead followed up to their words.

Shui Ruoshan usually calls Yin Suye’s name in front of others, but sometimes when he felt like it, he will call his nickname Xiao Yeye. However, when discussing serious business with other people, he will still tactfully address Yin Suye properly.

“Yes, the Supreme King definitely deserved the best!”

The crowd nodded and agreed with Shui Ruoshan’s words. The Supreme King is the leader of their race, and naturally should enjoy the best!

“So you really think that these candidates here are the best?” Shui Ruoshan pointed at the candidates and directed the topic to them.

“They all have their own areas of expertise, and they are also the best in every field!”

In this regard, those high ranked officials were also very confident. Among these candidates, some of them are the best in terms of appearance, some of them are the best in singing and dancing, some of them are the best in painting and calligraphy, and some are the best in terms of cultivation strength…

“Do you really understand what is ‘the best’?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that it‘s very hard to face a group of opponents whose IQ levels were not up to par to his IQ. Because when the opponent couldn’t even grasp the concept of their argument, he as the opposing party still has to help correcting them first. This is too tiring!

No wonder when he was writing [The Strongest King in History], readers would leave messages saying that many of the supporting roles in his novel were usually quite clever, but when they met the protagonist, their IQ suddenly fell more than one level, then the protagonist defeats and conquers his enemies very easily with the advantage of his higher IQ, which is unreasonable…
But he thinks it is really reasonable! It’s not that the supporting role’s IQ suddenly decreased, but they don’t have much to start with, so you can’t blame the protagonist for crushing everyone with his IQ! And now he seems to be facing a group of small supporting characters whose IQ is obviously below the normal level, so he felt no pressure at all when bullying them!

He remembers someone once said that because the characters in the story were created by the author, the author’s IQ would never be higher than the IQ of any character in the novel, because no one has the ability to create a character higher than his own IQ! So the author’s IQ is actually the biggest golden finger he gotten upon transmigrated into this continent?! Very obviously, Shui Ruoshan has completely forgotten that he was owned by Yin Suye1.

“If one excels a bit more than others, he or she can only be called excellent. As the best, one should stand out from all sides! It can be said that the best, to a certain extent is equal to perfection!”

Shui Ruoshan ranted in his heart but didn’t forget to explain to them the definition of ‘the best’.

“So do you think the so-called perfect person really exist?”

Although they kind of agreed with Shui Ruoshan, it does not mean that they will actually be tricked. It is precisely because there is no so-called perfection in the world that they need to use quantity to overcome quality. And if they really listened to Shui Ruoshan’s definition and only choose the best one, then won’t it be they indirectly admitted that it is meaningless to hold a drafting ceremony2? Fortunately, they were able to respond quickly, or else they would have fallen for the demon’s tricks!

“Of course there is, your King is the most perfect person in the world!”

Shui Ruoshan looked at the crowd breathing a sigh of relief, but still looked at him like an enemy, he felt a bit funny. He hasn’t done anything yet, alright? These people have already started panicking and treating him like an enemy, really now! However, when he said that Yin Suye is perfect, he was not simply saying a compliment to block their mouth, but when he wrote the novel, he set their characteristics in accordance to the principle where the protagonist is omnipotent and the villain is perfection. Therefore, Yin Suye is an absolutely perfect specimen of a male god!


If agreeing with Shui Ruoshan’s words doesn’t involve canceling the drafting ceremony, they will definitely follow his words and flattered the new Supreme King to increase their impression in front of the Supreme King. But at this moment, they really can’t ‘give up the immediate interests in order to achieve another kind of interest’. They can only remain silent.

“Do you agree or not?” Seeing that no one speaks, Shui Ruoshan was dissatisfied. With such obvious facts in front of them, they still couldn’t give the answer, are they blind or what?


Compared to the previous question whether to try cancelling the event or not, this current question is really not giving them any chance to retreat!

“Shui Ruoshan, you are wrong!”

Yin Suye didn’t expect that the little guy’s evaluation of him would be so high. Although he was very happy that the little guy was interested in him, it’s still necessary to correct his misunderstanding. So, Yin Suye held Shui Ruoshan tightly in his arms.

“En?” Although he has become accustomed to Yin Suye’s intimate moves, this time he was suddenly held in front of so many people so Shui Ruoshan still felt a little embarrassed. But after thinking about it, the reason why he came here is to tell those who want to make a move on Yin Suye that Yin Suye is his! Therefore, the more intimate they are in front of people, the more convincing it is. So, Shui Ruoshan happily let Yin Suye hold him, deliberately made himself looked very dependent on Yin Suye.

If he cannot overwhelm people with his momentum, he would want to at least make these people die from jealousy!

“Because the most perfect person is you!” Yin Suye said.


All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan don’t know how to take this. Is it really alright for them to praise each other back and forth? Especially when everyone around them were stunned speechless from their praises!


The high ranked officials stayed silent because they don’t know how to refute the part where Shui Ruoshan is the most perfect person without offending the Supreme King. Because if it was not done properly, they will be detained for scorning the Supreme King! When they first heard the Supreme King telling Shui Ruoshan that he(SRS) was wrong, they were full of hope. Thinking that although the Supreme King spoils Shui Ruoshan, he(YSY) still stood on their side, because otherwise the Supreme King would not correct Shui Ruoshan in front of them. But when they heard what the Supreme King said next, they realized they were wrong and it was a big mistake!

If they knew that Shui Ruoshan has such a high position in the Supreme King’s heart, they will definitely agree with Shui Ruoshan’s words that the Supreme King is the most perfect person, so that they can avoid hearing such despairing words from the Supreme King! At the very least, the drafting ceremony would still has the possibility of going on. After all, the drafting ceremony is organized to choose the best person for the Supreme King; they can’t let the Supreme King take care of himself instead.

But if they agreed that Shui Ruoshan is the most perfect person, then their drafting ceremony will be forced to end. Who told them to agree with Shui Ruoshan’s definition for the best people! They really regretted it! Especially through that short sentence from the Supreme King, they understand that nothing can match Shui Ruoshan’s perfection, not even the Supreme King himself! How can they refute? How can they argue with reason? There is no chance of winning at all!


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