Way of Transmigration Chapter 133

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one three three – Meaningless thing

“Say, would that be too much if I ask Yin Suye to cancel the drafting ceremony now?”

Shui Ruoshan casually asked. His relaxed tone was like a normal sentence, but his eyes shone with sharp light gave people a strong pressure.

“You dare!”

No one would treat Shui Ruoshan’s words as a joke. It’s because they understood the seriousness in Shui Ruoshan’s words that everyone became even more angry. They have invested so much manpower and material resources onto this drafting ceremony, how can they allow others to come and make trouble just when they are about to harvest the result!

“Why not?” Shui Ruoshan raised his head, his action was arrogant and rude.

“Since I can allow Yin Suye hold a drafting ceremony, I naturally dare to ask him to cancel it!”

Right now, he is doubting whether these people have gotten their head caught by the door. Otherwise, why did they think he would approve the drafting ceremony without any hidden agenda? Does he looked like someone so unselfish who would give Yin Suye up? Particularly when he is still being regarded as a big bad guy in the Imperial City. The humans must have been blinded by their rights and lived entirely in the self-righteous world they built themselves, that’s why they are so stupid! No wonder the original protagonist, Huang Beichen can control the the humans so easily, that is because their power is too weak!

“Shui Ruoshan, you are taking yourself too seriously! Do you think that just because the Supreme King indulged you once, he will do it again?”

Reminded by Shui Ruoshan, these people finally remembered that the Supreme King was originally opposing the drafting ceremony, but later in order to give face for Shui Ruoshan, he reluctantly agreed. If Shui Ruoshan suddenly opposes it, will the Supreme King change his mind? With this in mind, the high ranked officials became somewhat unstable in their heart, but on the surface they still looked very confident.

“Want to try?” Shui Ruoshan didn’t seem to put their bluff in his eyes, and there was a satirical curve on his mouth.

“…” These people were immediately stunned speechless by Shui Ruoshan’s question.

At this moment, whether they answered to try or not, it is still a very unfavorable choice for them! If they said yes, if the results are exactly the opposite of their expectations, they will never have a chance to repent! But if they said no, it will be obviously hitting their own faces. Like they argued so confidently earlier, but doesn’t dare to try them. Isn’t it just telling other people that they are completely untrustworthy before this?! They looked at each other and hoped that the others can come up with a countermeasure. At the same time, they also raised their vigilance against Shui Ruoshan. They felt that this demon is really as sinister and dangerous as rumored, so they had to guard against him!

“If you can’t make up your mind, I don’t mind helping you make a choice?”

Shui Ruoshan’s words seemed to be a friendly inquiry, but he can’t covered the thick taunting tone in his voice. He doesn’t want to leave any faces to these people, so when he talks, he definitely knows how to make it hurt.

“Try it then, who is afraid of who!” They clenched their teeth while informing Shui Ruoshan their decision.

Shui Ruoshan has already pushed them to such degree. If they don’t fight back, it is no longer a matter of shame, but their dignity. And they don’t believe that the Supreme King will really go along with Shui Ruoshan’s plan! One need to know that once they decided on the drafting ceremony, they have already told the entire world. So this is not something even the Supreme King can cancel as he wished! Rather than saying they are gambling on this matter, it’s more like they believed in their judgment and experience.

“Since you want to try, then I will fulfill your wish!” Shui Ruoshan replied, very happy that these people couldn’t wait to jump into the trap he has already prepared.

Then, Shui Ruoshan turned to Fox, “Go and call Yin Suye.”

Just that not waiting for Fox to do anything, Yin Suye’s cold voice can already be heard.

“No need.” Yin Suye walked right out of a dark corner towards Shui Ruoshan.

“I knew you would choose to follow me secretly!” Shui Ruoshan looked at Yin Suye and said with certainty.

In fact, when Yin Suye was given the choice to either stay back and wait for news or follow behind him secretly, Shui Ruoshan had an instinct that Yin Suye would definitely choice to follow. Turns out that he still knows Yin Suye very well.

“En.” When Yin Suye knew that the little guy is going to the drafting ceremony, he was afraid that he will not be the opponent of those wolf-like high ranked officials, so he got Fox to protect him with the personal guards.

Due to the strict requirement the little guy gave him, Yin Suye did not accompany him, but hid in the darkness to secretly accompany him. Until right now when the little guy needed him to cooperate, he took the chance to step out.

“Yin Suye, I suddenly felt that the drafting ceremony is meaningless, so how about we just cancel it?”

In front of everyone, Shui Ruoshan deliberately threw a charming wink at Yin Suye when he said that. At the same time, he humph-ed in his heart. Since everyone keeps saying that he seduced Yin Suye with his beauty, then he will show them now, and realized the rumor for them. If those who deliberately discredited him knew that not only he was not distressed by those rumor, but began to make it happen, what kind of interesting expressions will they reveal? Sometimes, he also liked to make evil joke!

“Then just cancel it!” Yin Suye didn’t hesitate and agreed to it.

Since the little guy wants to play, he naturally will play along. Not to mention that he has never refused his(SRS) request, even if he(YSY) originally wanted to disagree, he will still compromise without any principle under his(SRS) charming wink attack.

“Heard that? Your Supreme King has agreed to cancel the drafting ceremony!”

Once he has gotten the answer he wants, Shui Ruoshan stopped winking and put on an arrogant expression. He has successfully acted out how a villain should be, right to the V! Shui Ruoshan silently gave his acting skills 32 likes! He didn’t wasted his time watching all those soap dramas in his own world, letting him know the right thing to do at the right time in order to trigger people! Angering people couldn’t be any easier!

“Emperor, you mustn’t!”

When the high ranked officials knew that the Supreme King is standing on Shui Ruoshan’s side, they realized that the situation is not good, so they immediately began to advise Yin Suye while the matter is still salvageable.

“Emperor, you must not be charmed by the demon and make an irrational decision!”

At the same time, they also secretly regretted it in their heart. Why did they just have to go against the demon Shui Ruoshan? And they are suffering the consequences now!

“Emperor, you are the Supreme King of the humans. You should lead by example, and you can’t break your words!”

At this time, they did not have the opportunity to regret, and can only find ways to recover their current disadvantage.


They did not want the drafting ceremony to fall short at the last minute, so they went forward and hoped to change the Supreme King’s idea.

“Shut up!”

It was clear that Yin Suye has no patience for them and shut them up with an unquestionable tone. In order to make sure everyone keeps their mouth closed, Yin Suye also released his pressure when he gave the order.

“Yin Suye, although our decision is correct, we shouldn’t use a rough way to force others to compromise.”

Although it’s nice to see those people looking like they ate sh*t and immobile under Yin Suye’s pressure, but Shui Ruoshan felt that it’s necessary to go over the perfunctory gestures. He wanted to use the image of a broad minded white lotus to retaliate against everyone.


Yin Suye took back his pressure and didn’t look at their ugly face. Instead, he turned to look at the little guy, waiting for his plan.

“We are civilized people. At this moment, we should use facts to support the truth, so that everyone in this room can understand that it is really meaningless to hold a drafting ceremony!”

Shui Ruoshan was happy with Yin Suye’s cooperation and stated his plan.

“I’ll listen to your plan.” After Yin Suye finished speaking, he took a small step back and gave the limelight back to Shui Ruoshan.

“Do you want to know what is the reason I judged the drafting ceremony is a meaningless thing?”

If it wasn’t he afraid that he might instantly over-stimulated those people, Shui Ruoshan would like to add one more sentence; ‘beg me if you want to know’! But for the sake of his plan, he still held back.

“What is the reason?” They asked.

At the same time, they made up their minds in mind, that no matter what kind of reason the demon took out to convince them, they would not buy it!


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